siddhi yoga teacher training india reviews
yoga teacher training reviews by Mary from Ireland

There is not enough stars in the universe for me to use to give this review. I was lucky enough to do my 200hrs in Goa.

Ritesh, Guarav and Sandeep are 3 of the best humans beings I have ever met in my life. Their expert level of teaching is secondary, to watching them walk through life with such kindness and patience. The true yogic way, no judgement, just love.

This experience has changed my life forever. The kindness, love and patience they showed all of us is something I will never forget and will always be in my heart.
The knowledge that these guys hold and there willingness to share it with us is heartwarming.

I’ve no doubt in my mind, if you are lucky enough to come across these guys in life, you will leave with exceptional knowledge of yoga/yoga way of life, confidence to make an exceptional teacher and a warmth in your heart that if you don’t follow through and try and share with the world what you have been taught, you will be doing the world an injustice.

Thank you everyone at Siddhi yoga for the opportunity.

-Mary, Ireland
yoga teacher training reviews by Jess from Switzerland

I just finished my TTC Teacher Training in Goa. It was a wonderful stay here. Everything was perfect, the accommodation, the food and the location of the Hotel was brilliant. Right next to a beautiful beach..! What can you expect more? Also the teachers were full of knowledge and so kind and helpful every time. Gaurav, Sandeep and Ritesh you are the perfect triangle. I will miss this time here and all of you hope to see you again one time.
Hugs and kisses from the Swiss Chees.

-Jess, Switzerland
yoga teacher training reviews by Victoria from United Kingdom

Have just completed the 200hr YTT in Goa. Couldn’t have asked for better teachers; all 3 are so knowledgeable, amazing and inspiring. I have learned so much here and now feel ready to step into the yoga world with confidence. Thank you so much! ❤

-Victoria, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Leah from Australia

Siddhi Yoga Teacher Training in Goa has been one of the most important and enjoyable months of my life! The setting in Goa is idealic – less than a minute walk to the sunsets and the sea makes the choice of studying here a both a valuable learning experience and a relaxing holiday. The highlight beyond all else is the quality of teaching – Ritesh, Gaurav and Sandeep have seemingly boundless amounts of knowledge and positivity to share! ✨ 🦋 🙏🏽 💕

-Leah, Australia
yoga teacher training reviews by Tamina from Germany

I completed my 200 Hour TTC in January. It was an amazing experience. Great place and amazing teachers. I highly recommended this Training in Goa.

-Tamina, Germany
yoga teacher training reviews by Rachael from United Kingdom

The teachers at Dharamshala Siddhi Yoga were great and always willing to help us out with any questions we had. Tara and Prem were the best yoga instructors with clear and precise instructions. Prems meditation sessions were really varied and different and always a joy to attend. The school is also in a lovely location by the mountains and not too far from Mcloudganj where you can visit the Dalai lama temple.

-Rachael, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Nathalie from Côte d'Ivoire

It was a wonderful experience with great teachers, an amazing group and surrounded by energetic mountains and beautiful nature.

Dharamshala has a lot of very friendly inhabitants which makes the area very worth exploring too.

The teaching is very professional and fun at the same time, so you feel definitely filled up with good yoga knowledge and ready as well as confident enough to teach your first classes after this months.

High recommendations for Siddhi Yoga.

Warm regards.

-Nathalie, Côte d'Ivoire
yoga teacher training reviews by Jane from Australia

I completed my 200 hour YTT at Dharamshala in December 2017. I am a Physiotherapist from Australia and I wanted to learn to teach yoga that had a strong focus on alignment and would lead me towards a therapeutic style of yoga. I was not disappointed I can recommend this whole experience.

My head teacher Tara Datt is wise beyond his years, deeply knowledgeable , supportive, encouraging and fun. As we each learned to teach he was able to gently guide us as individuals and as a group towards a deeper personal practice and to a place where we can confidently begin our teaching practice.

I’d never done much Vinyasa flow before but our Vinyasa teacher Prem has given me a love for it. He also gave me a very strong core and a sore belly from laughing. Another wise and knowledgeable and amazing young man.

Dr. Amrita our philosophy and anatomy teacher is a delight. For me with a Physiotherapy background the anatomy was very simple . However our long philosophical discussions in the Dharamshala sunshine were wonderful. Dr Amrita has given me a great desire to continue to learn.

I have gained something truly special from my time .. I feel a deep peace and happiness.

-Jane, Australia
yoga teacher training reviews by Valentina from Canada

I had the privilege to take my 200hr YTT with Siddhi in Dharamshala and it was one of the best experiences I had in my life. All my teachers were incredible! The staff was super helpful, the resort was beautiful overlooking the stunning Himalayas & Manjeet’s cooking was from another world I swear! Everything was amazing, I couldn’t recommend this school more.

-Valentina, Canada
yoga teacher training reviews by Martina from Australia

What a course! What a place! The teachers are exceptional and on top of providing a solid education they look after every individuals wellbeing. It was great to experience that the tutors live what they teach. I learned so much about yoga, life, culture, philosophy, humans, anatomy, chakras, karma, meditation, myself and humanity. I made myself the best Christmas present ever, with the decision to do the 200 hour teacher training with Siddhi Yoga in Dharamsala in December over Christmas 2017. I can’t wait to gather enough personal experience in teaching and then do the 300 hours training with Siddhi! Miss the people and the place, ALOT!

-Martina, Australia
yoga teacher training reviews by Dale from United Kingdom

I recently completed my 200RYT training at Dharamsala, and i can say i had truly wonderful experience! The setting was beautiful, with the mountain’s powerful presence. The teaching was a very high standard and the teachers took time to ensure that questions were answered and the core principles were understood by everyone. Good vegetarian food, with more than enough 🙂 I made connections and friends i will never forget, and left having gained a more complete knowledge and understanding of my body and my mind; their limits and their potential, with yoga in my life.

The opportunity for the soul to grow. Thank you Tara, Dr Amrita, Prem, Sonu and everyone who worked at POPS and made us welcome during our stay. ‘There is nothing missing, but you can always add more’ Namaste, you lovely people.

-Dale, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Esther from United Kingdom

I have just completed my yoga teacher training in Goa. I finish the course feeling stronger in my body and mind. Loved the course. The teachers have been so knowledgeable.

-Esther, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Josh from United Kingdom

It was an amazing experience and I loved every moment. Expanded my family and met some amazing people along the way. It’s really changed my life!

Thank you all so much!

-Josh, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Selena from Italy

What a wonderful experience the 200hrs SiddhiYoga TT last December in Dharamsala! 💖 I loved all about the place, the energy, the people… A magic month with great Teachers and fab new Friends!

Thanks everybody, I love you all! 🙏🏻 ✨

-Selena, Italy
yoga teacher training reviews by Kevin from United States

My time at Siddhi was absolutely incredible. My cohort allowed for such rich conversation, and the teachers provided a wonderful yoga prowess! It was hard to leave, but I am so excited to share what I learned!

Thank you guys so much.

-Kevin, United States
yoga teacher training reviews by Debra from Australia

I completed my 200 hr teacher training course with SIDDHI YOGA at the end of December. I initially chose this course as it provided training in different yoga styles and because it was held in India – where yoga originates. I didn’t have any expectations but hoped to build on my practice, develop a home practice (finally) & learn. The course was a birthday present to myself for a significant birthday.

From the moment I made enquiries about the course the response was professional & helpful – but not pushy (like sons of the other schools) – thanks Meera.

The information provided in the brochure was factual & everything described was provided – accommodation, food & course content was as stated. Goa was a great location as there were no distractions, the natural scenery was stunning & it was very chilled. The venue had a great yoga training space & the bungalows were comfortable & luxurious. Food was always plentiful & healthy.

The three teachers Ritesh, Gurav & Sandeep were all incredibly experienced & knowledgeable in their fields but humble, encouraging & without the egos that many yoga ‘experts’ have. They managed to instil in us the important fundamentals of yoga from sequencing, alignment, injury prevention & history in a way that was transferable to our lifestyles & cultures & always with a sense of humour. They were always approachable, encouraging & supportive & we all developed personally & in our yoga knowledge under their guidance.

I have practised yoga for about 10 years and definitely didn’t think I knew a lot about it but after this course realised that I knew even less than I thought I did & that this is just the beginning ………

Thank you to our teachers & the 7 people in my group who made my experience such a positive & enjoyable one.

-Debra, Australia
yoga teacher training reviews by Stig from Belgium

Had a really great experience doing my 200h at this school. The teachers are really great they know what they are doing, the accomodation is also great with a nice manual and other stuff. The food was also good.

-Stig, Belgium
yoga teacher training reviews by Bruna from United Kingdom

I Just finished my 200hrs ytt. It was a intense month with so much to learn and integrate that it made me a bit scare at the beginning. I was thinking how could i learn about all these subjects and still put in practice in such a small period of time. After one week, with the method used by the teachers , step by step all the subjects was matching, making sense and everything was flowing nicely. The 3 weeks just flew in a blink of an eye. Each of us Created our own one hour yoga class sequence and it was amazing to share with our colleagues and teachers. I am very thankful to our teachers: Gaurav Negi for all the knowledge he shared at his joyful Anatomy classes. And for the patience and compassion with all students. Sandeep is a sweet heart, great personality. I couldn’t get enough of all the stories from his classes. Ritesh taught me confidence and Inspired me a lot. I am Glad i chose Siddhi yoga because i feel i got a beautiful yoga family from this yoga teacher training.

-Bruna, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Janini from Brazil

Had an amazing experience! Very knowledgeable teachers, full of passion and experience being shared always with a compassionate heart. Location was incredible to have a relaxed enviroment for such a deep learning experience. The start of an amazing journey.

Thank you.

-Janini, Brazil
yoga teacher training reviews by Yi from Sweden

Highly recommended!!! I just completed my 200 TTC in siddhi yoga November in Goa, and it was the best decision ever, amazing experience and a wonderful professional dedicated teaching team they have, I love all the teachers, Gaurav,Sandeep and Riteth… the accommodation, food, shala and the beautiful beach front surroundings as well. I wish I could stay longer there…will come back again.

-Yi, Sweden
yoga teacher training reviews by Carole from Switzerland

We all have auspicious days in our life when we make the right decision not even knowing we did. That’s what happened to me when I choose to go to Rishikesh to follow a teacher training at Siddhi Yoga. I had read the reviews and out of all the schools that are there I chose that school. I was blessed! The teachers were for me out of this world because they taught me what I was longing to know: proper alignment, philosophy and meditation. Not only I have learned postures with proper alignment to avoid injuries and improve my practice, I have also gotten serious and dedicated to practice every day and not once in a while like I used to. I also had a tremendous emotional journey that made me get out of stress, resentment and depression, which have been a burden on my life for years. I have been trying for years to get better but I was never successful and today I am so thankful ! I was stressed and tired and today I am happy, relaxed, clear minded and in a pretty good shape!! ! It doesn’t get any better !


-Carole, Switzerland
yoga teacher training reviews by Grace from Australia

I feel so blessed that I chose Siddhi Yoga to do my 200 hours with. The food, the huts, the beach, the Shala, the other students and, most importantly, the teachers were incredible!! Sandeep, Ritesh and Gaurav each brought something unique to their teachings and by the end of each lesson you can’t help but feel overwhelmed with how much knowledge they have and how happy they are to share. I’ve left Siddhi yoga full of gratitude, love and a need to keep learning and expanding my practise so that I too can someday share this knowledge!!

Amazing, highly recommend!!

-Grace, Australia
yoga teacher training reviews by Julita from South Africa

I consider myself as one of the luckiest yogis ever to have been to Goa Siddhi teacher training course. Wonderful overall experience. Gorgeous setting, quaint accommodation, good food, friendly service, extraordinary teachers and friendships made forever! Sandeep, Ritesh and Gaurav are the best teachers, and I would choose them again. Such knowledge, compassion, humor and love while teaching, is remarkable. I have loved every moment, mixed with love, tears and laughter! A fun, but also very deep way to learn about your inner self and the love of your companions joining this enriching journey! Will savior this month of 200hours yoga teacher training forever! Thank you for this life changing opportunity!!


-Julita, South Africa
yoga teacher training reviews by Daphne from France

I’ve just completed the 200h yoga teacher training with Siddhi Yoga in Goa and it was a wonderful experience. Everything was great : the place on a beautiful uncrowded beach, the yoga shala and of course and the most important the teaching focused on the roots of yoga. Sandeep is an amazing philosophy of yoga teacher, he has a special energy that leads you to experiment the state beyond the mind during his meditation classes. Ritesh and Gaurav have the incredible capacity to give you confidence to teach with all their knowledge and experience in asanas alignment and anatomy. More than this, all of them show you what it is to truly live yoga as a permanent way of life. They are kind, available, all the time concerned by your well-being there. From the bottom of my heart, big thanks to you, Sandeep, Gaurav and Ritesh. I met 15 other students from everywhere in the world and created beautiful bonds, and now we are all trying to plan a reunion somewhere in the world to meet up again. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from Siddhi Yoga and I highly recommend this school.

-Daphne, France
yoga teacher training reviews by Lisa from Australia

This course covered every single facet of yoga; all the knowledge you’ll need to take yourself out into the world and share as an authentic teacher.You’ll be able to teach safely, any student that may join your class, you’ll learn what options and modifications you can give to the more capable student or the less capable student, or the student with maybe injuries or health conditions. Most of all, the kindness, love and support you will receive from these wonderful teachers will remind you that yoga is a way of living, and not just a series of postures strung together. I tried not to have any expectations, but I couldn’t have imagined the experience was going to be THIS amazing!

Thank you. I’ll be back!

-Lisa, Australia
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