about siddhi yoga

Our Vision:

We seek to resurrect the lost art of life balance: mental, spiritual and physical.


Our Mission:

To impart teachings within our communities that foster optimal health from body to soul. To help our students find harmony with nature, reclaim their life’s natural balance and cultivate peace of mind.


About Siddhi Yoga:

Ancient Indians understood the importance of equilibrium and living in harmony with nature and each other. As we rush around our modern lives, both assisted and burdened by technological advances, this wisdom is frequently lost in translation.

Siddhi Yoga aims to bridge the gap between ancient Yoga and contemporary living. Using yoga, meditation, kriyas, relaxation and healing, Siddhi Yoga incites transformational change in our students with great knowledge, noble purpose and like-minded people. On the most fundamental level, we help our students return to their human roots while retaining the conveniences and joys of modern life.

We offer yoga teacher trainings, retreats and workshops in some of East Asia’s most beautiful and sacred places. From the crystallized mountaintops of Dharmasala, India to the warm, sandy beaches of Bali, Indonesia, we have a home for you to deepen your yoga practice, explore the world and discover your soul.

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