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Siddhi Yoga’s teachers have honed their practices for decades with Indian yoga masters and as a result, understand how to personalize their teaching for every student. They are known for their warmth and generosity, and their goal is to provide you with a comprehensive view of yoga that blends an ancient practice with modern life.

In our team, we have an Yoga Masters, Ayurvedic doctors, Physiologists, Fitness Specialists, and meditation teachers. They are all renowned in their fields, and are committed to helping you uncover the true spirit of yoga and well being. By learning from their perspectives, you will develop a holistic understanding of how to teach yoga to all types of students.

Our teachers are committed to continual advancement in their respective fields. This continued learning is one of the many reasons they are able to support your growth. Siddhi Yoga teachers will guide you to practice yoga and teach it with depth, dedication, and insights. Their examples will also demonstrate the leadership and ethics needed to successfully share yoga with the world.

Team Members

sandeep solanki

Sandeep Solanki

Mumbai, India


E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance USA, Pursuing Ph.D. in Yoga, Diploma and Advance Diploma in Yoga from Kaivalyadham, B.A. in Yoga Shastra from K. J. Somaiya College, M.A. in Philosophy from Mumbai University, Research Training in Kautilya Arthashastra from Mumbai University, YCB (Yoga Certification Board) Level 3, NET (National Entrance Test) for Assistant Professor, International Teacher Training Course from Sivanand Yoga Vedanta Dhanvantari, Yoga Professional Examiner for YCB, Train The Trainer Program, Advance course in Acupressure, Gold Gym – Personal Trainer, Thai Yoga Body Workout – The Sunshine Network.


Tara Dutt

Rishikesh, India

E-RYT500 Yoga Alliance USA, Masters in Yogic Science and Vedic Philosophy from Sanskrit University Haridwar.

sumit sharama

Dr. Sumit Sharma

Rishikesh, India


Masters of Physical Therapy in Musculoskeletal Disorders in Orthopedic Branch, diploma in Sports Medicine from West Bengal, certified Pilate’s trainer from the Indian Academy of Fitness Training, Mangalore, E-RYT500 Yoga Alliance USA.


Sandeep Pandey

Rishikesh, India


E-RYT500 Yoga Alliance USA, B.A in Sanskrit and M.A in Yoga from Uttrakhand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya Haridwar. 2nd M.A in Indian philosophy From Darbhanga University.


Dr. Vikas Kumar Sangotra

Mohali, India


B.A.M.S, M.D. (Internal Medicine) GOLD MEDALIST, Panchkarma Specialist, Certificate in Kerala Speciality Treatments and Panchkarma based on Ashtavaidya Tradition from Kerala, Certificate in Guna Sidhhanta from Dr. L Mahadevan, Kanyakumari, Certificate in Marma Therapy and E-RYT200 (USA).

Harshita Sharma

Harshitaa Sharma

Noida, India


Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher (YTTC 200 HRS) from Yoga Alliance International, Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher (YTTC 200 HRS) from Yogi Alliance USA, Certified Quantum Health Coach, Bachelors in Holistic Science from Quantum University (QU), Hawaii USA, and currently pursuing a Masters and Doctorate in Integrative Medicine from QU itself, Certified Access Bars Facilitator from Access Consciousness, USA. She has been extensively trained in Internationally renowned Personal & Professional Development Organization (Landmark) as a trainee and Coach in various programmes a.) Landmark Forum b.) Advance Course c.) Self-Expression & Leadership Programme d.) Communication Access to Power e.) Communication Power to Create f.) Introduction Leadership Programme and Team Management & Leadership Programme. Her keen interest in Energy Medicine & Healing has led her to train herself in many healing modalities through the support of brilliant healers and facilitators in Trauma Healing, Breathwork, Mindfulness Meditation, Quantum Healing and Womb Healing.


Shobhit Ghanshyala

Rishikesh, India


200-Hour YTTC in Hatha Yoga from Sivananda Ashram-Kerala, 300-Hour YTTC in Ashtanga Vinyasa from Yogadarshanam-Mysuru, Certifications Yoga Therapy, Acro Yoga and Pre & Post Natal Yoga, Certification in Yoga and Vedanta from Divine Life Society-Rishikesh, E-RYT200 and E-RYT500 from Yoga Alliance USA.

Amit Rehela

Amit Rehela

Dharamshala, India


E-RYT500 Yoga Alliance USA, Course on functional movement by Salamba Yoga Center, 6 months course in chants and kirtan by Siddhartha Yoga.

atul mishra

Atul Mishra

New Delhi, India


E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance, P.G.Diplpma in Yoga Education from Kaivlyadhama Yoga Institute Lonavala, Degree in Bachelor in Science, Learned Various Style of Yoga such as – Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Antigravity Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Yin Yoga, Sivananda Yoga and Power Yoga.

satyam tiwari

Satyam Tiwari

Barhaj, India


BSc in Yoga Science (Gold Medalist) and MSc in Yoga Science from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga under the Ministry of AYUSH (Government of India). Diplomas from LBS National Sanskrit University (under Education Ministry), in Vedic Jyotish, Bhaisahya Jyotisha (Medical Astrology) and Vaidik Karmkanda (Paurohitya-Applied aspects of Vedas).

bholi parihar

Bholi Parihar

New Delhi, India


Masters in Yogic Sciences, Diploma in Yoga (Under HRD Ministry of India), E-RYT200 and E-RYT500.

amrita tomar

Amrita Tomar

Rishikesh, India


Masters in Yogic Sciences, E-RYT200 and E-RYT500.

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