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Everything you need to know before travelling to India for a Yoga Teacher Training or Retreat

A trip to India to practice Yoga is truly a once in a lifetime experience. However, although there is a great deal of tourist infrastructure in India, travelling there can often be a challenge both logistically and emotionally, at least if you’re not prepared for it.

India is a vast and incredibly complex country, and many of the customs and practices can vary widely from place to place. India ranges from ultra-modern cosmopolitan cities riding the cutting edge to mountain villages living just as they did a thousand years ago. In Delhi it sometimes feels like you can walk through both of these within the same neighbourhood.

It’s important to remember that India is still a developing country, with an enormous population that is also incredibly dense in some places. Things don’t always work as smoothly as they do in the west, but with a little patience and a little research, you can avoid some of the more common complaints.

Don’t be discouraged. There’s a saying in India: Sab Kuch Malega. Everything is possible.

Even though travelling in India can sometimes pose unique problems, there are often solutions at hand to any problems you might face. Persistence and assertiveness is usually rewarded and a little bit of money goes a long way.

Use this guide as a reference when you come to India to practice Yoga.

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