Siddhi Yoga India Reviews

At Siddhi Yoga, we offer 100, 200, 300, and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India and Bali and have graduated over 1000+ successful yoga teacher trainees from 60+ Countries. Our 200 Hour, 25 Days Intensive Teacher Training Course (TTC) is internationally accredited with Yoga Alliance U.S.A. We also do online yoga teacher training. Below are some of the reviews from our students.

yoga teacher training reviews by Samantha from United States
Samantha United States

My experience with Siddhi Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamshala, is beyond words that I can express. Starting with the location, beautiful view of the Himalayan mountains. Besides the beautiful location, the people you will meet along the way are more beautiful. The teachers were more then what I could of helped for. They showed me a new way to look at yoga, I came here to only strengthen my own practice but my teachers inspired me so much, that now I want to teach others the lifestyle of yoga. Tara's personality shines bright and makes you feel welcomed and accepted. His style of teaching is very informative. You can't help but smile and feel at peace in his presence. He has so many healing teachings and words that teach you life lessons that you will carry with you along your whole life. Prem's is someone that will push you through your struggling poses with a smile on your face. His philosophy classes teach you about the lifestyle and depth of the importance of yoga. He will make you laugh and feel comfortable enough to express your own thoughts and discuss in class. Amrita will leave you wanting more, she is so smart and she is a sweet soul that shines brightly. She will always go out of her way to help you in anyway. She always made sure we were comfortable and shared places to visit on the weekends. The staff overall, was so helpful. We ate wonderful home cooked meals everyday. I truly felt I was in a home with lovely people. All of the students are exactly in the same situation as you are. We are all learning together and experiencing India for the first time creating many memories together.

yoga teacher training reviews by Janja from Australia
Janja Australia

I'm so happy I chose my yoga teacher training with Siddhi yoga because they really have the best knowledgeable teachers. @Tara is best teacher for asanas. He has such a nice calming, healing energy that in his present you are capable of everything. @Prem philosophy classes where so much fun, we discuss about yoga and life in general and his evening yoga classes were intense but great. He has beautiful energy and sweet smile. We learned how we always need to smile and we can do everything. @Amrita taught us Anatomy in so simple and clear way. Sometimes we talked other things that made classes interesting and we laughed a lot. We had so much fun. We learned a lot in this short period of time and we became a good friend with others students and also teachers. On the weekend we always went to town and had fun together. Here in Dharamshala is so beautiful and everyone who likes a peaceful environment with beautiful mountains should definitely come here.

yoga teacher training reviews by Tjaša from Australia
Tjaša Australia

I'm just finishing 200hrs YTT in Dharamshala and feeling so grateful that I came here to get a knowledge from the best teachers.

@tara dutt kandpal
@prem arya
@amrita sharma

They have the right approach to lead you through the training with the discipline and the motivation and really good sense of humour which make intense month also fun.

yoga teacher training reviews by Elaime from Australia
Elaime Australia

I just finished my 200hr YTT at Siddhi Yoga in Dharamshala with a great feeling of gratitude for all people involved in this course. What I learned here was everything I hoped for in a yoga course.The teachers are so knowledgeable,welcoming, caring and inspiring.

They opened my yes and heart to learned the real meaning of yoga practice and I am really happy with my choice.

Hope everyone who is searching for a real yoga world immersion find a place and teachers like this one to learn from.

yoga teacher training by Rachel from United Kingdom
Rachel United Kingdom

There's a lot of love and warmth and joy in the hearts of the Dharamshala teacher trainers. Prem, Amrita, Tara and Sonu have open hearts and joyful eyes and it was a pleasure to be in their company throughout the whole training.

The course itself is very simple and easy. It's all common sense alignment and basic yoga philosophy and knowledge that any semi-serious practitioner should have. For those on the course who were being opened up to new aspects of yoga it was a good solid grounding and base from which their personal practice will fly.

The hotel was peaceful and the staff were really friendly. The food was spectacular. It was such a pleasure to find different different foods every meal time.

The area was steeped in calmness and an open energy that was wonderful to practice and play in.

This is my third teacher training experience and if you're planning on doing a training I would definitely recommend this location and these teachers as the best place to start.

yoga teacher training by Allegra from Italy
Allegra Italy

Finished my 200 hr Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and I am completely satisfied about it. The journey has been hard: the heat, the lessons were tough, really mentally and physically challenging, the learnt how to deal with emotions and with our body limits. Luckily our yoga group was made from really cool and kind people, Sandeep, Dr. Sumit and Sumit have been amazing guides and teachers, the staff from the hotel took care of us and were always available to to satisfy our requests.Really recommend this school, is a life changing experience..looking forward for my 300hrs.

yoga teacher training reviews by Paul from Australia
Paul Australia

I completed the 200YTT with Siddhi Yoga in Rishikesh in May/June 2018.

The course was well structured and paced, leaving a bit of time each week to refresh for the coming weeks. As a relative beginner some of the physical classes were tough, but still enjoyable and every session was a great learning experience.

The teachers were very knowledgeable, patient and friendly and made the atmosphere light and fun whilst still educational.

Food was great, maybe a little repetitive for some, but if I enjoy something I will eat it, and the style of food is as per the yogic practice, healthy and freshly made.

I met great people and learned a lot which was the aim, so overall very happy.

yoga teacher training reviews by Kandice by France
Kandice France

I had an amazing experience with Siddhi Yoga! The teachers and the team at the hotel were very kind and helpful. I was pushed beyond my limits but taught how to exceed them and am so grateful 🙏🏼 Physicaly and mentally this was an experience I will always remember and it felt good to be engaged in something I really believe in and have the confidence and knowledge in the end. I will forever remember Sandeep and Dr Summits laugh. They really opened me up to discover things and I hope our paths will cross again 🤗 The daily schedule was perfect and I look forward to sharing all of my skills and knowledge with others. As well, I really enjoyed the yogic diet I thought the portion sizes and variety was perfect and yummy and the chef was always open to take requests.

I didn't put 5 because I think everyone has room for improvement but I have zero complaints. So happy with this beautiful journey. Namaste.

yoga teacher training reviews by Tim from Germany
Tim Germany

Hello yogis,

I participated in the Siddhi Yoga Teacher 200 hrs class in Rishikesh.

All in all it was a great experience and i improved my physical yoga skills as well as my knowledge in anatomy , alignment and philosophy. Also i got introduced in breathing techniques and meditation.

The teachers were very professional, open minded and warm hearted. They always gave their best and i enjoyed spending time with them. I always felt very welcome. Especially i want to thank Dr. Sumit and Sundeep for sharing their positive energy.

In the early yoga practice we worked a lot with chairs, blocks and other items (Iyengar yoga style) to make our bodies fit for the asanas. The focus in the afternoon class was on Hatha-Yoga.

All in all i was OK with the accommodation and the food. I had a nice room with access to the balcony and it was always a bliss to wake up and see the sun rising behind the mountains. I had a good sleep in the bed . Hygienic conditions could be improved ( bed sheets , cleaning of the room in general).

I enjoyed the food and had the feeling that it gave me all nutrition i needed for the yoga practice ( "Yoga-Diet"). So don't expect spicy indian food with a huge variety.

The neighbourhood Tapovan in Rishikesh is an inspiring and beautiful place. But it is for sure quit touristic - yoga industry is big! There are a lot of restaurants and cafés. Also i highly recommend bathing in the Ganges (yes it is quit clean here) and visiting some of the purifying waterfalls.

Namaste to everyone! Tim

yoga teacher training reviews by Melina from Germany
Melina Germany

Best yoga course in Goa. The beach and resort were amazing, the teachers outstanding and the people I met there and was so lucky to do the course with will stay in my heart forever. Thank you Siddhi yoga for this wonderful experience, I highly recommend this course!