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Siddhi Yoga’s foundation is a healing-focused therapeutic technique and workout program based on proper alignment, anatomical awareness and education. The training’s core aim is to restore proper, balanced posture to the body. This is achieved through neutral positioning of the limbs—starting at the feet and moving to the knees, pelvis, spine, ribcage and skull. Modern studies demonstrate that a balanced posture allows the human body to develop strength and stamina, whilst healing faster and more efficiently.



At Siddhi Yoga, you will find yoga’s very best learning environment and teachers. Our yoga retreats are joyous experiences. You will revel in them every moment, absorbing the different styles of yoga knowledge and the pristine beauty of our centers breath by breath. Our programs are specifically designed to deepen the learning experience for our students. We go beyond delivering simply the knowledge of yoga—you will be guided in an exploration into other realms of Vedic sciences, coupled with sessions on the history of yoga, prayer meetings and kirtans. Our students live and breathe the Vedic culture and yoga lifestyle. They absorb the experience in serenity, removed from the commotion of daily life. An environment of deep spirituality brings inner peace and augments the learning experience.

Our RYT 200 courses have been designed with a clear understanding of the level of knowledge and experience that prospective students will possess. The programs focus primarily on building physical strength, meditation sessions and discourses on yoga’s history, styles and benefits. We balance the learning experience with outdoor excursions, bonfires and collective prayer sessions. Of course, our program also extensively covers proper teaching techniques, how to avoid injuries, and how to help students progress effectively from novice to a professional level.


Learning yoga, whether for personal practice or for teaching, is an exhilarating experience. It works as an antidote to today’s stressful and chaotic lifestyle. However, it can’t be learned through books. For anyone to truly revel is this practice, it is imperative to have the right teacher—one who can help you attain divine calm in a slow, steady and custom process. At Siddhi Yoga, our teachers have not only honed the practice for decades under the guidance of the great yoga gurus of India; they are also experts in the yogic art of teaching. They realize that each and every student is different and requires a unique pedagogical approach. Teachers at Siddhi Yoga begin with helping students attain physical fitness and flexibility. Then, they assist them in attaining mental calm and spiritual peace.

Our accomplished teachers have helped many students channel the multitude of benefits that come with practicing yoga, as well as equipped them with the right tools and practices to establish their own teaching careers. Most of our teachers are certified by officially recognized bodies like Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Alliance International, Kevalya Dham and the government of India.


Students come to us from all over the world to learn yoga and live the yogic lifestyle. In the last three years, more than 1000 students from 60+ countries have experienced Siddhi Yoga’s teachings. These include countries like Australia, Argentina, Austria, China, France, Greece, Indonesia, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, UK, USA and many more. These students left hundreds of video and written testimonials with us and on Google+, Facebook, Yoga Alliance, etc.


Siddhi Yoga hosts courses and retreats in four locations: pristine Dharamshala, the beautiful Goa, Holy Rishikesh and the land of Gods—Bali. Here, students live and breathe the Vedic culture and yoga lifestyle. As you immerse yourself in nature and yoga, you will rediscover yourself and live an unparalleled experience that will remain with you permanently.

Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is one of the holiest cities in India. Astounding views of the Himalayas, the spiritual atmosphere and presence of great yogis and their ashrams–setting foot in Rishikesh evokes a heavenly bliss in any yoga enthusiast’s heart.

rishikesh yoga teacher training

Dharamsala is surrounded by the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas. The high altitude setting presents a magnificent view of the majestic peaks above and the scenic Kangra valley below. The tall pines and rhododendron offer a panorama of the entire area. Combined with the chants echoing from the monasteries within and surrounding the city, this is a perfect backdrop against which to learn yoga.

yoga in dharamsala


yoga teacher training reviews by Hu Di from United States

Hu Di United States

I had been practicing yoga for three years and needed to gain a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy and a more thoughtful guidance for my home practice (rather than random studio classes). I am beyond grateful that... more

yoga teacher training review by melanie from australia

Melanie Australia

I just completed my TT200hrs in Rishikesh with Parveen ji, Tara ji, Siddartha ji and Sumit ji. I loved every single second of being there! I learnt so much and while there is still so much to... more

yoga teacher training review by Heidi from China

Heidi China

The 200HR Siddhi Yoga TTC in Bali was one of the very best experiences of my life & I would highly recommend the program to anyone who is sincerely searching for truth and a deeper life experience,... more

yoga teacher training review by manuela from united kingdom

Manuela United Kingdom

When you read about experiences in Rishikesh you can always read “life changing experience” and as a reaction you face maybe sceptical, maybe curious, maybe just not react… I came to do yoga, I tried not to... more

Sveta Bhassin

Sveta India

We all are in our own ways, striving to keep ourselves in a balance of both, physical and emotional aspects of health. When I was recommended to do this 200 hours Siddhi Yoga teacher’s training course, I... more

yoga teacher training review by Sydney from United States

Sydney United States

What an amazing course!! I just finished the course in Bali at a beautiful resort tucked away in Ubud. The course was headed by Deep and what an amazing teacher of all aspects of yoga, not just... more

Siddhi Yoga Goa Review

Lottie United Kingdom

Wow! How can ever describe the magic and connectedness of my month long course with Siddhi Yoga. Every element aligned perfectly with our needs and the teaching was comprehensive, supportive and deep. As we journeyed through philosophical... more

yoga teacher training review by yulee chua from singapore

YuLee Chua Singapore

I must say it is really wonderful to take up this Yoga Teacher Teaching Course in Siddhi Yoga Daramsala. It provides excellent environment at the foot of the Himalayas with spectacular scenic view. The teachers are very... more

yoga teacher training review by rajendra from australia

Rajendra Australia

I have completed my YTT200 with Siddhi Yoga at Rishikesh, the Yoga capital of the world. It was a great experience. Siddhi Yoga introduced me to the Spiritual journey and Yogic way of living. The course covered... more

yoga teacher training review by kartin united kingdom

Katrin United Kingdom

Life changing experience which can definitely be recommended to anyone! My lower back pain of 20 years was cured within 2 weeks partly because of core exercises we were given but I also think the physiotherapeutical angle... more

Siddhi Yoga is an excellent training program that fostered great relationships and learning!

Sarah United States

Completing my teacher training with Siddhi Yoga is one of the best decisions I have ever made! My teachers were extremely knowledgeable, loving, and supportive. I learned more than I thought possible. Highly recommended! more

yoga teacher training review by swati from india

Swati India

This course is a Beautiful combination of clinical and excellent life style modification, through physical mental and spiritual understanding and knowledge. Teachers are awesome and good focus on application of Yoga in our today’s life. I had... more

yoga teacher training review by sue from united kingdom

Sue United Kingdom

I had the most amazing time in February 2016. The teachers were amazing , especially Parveen Ji , who won our hearts with his sincere and deep love of yoga and his genuine care for his students.... more

yoga teacher training review by kevin from united states

Kevin United States

The Siddhi Yoga 200 hour YTT course in Goa was overall a highly transformational and peak experience. I arrived to train yoga in a traditional atmosphere and was rewarded with a highly skilled yoga instructor as well... more

yoga teacher training review by gassira from djibouti

Gassira Djibouti

I recommend this teacher training course to anyone that has a passion for Yoga and wants to share that passion with others! From the true yoga aspect that yoga is all about experiencing a joining of mind,... more

Siddhi Yoga is an excellent training program that fostered great relationships and learning!

Yannina Romania

I can’t imagine a better team or location than the one I was so lucky to find @Siddhi Yoga Goa. Guru Mukh – the way you teach … the knowledge you share … the way you are... more

yoga teacher training review by edith from canada

Edith Canada

I was very happy with my YTT. I am looking forward to starting to teach yoga myself and would consider Siddhi Yoga when I’m ready to complete further training. more

yoga teacher training review by jana from canada

Jana Canada

The school was absolutely amazing, I learn so much about so many different styles of yoga. I would recommend this school to anyone who want to learn Yoga to its depth. I definitely plan on going back... more

yoga teacher training review by liliana from spain

Liliana Spain

My experience in the Yoga TT in Rishikesh September 2015, was very good. Teachers were fantastic and the organization too. I was really lucky because also my peers were amazing people. Thanks to everybody. more



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