yoga teacher training course reviews
yoga teacher training review by melanie from australia

I just completed my TT200hrs in Rishikesh with Parveen ji, Tara ji, Siddartha ji and Sumit ji. I loved every single second of being there! I learnt so much and while there is still so much to learn I feel I have made a great foundation to continue to build upon. All the teachers are amazing, kind and very inspiring.

I’m looking forward to continuing this journey back home in Australia, my self practice is going to be soooo much more beneficial now and I’m very much looking forward to teaching!
Hopefully in a year or so Siddhi will be offering a 300hr TT and I’ll be ready to go back and experience more and gain more knowledge!

Rishikesh is beautiful! I love the Cows and all the super yum food!!!
And Hotel Moksha and the staff there are fantastic!
Life Changing experience to be Had!

-Melanie, Australia
yoga teacher training review by vanitha from malaysia

Overall, I had a good experience in the Yoga Teacher’s Training at Siddhi Yoga in Rishikesh, India. The lead teacher, Parveen Nair and our Flow Yoga teacher, Tara Dutt Kandpal, are excellent teachers. Their instructions were clear and precise, and their energy were calming yet vibrant. They were able to respond very well to my inquiries about the practice and the philosophy of yoga in a way which was clear and easy to understand. They are both inspiring teachers and I highly recommend them.

-Vanitha, Malaysia
yoga teacher training review by kelly from usa

The experience of learning to teach Yoga in India was amazing, and Siddhi Yoga prepares its students to teach anywhere in the world 🙂

-Kelly, United States
yoga teacher training review by yulee chua from singapore

I must say it is really wonderful to take up this Yoga Teacher Teaching Course in Siddhi Yoga Daramsala. It provides excellent environment at the foot of the Himalayas with spectacular scenic view. The teachers are very experienced, resourceful, practical, passionate, kind and always taking care all of us. The teaching is very systematic, comprehensive and interesting. After one month of vegetarian food in the campus I have become more healthier and started to take more vegetarian food after the course. All of us graduated with a big smile! 🙂

-YuLee Chua, Singapore
yoga teacher training review by whitney from canada

I did my YTT200 with Parveen & Deep in Goa during January 2016. I did a lot of research before choosing my teacher training, and I’m certain I made the right decision. Firstly, the teachers are the very best. They’re extremely dedicated and passionate about yoga. I appreciated their attention to detail and that they worked us hard but we still had time to enjoy ourselves and have fun. I didn’t come to India thinking I would actually become a teacher after, but through the course I discovered it was something I would love to do. Parveen is one of the best yoga teachers I’ve had, throughout India and elsewhere. He is so full of knowledge and passion, and always willing to share. For years I’ve struggled with my posture and back/neck tension, and the relief of that alone within the first 2 weeks was well worth coming for! The accommodation in Goa (we were at Beach Street) was paradise – perfect location on the beach. The food was tasty, healthy, and clean. It was well worth the investment and I can’t recommend this course enough!

-Whitney, Canada
yoga teacher training review by liliana from spain

My experience in the Yoga TT in Rishikesh September 2015, was very good. Teachers were fantastic and the organization too. I was really lucky because also my peers were amazing people. Thanks to everybody.

-Liliana, Spain
yoga teacher training review by rl bond from united states

Amazing experience. Go into the program with an empty mind and get more connected with thy self. You have to stay in the spiritual because the natural is way too small. Namaste!

-RL Bond, United States
yoga teacher training review by sue from united kingdom

I had the most amazing time in February 2016. The teachers were amazing , especially Parveen Ji , who won our hearts with his sincere and deep love of yoga and his genuine care for his students. He enthralled us with stories and legends. He coaxed us into positions we’d never have conceived of, training our Minds as well as our bodies, to reach deeper, higher, softer. We even had our own Guru Mukh. His laughter infectious, his warmth so gentle and loving. Between these two guys (mainly) we shared music sessions, social gatherings, chats, walks, and much more. The venue at Beach Street, Goa, was amazing ! Rajesh was at pains to make it as comfortable as possible for everyone , adapting to some very unique requirements. The vegetarian diet fabulous ! The course was worth every penny , every minute, and I’d eagerly do it all over again!

-Sue, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training review by maryam from lebanon

Thank u Siddhi Yoga for the beautiful experience and amazing teachers we had in our course . I loved it and would definitely repeat it with the lovely group that I was very lucky to have each one of them with us . Wish everyone good luck . And see u soon in the 300hrs course.

-Maryam, Lebanon
yoga teacher training review by swati from india

This course is a Beautiful combination of clinical and excellent life style modification, through physical mental and spiritual understanding and knowledge. Teachers are awesome and good focus on application of Yoga in our today’s life.

I had befriended my sciatica pain because had tried many treatments, but just in a week my pain has subsided. Have gain my mental strength, awareness, good posture.

Made lovely friends and after ages laughed my heart out with all of them. Loved being here and will ensure my teacher’s effort on me won’t go waste. Thanks a ton to Guruji, Sindhuja, Ritesh, Dr. Amrita, Gurumukh and both Sonu’s.

-Swati, India
yoga teacher training review by kartin united kingdom

Life changing experience which can definitely be recommended to anyone! My lower back pain of 20 years was cured within 2 weeks partly because of core exercises we were given but I also think the physiotherapeutical angle to the yoga we were taught helped. And the mind blowing philosophy classes probably takes most people on a journey way beyond anything they have experienced before, at least it did for me!

-Katrin, United Kingdom
Siddhi Yoga is an excellent training program that fostered great relationships and learning!

I can’t imagine a better team or location than the one I was so lucky to find @Siddhi Yoga Goa. Guru Mukh – the way you teach … the knowledge you share … the way you are & the love you shower upon yr students make you the best teacher ever – you’ve been more than just a teacher for us – You are genuinely caring for each one of your students, the most sincere and heart-felt Thank you. All your students will always keep you in their heart! You are a friend, mentor and guide all rolled into the most magnificent person! If only anyone could have a teacher as wonderful as you … the world will def be a better place. I would still rather be in yr class by sunset rather than anywhere else in the world. Parveen Nair – I m so fortunate to have been placed in your class, when it comes to teaching no one can compete with you – you provide the best example to follow and look up too & you do master the discipline of yoga (inside and outside the class), the passion of what u teach is contagious, always look forward to yr classes! Thank you for teaching me the correct alignments – I m looking forward to continue with no one else but you my Yoga Training in the near future. I will always be appreciative of your kindness and generous support you’ve shown – you are a special teacher whom I will always remember with fond memories. Chetan Baghel – I enjoyed every second of your Anatomy Classes the best lessons are not learned from books but from the hearts of great teachers like you – u teach w/great dedication and passion you are a lovely presence… Thank you for being such an unforgettable teacher. P.S (I haz the lil skeleton) Meera even tho i didn’t meet you, you made all this possible. Many thanks for the prompt responses and all your help. Congratulations on your wonderful team!

-Yannina, Romania
yoga teacher training review by gassira from djibouti

I recommend this teacher training course to anyone that has a passion for Yoga and wants to share that passion with others! From the true yoga aspect that yoga is all about experiencing a joining of mind, body and soul, my experience was a successful 1000%. Completing this course is one of the proudest accomplishments in my life. We all came from different positions in life, we shared them and melded to join together to complete this journey -to commitment to learn how to teach the wonderful lessons of Yoga. IT has truly taught me to accept discomfort on the mat and I bring that off the mat to help cope with everyday business life. I have learned to meditate – everyday. Thank you to all of my teachers.

-Gassira, Djibouti
yoga teacher training review by edith from canada

I was very happy with my YTT. I am looking forward to starting to teach yoga myself and would consider Siddhi Yoga when I’m ready to complete further training.

-Edith, Canada
yoga teacher training review by jana from canada

The school was absolutely amazing, I learn so much about so many different styles of yoga. I would recommend this school to anyone who want to learn Yoga to its depth. I definitely plan on going back for my 300 hour course hopefully in Bali. Siddhi Yoga made my experience during my stay life changing. The teachers are Extremely qualified. Thank you Siddhi Yoga for all you taught me. Namaste Jana

-Jana, Canada
yoga teacher training review by kevin from united states

The Siddhi Yoga 200 hour YTT course in Goa was overall a highly transformational and peak experience. I arrived to train yoga in a traditional atmosphere and was rewarded with a highly skilled yoga instructor as well as philosophy teacher. The 30 days I spent as a student on Ashvem Beach exceeded my expectations for the program, as I was immersed in a powerful asana practice in the Iyengar style. The philosophic foundations laid in the course also proved to be some of the most powerful, effortlessly combining Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras with our daily practice. Siddhi Yoga’s online proficiency, logistics, and general email response time was very good as well. Highly recommended program in my eyes, especially for prospective yogis looking to explore India simultaneously.

-Kevin, United States
yoga teacher training review by melis fourie from dubai

The Experience I had amounts to a combination of spiritual, theoretical and physical development of the highest degree. The attentiveness and level of detail that the teachers provided, equipped me with more than enough skills and knowledge to be a great yoga teacher.

-Melis, Dubai
yoga teacher training review by lydia olmos from canada

It was a really complete and demanding course. They give us a worldview of the yoga asanas and the principles of philosophy, and how they become a one style of life. The teachers were highly prepared and with a great sense of friendliness, tolerance, knowledge. We experienced different ways of meditation, yoga types, breathing techniques and share our lives and connect as a group of people with the love of mother earth.

-Lydia, Canada
Siddhi Yoga is an excellent training program that fostered great relationships and learning!

Completing my teacher training with Siddhi Yoga is one of the best decisions I have ever made! My teachers were extremely knowledgeable, loving, and supportive. I learned more than I thought possible. Highly recommended!

-Sarah, United States

Siddhi Yoga is an excellent training program that fostered great relationships and learning!

-Nora, Germany
yoga teacher training review by ivana from australia

I really enjoy having this journey with Siddhi Yoga overall, all the teacher complement each other and togetherness was always present.

-Ivana, Australia
Siddhi Yoga Goa Review

Wow! How can ever describe the magic and connectedness of my month long course with Siddhi Yoga. Every element aligned perfectly with our needs and the teaching was comprehensive, supportive and deep. As we journeyed through philosophical landscapes and challenged our physicality in ways we couldn’t imagine, so we transcended our daily limitations and entered a space of peace and freedom where we could work with our most powerful selves. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, I cannot rate this course highly enough. Wish I could go back and do it all again.

-Lottie, United Kingdom
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