Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Siddhi Yoga Teacher Training in India

Are you looking for authentic yoga training with depth and integrity?

Would you like an international yoga family who will support your teaching career for years to come?

Do you want to study with teachers from the birthplace of yoga?

You’re in the right place.

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Our Story

Siddhi Yoga was created to combine depth, integrity, and value. Our mission is to honor the ancient tradition of yoga, even as we incorporate it into modern life.

At Siddhi Yoga, we believe that yoga goes beyond asana. Our program nourishes the whole person, which leaves future teachers ready to do the same. With us, you’ll get to experience yoga as a way of life.

Our warm, uplifting setting will both challenge and support you. It’s often described as family. You’ll walk in a student, and you’ll leave as a teacher, ready to explore your deepest potential.

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Yoga Teacher Training School

What Sets us Apart:

  • World-class teachers
  • Classes of 25 or less
  • True yogic lifestyle
  • Exposure to several styles of yoga
  • Friendly, family-like environment
  • Nutritious, homemade Indian food that is vegetarian/vegan
  • Good value combined with high quality
  • Over 200 five-star Facebook reviews
  • Over 500 YouTube testimonials
  • Over 1,000 graduates from more than 60 countries

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Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course

Course Highlights

At Siddhi Yoga, you’ll experience a true yogic lifestyle and leave ready to share its benefits with the world. As a teacher, you’ll be prepared to teach with anatomy and alignment in mind, and feel confident doing so. You’ll know how to keep students safe and guide their practice–balancing mind, body, and spirit as you go.

If you wish, you’ll also have an opportunity to study Reiki, Reiki Healing, and Ayurveda to supplement your 200-Hour training.

200 Hour Course Curriculum:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Chakras
  • Postural Adjustment
  • Pranayama
  • Multiple Styles of Yoga
  • Assisting
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Sequencing
  • The Yoga Sutras
  • Asana Alignment and Modifications

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Three Stunning Locations
Siddhi Yoga hosts programs in four breathtaking places. Each was chosen for its uplifting and inspiring backdrops, offering a perfect setting to go within, refresh your mind, and renew your spirit.

Yoga in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is known around the world as one of the holiest cities in India. The Beatles made it famous, and even today, you’ll be swept up by the meditative atmosphere the moment you arrive. “The Yoga Capital of the World” is a mecca for spiritual seekers and yoga practitioners alike.

Rishikesh sits peacefully at the foot of the Himalayas, where you can see yogis meditating along the Holy Ganga River every day. There are beautiful hikes for nature lovers, as well as a thriving downtown full of artists and musicians for rich cultural experience.

Yoga in Dharamsala

The small city of Dharamsala is surrounded by the breathtaking Himalayas. It is said to vibrate with the pure spiritual energy and abundance of the Himalayas. In Dharamsala, you will be immersed in an environment that supports your yoga practice physically, energetically, and spiritually.

Dharamsala is known for being home to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, along with many Tibetans who have taken refuge in Mcleodganj, about one kilometer away. The word “Dharamsala” can be loosely translated to “spiritual dwelling place,” and amazingly, it lives up to its name.

Yoga in Bali

Bali, the most famous island in Indonesia, is known as “land of the gods” for good reason. Many call it paradise on earth, and you probably will too after you’ve seen its looming volcanoes and lush, terraced rice fields that exude serenity. In Bali, you’ll find dramatic dancing, exquisite temples, and exotic colors that will inspire you for years to come. There seems to be a magical, indescribable feeling in Bali–one of divine inspiration, to be sure.

Our training is located in Ubud, a small town in central Bali. Ubud is far from the beachside party scene, offering a peaceful setting for practicing yoga. It is home to artists and rich heritage that you can explore after class, and food and inspiration that will ignite your spirit. The sparkling creativity and remarkable culture make Ubud the perfect place to devote a month to yourself, and to yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training Reviews
What They’re Saying

Over 1,000 graduates from more than 60 countries have deepened their yoga practice and become teachers at Siddhi Yoga. In 2018, we were recognized as one of the Twenty Most Promising Institutes in India. With over 230 5-star Facebook reviews and 500 YouTube testimonials, we’ll let the students speak for themselves.