siddhi yoga teacher training reviews
yoga teacher training reviews by Marcia from Cyprus

did my 200 YTT in Rishikesh with Siddhi Yoga and it was an amazing experience. I am so grateful for my teachers as they were very professional and always very kind and supportive. Dr Sumit, the anatomy and physiology teacher, gave us an indepth knowledge of the human body and its systems. He is also a very kind and supportive person as he was always there for us for everything that we need. Sumit, the asana practice teacher is the expert in alignment and asanas. He is very knowledgeable and he always explained each and every asana in detail. His lessons were most of the times hard but very interesting as he taught us discipline and motivated us to do our best. Sandeep, the philosophy, meditation and Hatha yoga teacher, is a very friendly and experienced yogi. He guided us not only to the path of yoga philosophy but he also taught us so much about life itself. He has a unique way of teaching as he always teaches from his heart and soul. If you are searching for a yoga school I totally recommend Siddhi Yoga and of course Rishikesh-the capital of Yoga that holds such an amazing energy!

-Marcia, Cyprus
yoga teacher training reviews by Lara from Lebanon

I’ve just completed my 200hrs YTT with Siddhi Yoga school, it was unforgettable experience for me.

Everything was wonderful, the teachers are veryyy skilled, they always go in depth in the teaching methods, informations… they are very enthousiastic, very helpful.
I’ve learned so much from this course on the personal and professional level.

The training was very intensive but very rich as we were practicing multi-style yoga in the morning class with our wonderful teacher Sumit, he helped me learn more about asnas and poses, with all the knowledge he has and his positive, enthusiastic, and youthful attitude, I’m so grateful for him.

Philosophy classes were unmissable with Sandip who turned this very dry subject into an amazing, easy to understand subject. He has wonderful, lovely personality, he is very helpful, skilled, deep, and knowledgeable with many years of experience.

What to say about Dr. Sumit our anatomy and physiology teacher, I’ve learnt sooo many things from him; he has very special way to make us understand and apply the theory. He is very attentive.

Now i feel very confident when teaching right alignments because of him.

Dr. Sumit’s personality is unique.

I m thankful for all my teachers to make this experience unforgettable for me.

Im also thankful for all my friends for your positive energy, and ur support.. love you all.

-Lara, Lebanon
yoga teacher training reviews by Reka from United Kingdom

I’ve just finished my 200 hrs TTC in Dharamshala and I couldn’t recommend Siddhi Yoga enough.

I was wonderfully looked after from the moment I had booked the course until I actually got back home. I was very impressed with the clear communication and the smooth running of the organisation.

POPS Resort is in a peaceful location with a breathtaking panoramic view of the snow-cladded Himalayas.

The staff was friendly, ready to accommodate our needs anytime.

The teachers – Dr Amrita, Dr Sumit, Tara, Sandeep and Sumit – combined the perfect balance of professionalism and friendliness. Their incredible knowledge, enthusiasm and passion kept us focused and motivated but it was their kindness and compassion that helped us power through the sometimes physically and emotionally challenging days.

I particularly enjoyed the Alignment Class led by the Dynamic Sumit Duo. Their student-centered approach to teaching made learning fun again.

I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to practice yoga and grow as a person in a beautiful environment with inspiring human beings and I’m already thinking about coming back next year, probably to Rishikesh.

Namaste �ॐ


-Reka, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Julia from United Kingdom

I did my 200 hr YTT with Siddhi Yoga in the beautiful Himalayas in India and it was an experience of a lifetime. Our teachers were the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever known and as a new yoga teacher I already have feedback from my students about their improvement – thanks to the practice we did together. If you want to learn from the best teachers, and in the most beautiful location, don’t hesitate to take 4 weeks off work and book with Siddhi Yoga.

-Julia, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Carmen from Germany

To everyone who loves Yoga, who wants to develop his skills in Yoga or who is searching for an amazing Yoga teacher training:
I recommend to do it with SIDDHI Yoga School.

My 200h teacher training I did in Dharamshala this year March and it couldn´t have been better. The teachers made it an life-changing experience and they always took care of any individual concerns and needs. With their support, words and smiles I was able to exceed my limits and find out what I really can do!

Altogether, from airport pick-up, private day trips, warm welcome to hearty farewell it was a really good and familiar organisation.

As it was my first time going to India I had plenty of organizational questions upfront. Meera, the school´s owner and first contact person for bookings was a great help and gave me solutions to all my worries and fears. Thank you Meera!

I wish to do the 300h training next year and SIDDHI Yoga will definitely be my school.

-Carmen, Germany
yoga teacher training reviews by Ajith from Australia

I did the 200hr yoga teacher training at siddhi yoga, Dharmasala in April 2017. One of the best decisions I had taken in my life, it was an amazing experience. They got some awesome Teachers, Deep, Gurumukh and Dr Amrita. Accomodation was basic but clean, good food so all in all a very happy yoga retreat experience.

-Ajith, Australia
yoga teacher training reviews by Jayan from Singapore

I completed the 200 Hours YTT about a week ago at Dharamshala. Though lot of hard work, it was an amazing experience.

I was fortunate to be guided by passionate and inspiring teachers – Deep, Guru Mukh and Dr. Amrita. They shared their in-depth knowledge and wisdom with so much details. My understanding about life forces, human body, posture and alignment has deepened since.

The training venue at Dharamshala, is away from the hustle and bustle of town, exclusively for teachers and students to live, learn and share their knowledge and experience.

From the day I made the first enquiry, till I completed the course, all information was provided clearly and timely. Thanks to Meera and Siddhi Yoga team.

I am looking forward to attend more programs arranged by Siddhi Yoga and would recommend anyone interested in learning yoga to explore and experience what Siddhi Yoga offers.

-Jayan, Singapore
yoga teacher training reviews by Amandirubi from United Kingdom

I can only be grateful for the amazing experience I’ve had by going to Siddhi Yoga and meeting all the people and teachers, Deep, Gurumukh and Amrita. I did not only learn the true meaning of Yoga and its philosophy, but the right way to perform the asanas and get the maximum and best benefit from them according to Hatha Yoga technique.

I highly recommend everyone who loves Yoga to come and live the wonderful experience and for those who do not, i recommend the same to change their minds and start the loving journey of happiness and joy. Laughter and love. Relaxation and meditation. The journey of yogi life!

Namaste my friends! Always in my heart for the awakening!

-Amandirubi, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Judit from United Kingdom

I have just finished 200 Hours Teacher Training Course in April.

I recommend this school to anyone who likes to have an amazing yoga experience in a well organized school, with proficient teachers and great teaching methods. I made a right choice to improve my practice on yoga path with Siddhi Yoga. I have found Rishikesh as a lovely place to learn surrounded by spirituality.

-Judit, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Jess from Australia

My experience with Siddhi Yoga was and still extremely positive. They took care of all the details before my course start, during the training and after, with very fast, friendly and professional communication. There were no last minute “surprises” at all.

The Dharamsala training is out of the town what guaranteed the peace, silence, and security of the group. Just on the foot of a big mountain, it is the perfect space to focus on the course.

The resort, POP, is exclusive for the students. It creates a very cozy and safe environment where we all enjoyed. The food was even much better than I expected, local Indian food, full of tasty and diversity. If it is your first time in India the food can be a challenge, it will invite you to be more mindful about the size of your portions. Nothing to be afraid of.

During the weekends, I and my group enjoyed walk around and explore the mountains, local shops, and cafes at Dharakot and other towns. Siddhi Yoga has a taxi driver who organizes it, he was always extremely punctual and charged us the local prices.

The teachers, no words to express the dedication of each teacher; Deep, Gurumuk and Dr. Amrita. I am very glad that Siddhi Yoga selected such great teachers for us.
The course was totally focused on alignments. I feel very confident to guide my future students and correct them to ensure the safety of each asana.

I can only say big thanks for all and each member of Siddhi Yoga for the great service, education, and support that they provide me.

I feel blessed for can have such beautiful experience during my yoga training.

-Jess, Australia
yoga teacher training reviews by Maya from United Kingdom

If you’re thinking about taking a 200 hour yoga teacher training course, look no further! I completed my course yesterday and I’m very happy. The teachers are great, the organisation was great, and great value for money.

-Maya, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Ankie from Netherlands

My first yoga experience was in India and it was the start of my own yoga journey, and with that the dream to do the YTT one day.

I liked to deepening my practice and getting more knowledge and understanding of yoga and her path. I wanted to learn, breath, eat and sleep yoga. Not the western but the Indian style, where yoga has her roots.

It was all i expected and hoped for.

And more…

The teachers where amazing. All so different and all with so much knowledge and skills, which they shared open and happily with us.

Alignment, building, understanding and feeling asanas, knowing and laughing from bones and muscles, pranayama, preparing and teaching classes, beautiful stories to support philosophy, music, meditation and much, much more…..

It was a blessing to meet these teachers and to learn from them!

The whole experience was indeed living, eating, breathing and sleeping yoga, even my dreams where filled by it.

It was hard working, but when i look back i can truly say that i loved every moment of it.

With a backpack full of everything I’ve learned, great memories of the beautiful people i met, motivated, excited and a heart full of yoga, i feel blessed and grateful to walk further on the path of yoga.

Thank you Siddhi Yoga!


-Ankie, Netherlands
yoga teacher training reviews by Marcia from United Kingdom

Life changing!!!!!! Is the only way I put how I feel about Siddhi Yoga . Let’s make no mistake it is very hard work !! But the rewards are massive. The support energy friendships I made have changed my life forever the beautiful spiritual connection will live in my heart forever I hope I will live up to your teachings and not let you down. Hope we meet again very soon 🙏 ❤️ 🙏 ❤️ 🌺 🌸thank you.

-Marcia, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Elvira from United Kingdom

Siddhi Yoga has got everything a prospective yoga teacher is looking for – top notch trainers, comprehensive programme, responsive and helpful staff from day one.
As soon as I contacted Meera (the school owner) I found how very attentive to detail she was to provide me with as much information as possible and make sure I found answers to all my questions. She made it easy for me to make the choice in favour of Siddhi Yoga. I got a knee injury shortly before my trip and had my doubts on whether I should still go. She contacted the trainer for me to comment on my injury and was very supportive by offering to transfer to a different date. I still decided to go which now looking back I know was the right choice to make.

On arrival (I did my course in Rishikesh) the staff of the hotel were kind and extremely helpful. And this experience maintained throughout.

I must say, though, that the very core of this special experience were the trainers – Parveenji, Taraji, Siddharthaji and Sumitji – knowledgeable, inspiring and so supportive! They are a very diverse mix of teachers, who work Collaboratively and complement each other so well with their very different approaches and personalities. Not only do you learn how to correctly align your body in every asana, how to use your breath, how to contract and stretch your muscles to get the best out of your posture, but also how to be mindful of your body and work through the yoga path not just perfecting your asanas, but also resolving your mind.

It was a wonderful experience all-around, which if I had a chance to repeat, I would without a single doubt and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Thank you All at Siddhi yoga for your hard work, precious knowledge and making this challenging journey enlightening and memorable. lots of love .

-Elvira, United Kingdom
yoga teacher trainng reviews by Maria from Spain

I finished my 200 yoga teacher training in Dharamshala in February and I loved it. The Siddhi Yoga team helped me through the whole process answering promptly my many questions from the first time I contacted them until my arrival to Dharamshala. The best thing about Siddhi Yoga is the amazing team they have. The teachers are passionate about yoga and super professional. Deep, Gurumukh and Amrita make and invincible team. The assistant teachers I had the pleasure to meet were always willing to help and support too. I chose Siddhi Yoga for the emphasis they do in alignment. I learnt more than I ever expect.


-Maria, Spain
yoga teacher trainng reviews by Dan from United States

I took my first yoga class 29 years ago at age 16 and loved it. Years of on and off practice, mostly using books or video, led to many “bad habits” particularly in alignment. While I was very flexible and contort my body, I did it more harm than good. I learned this valuable lesson on my first day of Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala with Deep.

Prior to my arrival, I was suffering from some knee pain which got exacerbated by the long flight over. Siddhi Yoga’s “team of experts” worked with me and my injuries holistically to get me on a path to wellness. This was a very humbling experience for me as I am not used to my body rebelling against what I want it to do! I couldn’t bend my knees past a certain point without severe pain.
Deep, Guru Mukh and Dr Amrita all made sure I got through the training, and I learned more than I thought possible about how Yoga can HEAL the body when done with proper alignment.
Receiving the certificate at the end of the training was nice, but what I really gained from this experience will carry me through the rest of my life; the lasting friendships I made, the new relationship I have with my body, and a much deeper understanding of what Yoga really is. Even with the pain I felt, the infection I dealt with, if I could go back and do it all again, my answer is an emphatic yes. No regrets, just humble gratitude.

-Dan, United States
yoga teacher trainng reviews by Manon from France

Siddhi Yoga school in Rishikesh was just amazing. You know when you would like to say something strong but you can’t because no words are strong enough to describe your emotions, that’s my situation actually.

The place was amazing, positive, all my teachers are incredible, they have the best kind of teaching for me, they can teach you with so much motivation, knowledge and love. I’m still impressed by them. I’m really happy to chosen this school, one of my best experience in my life. I could to find spiritual persons and teachers like I always wanted to meet. Anyway.

I spent one month with a class who was like a family. I’m not fluent in English and all helped me when I needed.

For all peoples hesitate to choose this school, my gift to you it’s to say : GO !

Thank you so much.

-Manon, France
yoga teacher trainng reviews by Katha from Germany

A great school with awesome and inspiring teachers! I would definitely recommend Siddhi Yoga! Thank you, Parveen, Siddhartha, Tara and Sumit for making my February 2017 so special. I already miss the time in Rishikesh.

-Katha, Germany
yoga teacher training reviews by Elaine from United Kingdom

What can I say, I will forever be so grateful I chose Siddhi yoga over every other school in Rishikesh!! All the teachers were just amazing. Parveen especially! Apart from my father I’ve never met anyone who could inspire me so much. His knowledge and way of teaching is absolutely amazing. so much so I now realise I have in fact NEVER been taught yoga properly before. Siddhartha made philosophy class a pleasure to be in, he really is a true inspiration. Tara was great with the Vinyassa lessons and always full of smiles, and I’ll never forget the lovely Dr Summit and his happy song. We were lucky enough to have a fabulous group and I now have some amazing friends for life. Hopefully the hotel will update the lower 2 floors to be the same as the top floor sometime soon but apart from that everything was fantastic! The guys at the hotel were also great with me when I was ill and certainly made sure I was okay and to let them know if they could do anything for me. I will definitely be returning to Siddhi to do my 300hr in the near future. Love and light to you all.

-Elaine, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Chani Silva from Australia

I am a Sri Lankan born Australian who ventures to Rishikesh to fix my knee through Siddhi therapeutic yoga. Not only did I fix my knee but I found a way of life! Deep, Gurumukh and Sumit changed my entire being! I can not express how amazing this course is, you will not only learn about yoga, yoga teaching, your body, mind and soul but also about humanity! Do yourself a favour and do whatever it takes to get to spend 200hours or more with Deep and his team at Siddhi yoga! Looking forward to my 300hours with you all  🙏🏾 💕

-Chani Silva, Australia
yoga teacher training reviews by Donna from India

I am an American expat living in South India for the last 4 years. I knew at some point i wanted to take a TTC in yoga. At last i had some free time and decided to search for a place in India for a 200 hour course. I honestly can’t say how i stumbled onto Siddhi yoga and i know i read dozens of websites on courses offered but i did know i wanted certain things from a course– science and spirituality, anatomy in yoga, therapeutic and conscious training and of course in a place i had not been to yet. So i choose Siddhi based on the balance of information that i felt met my expectations as well as the informative way the website was set up. As soon as i read over it I decided this is where i would go. I travelled from south to the north of India where the temperature change was drastically different but the cold was very welcome! I will say the course was beyond what i expected. With a class of 8 together for a month we forged bonds and laughed and danced and got to know each persons strengths and weakness in the area of yoga. Each persons approach was different yet Deep was able to keep classes informative and enjoyable even at 6am freezing morning!! He has a way of seeing everyone in the class at the same time to correct and adjust alignments and poses. Taking the time to really work on the foundational postures is the true gem of the class… once a person does those correct all others fall into place. The philosophy with GuruMukh was brain challenging but definitely enlightening in many ways. i expect to continue ruminating over his classes for a long time. The anatomy was perfect and helped solidify the way yoga works on the body with Dr Sumit. The meditations, the dancing, the theory class, the practicals all balanced perfectly for an absolutely amazing experience. I am glad my first step into the journey of yoga training was with this course as now i can move forward with confidence and correct alignment. I hope to see a 300 course soon!!!!

-Donna, India
yoga teacher training reviews by Flavia Castello from UAE

Great experience with great teachers. I cured my persistent back pain within 2-3 weeks of the course. As an ex-ballet dancer, I abused my body and set myself up for more future injuries, and in this course I learned how to use my body the appropriate way, with the proper alignment and anatomy theory. Deep, Gurumuk and Sumit were very knowledgeable and attentive teachers. Although, only felt it after a month or so, it has given me great spiritual and emotional growth. Meera was always very professional and helpful organizer. The food was delicious too!!! Amazing job Siddhi Yoga!!

-Flavia Castello, UAE
yoga teacher training reviews by Hu Di from United States

I had been practicing yoga for three years and needed to gain a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy and a more thoughtful guidance for my home practice (rather than random studio classes).

I am beyond grateful that I chose to attend the training at Siddhi Yoga. It was a life-changing experience for me. The program has three components, each led by a knowledgeable, experienced and caring teacher. The teaching of Deep, the master yoga teacher, is strongly grounded in his physiotherapy background and lays a very solid foundation with body alignment, alternation of postures and sequence. In addition, we also learned Pranayama and different ways to design a yoga class for our teaching. Guru Mukh, who lives in yoga philosophy, offers a profound understanding of Patanjali and offers an enlightening approach to connecting them to our daily life. Another highlight is Guru Mukh’s medication class during which we learned several meditation techniques and experienced the amazing impact of meditation. Dr. Summit, a practicing doctor, teachers one hour of anatomy class. He introduces us to the knowledge of bones, nerves, and organs and connects them to the techniques and benefits of yoga.

I loved my experience with Siddhi and will look at their schedule again for my 300hr training in a couple of hours. I highly recommend it to any yoga practitioners.

-Hu Di, United States
yoga teacher training reviews by Maggy from Mexico

I did the course in Ubud Bali, the whole experience for a month was very nice we learned, we correct positions, the place couldn’t be more beautiful, teachers we transmitted their knowledge and passion for yoga not only as a way of taking care of your body but as A way of life which personally i am very grateful for this month they taught us and gave us the tools to improve our quality of life.

-Maggy, Mexico
yoga teacher training review by Maddy from Australia

I did the Yoga Teacher Training 200hr in Ubud, Bali in September. It was fantastic! I learnt so much about the body, correct alignment, posture, philosophy… living and breathing yoga for one month. I felt like a new person at the end of it- so healthy and equipped with skills that I will use forever. Deep, Gurumuk and Dr Sumit shared their in-depth knowledge with us, and their passion, enthusiasm and care was wonderful.

-Maddy, Australia
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