yoga teacher training course reviews
yoga teacher training reviews by Chani Silva from Australia

I am a Sri Lankan born Australian who ventures to Rishikesh to fix my knee through Siddhi therapeutic yoga. Not only did I fix my knee but I found a way of life! Deep, Gurumukh and Sumit changed my entire being! I can not express how amazing this course is, you will not only learn about yoga, yoga teaching, your body, mind and soul but also about humanity! Do yourself a favour and do whatever it takes to get to spend 200hours or more with Deep and his team at Siddhi yoga! Looking forward to my 300hours with you all  🙏🏾 💕

-Chani Silva, Australia
yoga teacher training reviews by Donna from India

I am an American expat living in South India for the last 4 years. I knew at some point i wanted to take a TTC in yoga. At last i had some free time and decided to search for a place in India for a 200 hour course. I honestly can’t say how i stumbled onto Siddhi yoga and i know i read dozens of websites on courses offered but i did know i wanted certain things from a course– science and spirituality, anatomy in yoga, therapeutic and conscious training and of course in a place i had not been to yet. So i choose Siddhi based on the balance of information that i felt met my expectations as well as the informative way the website was set up. As soon as i read over it I decided this is where i would go. I travelled from south to the north of India where the temperature change was drastically different but the cold was very welcome! I will say the course was beyond what i expected. With a class of 8 together for a month we forged bonds and laughed and danced and got to know each persons strengths and weakness in the area of yoga. Each persons approach was different yet Deep was able to keep classes informative and enjoyable even at 6am freezing morning!! He has a way of seeing everyone in the class at the same time to correct and adjust alignments and poses. Taking the time to really work on the foundational postures is the true gem of the class… once a person does those correct all others fall into place. The philosophy with GuruMukh was brain challenging but definitely enlightening in many ways. i expect to continue ruminating over his classes for a long time. The anatomy was perfect and helped solidify the way yoga works on the body with Dr Sumit. The meditations, the dancing, the theory class, the practicals all balanced perfectly for an absolutely amazing experience. I am glad my first step into the journey of yoga training was with this course as now i can move forward with confidence and correct alignment. I hope to see a 300 course soon!!!!

-Donna, India
yoga teacher training reviews by Flavia Castello from UAE

Great experience with great teachers. I cured my persistent back pain within 2-3 weeks of the course. As an ex-ballet dancer, I abused my body and set myself up for more future injuries, and in this course I learned how to use my body the appropriate way, with the proper alignment and anatomy theory. Deep, Gurumuk and Sumit were very knowledgeable and attentive teachers. Although, only felt it after a month or so, it has given me great spiritual and emotional growth. Meera was always very professional and helpful organizer. The food was delicious too!!! Amazing job Siddhi Yoga!!

-Flavia Castello, UAE
yoga teacher training reviews by Hu Di from United States

I had been practicing yoga for three years and needed to gain a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy and a more thoughtful guidance for my home practice (rather than random studio classes).

I am beyond grateful that I chose to attend the training at Siddhi Yoga. It was a life-changing experience for me. The program has three components, each led by a knowledgeable, experienced and caring teacher. The teaching of Deep, the master yoga teacher, is strongly grounded in his physiotherapy background and lays a very solid foundation with body alignment, alternation of postures and sequence. In addition, we also learned Pranayama and different ways to design a yoga class for our teaching. Guru Mukh, who lives in yoga philosophy, offers a profound understanding of Patanjali and offers an enlightening approach to connecting them to our daily life. Another highlight is Guru Mukh’s medication class during which we learned several meditation techniques and experienced the amazing impact of meditation. Dr. Summit, a practicing doctor, teachers one hour of anatomy class. He introduces us to the knowledge of bones, nerves, and organs and connects them to the techniques and benefits of yoga.

I loved my experience with Siddhi and will look at their schedule again for my 300hr training in a couple of hours. I highly recommend it to any yoga practitioners.

-Hu Di, United States
yoga teacher training reviews by Maggy from Mexico

I did the course in Ubud Bali, the whole experience for a month was very nice we learned, we correct positions, the place couldn’t be more beautiful, teachers we transmitted their knowledge and passion for yoga not only as a way of taking care of your body but as A way of life which personally i am very grateful for this month they taught us and gave us the tools to improve our quality of life.

-Maggy, Mexico
yoga teacher training review by Maddy from Australia

I did the Yoga Teacher Training 200hr in Ubud, Bali in September. It was fantastic! I learnt so much about the body, correct alignment, posture, philosophy… living and breathing yoga for one month. I felt like a new person at the end of it- so healthy and equipped with skills that I will use forever. Deep, Gurumuk and Dr Sumit shared their in-depth knowledge with us, and their passion, enthusiasm and care was wonderful.

-Maddy, Australia
yoga teacher training review by Rachel from United States

Signing up for Siddhi Yoga’s 200 hour YTT course in Bali was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Everything about the program exceeded my expectations, from the beautiful accommodation to the delicious food and most importantly the insightful teachers. We were blessed to have Deep and Gurumuhk leading the course, their knowledge regarding yoga and health was inspiring while their passion and laughter were infectious! I am grateful to Siddhi Yoga for this unique experience and can happily say that I am feeling more grounded, healthy and connected than ever before. Thank you!!

-Rachel, United States
yoga teacher training review by Lincoln from Malaysia

An amazing experience & life changing moments. Knowledge of the key elements of yoga in physical postures, anatomy & philosophical teachings were mind blowing. Changed my perception of yoga & will carry it forever.

-Lincoln, Malaysia
Sveta Bhassin

We all are in our own ways, striving to keep ourselves in a balance of both, physical and emotional aspects of health. When I was recommended to do this 200 hours Siddhi Yoga teacher’s training course, I was very skeptical to take a month away from my work and family and do this course in Bali. However, I was struggling with many medical challenges since many years and thought it as the last chance to try to do something about them without medication.
I feel blessed to have taken this course in Bali. Narasoma resort is the perfect place to do this course because of its abundant natural beauty.
Deep, our yoga teacher is the best teacher I have ever met in my life. He teaches from his heart. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his subject. He goes out all the way to see to it that each and every student in the class has understood what is being taught. Vast experience, deep knowledge and intense Love for what he does, are the characteristics which I highly respect him for.
Gurmukh ji, teaches Philosophy, but actually he takes you by your hand through your heart to meet yourself in the depths that you may never ever be able to touch without this amazing teacher.
My anxiety and restlessness has disappeared and I have learnt how to keep watching myself effortlessly without even realizing it. The meditation sessions that we did with Gurmukh ji made me churn my deepest emotions and filter out everything that was not needed connected to my soul.
Dr Sumit is a phenomenal anatomy teacher who makes this science an absolute fun to study. Performing the yoga poses to their perfection became absolutely easy and scientifically logical.
Siddhi Yoga in Bali was a life time experience for me. I have returned with a treasure of understanding the root cause of my medical and emotional handicaps and above all the ways, means, tools and maps of how to manage my self inside out through Yoga practice.
I highly recommend Siddhi Yoga TTC to each and everyone out there irrespective of what and who you are.

-Sveta, India
yoga teacher training review by Heidi from China

The 200HR Siddhi Yoga TTC in Bali was one of the very best experiences of my life & I would highly recommend the program to anyone who is sincerely searching for truth and a deeper life experience, as the course was just as much philosophical as it was about learning alignment & postures. Personally, the program affected me on a deep level, and I experienced major shifts in consciousness and emotional releases throughout the program. There were times when I felt confused and out of my element, but the teachers were right there to support me with patience and acceptance, and I always felt safe to express myself honestly & freely.
I feel very fortunate to have studied with Deep & Gurumuk who are so loving, patient & genuine, and I honestly can’t imagine a better team to study yoga with. Deep is a high-energy, charismatic and funny speaker and a strong team leader. Each day was planned with a clear theme among the various classes with ample reinforcement of the key concepts throughout the day. The flow of the course progressed naturally and it felt almost effortless for the students to absorb the safety points and teaching methodology ~ it never felt rushed or as if the teachers had to push to get any point across.
While Deep’s method is very real-world & practical, Gurumuk gave us yet another perspective, bringing us to a space of expanded consciousness with various meditations, mind bending philosophy dialogues and ecstatic dance. Even outside of the official class hours, Gurumuk would invite the group to sing Kirtan (he has a wonderful voice!) and continue the discussions from class. In addition, Dr. Sumit tied in the information from the anatomical perspective & gave us many useful tools on how to further help ourselves & our students to do adjustments safely, open up the muscles and work with injuries.
Last but not least, Meera & Rajesh from Siddhi Yoga did an amazing job organizing the course ~ the location in Bali was just magical, the food was of the very best quality and the value we received from the course went above & beyond my expectations! I’m forever grateful to the organizers and teachers, and wish them all the best in bringing enlightenment & joy to all their future students.

-Heidi, China
yoga teacher training review by Chris from United States

A profoundly deep yoga experience. A journey into yoga much farther than the asanas. Anatomy, physiology, philosophy, and a safe and healthy lifelong practice all wrapped in atmosphere of compassion, understanding, patience, and acceptance. I had a beautiful life changing experience, and will simply never be the same. Absolutely no complaints. Thank you siddhi yoga team. So much love to you for what you do.

-Chris, United States
yoga teacher training review by John from United Kingdom

I completed the 200 teacher training course at Siddhi Yoga in Goa this year. The teaching was outstanding and the support and spiritual guidance incredible. Deep, the asana and pranayama instructor, is such an inspiring and generous teacher. And as well as being a consummate yoga practitioner, he is also a physio, so focus is given to correct alignment and general safety of students. Guru Mukh was our spiritual guide and we were blessed to spend 2 hours a day listening and discussing yogic philosophy with him. He remained on sight all day and also guided the whole group through many meditations, including Kundahlini. I am now teaching yoga in Goa myself, and really cannot speak more highly of my experience at Siddhi, where in 4 rigorous and enlightening weeks I learned so much.

-John Bedwell, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training review by Sydney from United States

What an amazing course!! I just finished the course in Bali at a beautiful resort tucked away in Ubud. The course was headed by Deep and what an amazing teacher of all aspects of yoga, not just physical. I came to Siddhi Yoga with many physical limitations and Deep modified the practice to support my body, instead of trying to fit me into a mold. The amount of love and attention to the students doesn’t end when you walk out of the classroom. The course goes deep into the philosophies of living a yoga lifestyle, as well as training you to guide people safely through a yoga asana practice. Guru Mukh’s philosophy class dives into the mind and ego and his meditation classes help to clear out the junk. I absolutely recommend this course!

-Sydney, United States
yoga teacher training review by manuela from united kingdom

When you read about experiences in Rishikesh you can always read “life changing experience” and as a reaction you face maybe sceptical, maybe curious, maybe just not react…

I came to do yoga, I tried not to have expectations. Thinking to do the same kind of yoga activity as I do in London and trying to improve and finding a quiet place for a peace of my mind.

The reason I chose Siddhi was merely related to the neat and clear website: everything shown, everything written and I do not deny, very affordable.

Then I contacted Meera. She has been, since the first email very kind, very polite, so professional. I liked it!!!

So I went.

What I found in Rishikesh?

Yoga, discipline, friends, myself.

Since the very first day we started to go in to deep with asanas: Parveen worked hard with us teaching alignments in order to keep postures in perfect way. It was tiring repeating over and over. And honestly, before breakfast he is strict, very serious!

After a nice peanut butter honey or jam toast or peanut butter honey porridge (inventory by one of my mates) everything was much easier ☺️

I loved every single day. Hard but rewarding. I could see myself improve.

I have been guided to my journey by Parveen and Tara trying to know the better style and the confidence to share with others my knowledge.

Summit helped a lot to understand my body and Siddhart my mind. I loved to be here and now and it has been the best experience of freedom.

I will bring it with me forever.

Thank you so much!!!!



-Manuela, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training review by rajendra from australia

I have completed my YTT200 with Siddhi Yoga at Rishikesh, the Yoga capital of the world. It was a great experience. Siddhi Yoga introduced me to the Spiritual journey and Yogic way of living.

The course covered all aspects of Yoga including theory and practice. Instructor Deep has a deep and thorough knowledge of Yoga. He conducted this training along with Gurumukhji and Dr.Sumitji, who are well equipped in their fields. I very much enjoyed Deeps friendly, flexible but firm way of teaching!! During this time, I also made friends with like-minded people from around the world, who were on the same journey.

I would recommend anyone to take this journey with Siddhi Yoga for personal enrichment and inner peace.

-Rajendra, Australia
yoga teacher training review by melanie from australia

I just completed my TT200hrs in Rishikesh with Parveen ji, Tara ji, Siddartha ji and Sumit ji. I loved every single second of being there! I learnt so much and while there is still so much to learn I feel I have made a great foundation to continue to build upon. All the teachers are amazing, kind and very inspiring.

I’m looking forward to continuing this journey back home in Australia, my self practice is going to be soooo much more beneficial now and I’m very much looking forward to teaching!
Hopefully in a year or so Siddhi will be offering a 300hr TT and I’ll be ready to go back and experience more and gain more knowledge!

Rishikesh is beautiful! I love the Cows and all the super yum food!!!
And Hotel Moksha and the staff there are fantastic!
Life Changing experience to be Had!

-Melanie, Australia
yoga teacher training review by vanitha from malaysia

Overall, I had a good experience in the Yoga Teacher’s Training at Siddhi Yoga in Rishikesh, India. The lead teacher, Parveen Nair and our Flow Yoga teacher, Tara Dutt Kandpal, are excellent teachers. Their instructions were clear and precise, and their energy were calming yet vibrant. They were able to respond very well to my inquiries about the practice and the philosophy of yoga in a way which was clear and easy to understand. They are both inspiring teachers and I highly recommend them.

-Vanitha, Malaysia
yoga teacher training review by kelly from usa

The experience of learning to teach Yoga in India was amazing, and Siddhi Yoga prepares its students to teach anywhere in the world 🙂

-Kelly, United States
yoga teacher training review by yulee chua from singapore

I must say it is really wonderful to take up this Yoga Teacher Teaching Course in Siddhi Yoga Daramsala. It provides excellent environment at the foot of the Himalayas with spectacular scenic view. The teachers are very experienced, resourceful, practical, passionate, kind and always taking care all of us. The teaching is very systematic, comprehensive and interesting. After one month of vegetarian food in the campus I have become more healthier and started to take more vegetarian food after the course. All of us graduated with a big smile! 🙂

-YuLee Chua, Singapore
yoga teacher training review by whitney from canada

I did my YTT200 with Parveen & Deep in Goa during January 2016. I did a lot of research before choosing my teacher training, and I’m certain I made the right decision. Firstly, the teachers are the very best. They’re extremely dedicated and passionate about yoga. I appreciated their attention to detail and that they worked us hard but we still had time to enjoy ourselves and have fun. I didn’t come to India thinking I would actually become a teacher after, but through the course I discovered it was something I would love to do. Parveen is one of the best yoga teachers I’ve had, throughout India and elsewhere. He is so full of knowledge and passion, and always willing to share. For years I’ve struggled with my posture and back/neck tension, and the relief of that alone within the first 2 weeks was well worth coming for! The accommodation in Goa (we were at Beach Street) was paradise – perfect location on the beach. The food was tasty, healthy, and clean. It was well worth the investment and I can’t recommend this course enough!

-Whitney, Canada
yoga teacher training review by liliana from spain

My experience in the Yoga TT in Rishikesh September 2015, was very good. Teachers were fantastic and the organization too. I was really lucky because also my peers were amazing people. Thanks to everybody.

-Liliana, Spain
yoga teacher training review by rl bond from united states

Amazing experience. Go into the program with an empty mind and get more connected with thy self. You have to stay in the spiritual because the natural is way too small. Namaste!

-RL Bond, United States
yoga teacher training review by sue from united kingdom

I had the most amazing time in February 2016. The teachers were amazing , especially Parveen Ji , who won our hearts with his sincere and deep love of yoga and his genuine care for his students. He enthralled us with stories and legends. He coaxed us into positions we’d never have conceived of, training our Minds as well as our bodies, to reach deeper, higher, softer. We even had our own Guru Mukh. His laughter infectious, his warmth so gentle and loving. Between these two guys (mainly) we shared music sessions, social gatherings, chats, walks, and much more. The venue at Beach Street, Goa, was amazing ! Rajesh was at pains to make it as comfortable as possible for everyone , adapting to some very unique requirements. The vegetarian diet fabulous ! The course was worth every penny , every minute, and I’d eagerly do it all over again!

-Sue, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training review by maryam from lebanon

Thank u Siddhi Yoga for the beautiful experience and amazing teachers we had in our course . I loved it and would definitely repeat it with the lovely group that I was very lucky to have each one of them with us . Wish everyone good luck . And see u soon in the 300hrs course.

-Maryam, Lebanon
yoga teacher training review by swati from india

This course is a Beautiful combination of clinical and excellent life style modification, through physical mental and spiritual understanding and knowledge. Teachers are awesome and good focus on application of Yoga in our today’s life.

I had befriended my sciatica pain because had tried many treatments, but just in a week my pain has subsided. Have gain my mental strength, awareness, good posture.

Made lovely friends and after ages laughed my heart out with all of them. Loved being here and will ensure my teacher’s effort on me won’t go waste. Thanks a ton to Guruji, Sindhuja, Ritesh, Dr. Amrita, Gurumukh and both Sonu’s.

-Swati, India
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