siddhi yoga teacher training reviews
yoga teacher training reviews by Yi from Sweden

Highly recommended!!! I just completed my 200 TTC in siddhi yoga November in Goa, and it was the best decision ever, amazing experience and a wonderful professional dedicated teaching team they have, I love all the teachers, Gaurav,Sandeep and Riteth… the accommodation, food, shala and the beautiful beach front surroundings as well. I wish I could stay longer there…will come back again.

-Yi, Sweden
yoga teacher training reviews by Carole from Switzerland

We all have auspicious days in our life when we make the right decision not even knowing we did. That’s what happened to me when I choose to go to Rishikesh to follow a teacher training at Siddhi Yoga. I had read the reviews and out of all the schools that are there I chose that school. I was blessed! The teachers were for me out of this world because they taught me what I was longing to know: proper alignment, philosophy and meditation. Not only I have learned postures with proper alignment to avoid injuries and improve my practice, I have also gotten serious and dedicated to practice every day and not once in a while like I used to. I also had a tremendous emotional journey that made me get out of stress, resentment and depression, which have been a burden on my life for years. I have been trying for years to get better but I was never successful and today I am so thankful ! I was stressed and tired and today I am happy, relaxed, clear minded and in a pretty good shape!! ! It doesn’t get any better !


-Carole, Switzerland
yoga teacher training reviews by Grace from Australia

I feel so blessed that I chose Siddhi Yoga to do my 200 hours with. The food, the huts, the beach, the Shala, the other students and, most importantly, the teachers were incredible!! Sandeep, Ritesh and Gaurav each brought something unique to their teachings and by the end of each lesson you can’t help but feel overwhelmed with how much knowledge they have and how happy they are to share. I’ve left Siddhi yoga full of gratitude, love and a need to keep learning and expanding my practise so that I too can someday share this knowledge!!

Amazing, highly recommend!!

-Grace, Australia
yoga teacher training reviews by Julita from South Africa

I consider myself as one of the luckiest yogis ever to have been to Goa Siddhi teacher training course. Wonderful overall experience. Gorgeous setting, quaint accommodation, good food, friendly service, extraordinary teachers and friendships made forever! Sandeep, Ritesh and Gaurav are the best teachers, and I would choose them again. Such knowledge, compassion, humor and love while teaching, is remarkable. I have loved every moment, mixed with love, tears and laughter! A fun, but also very deep way to learn about your inner self and the love of your companions joining this enriching journey! Will savior this month of 200hours yoga teacher training forever! Thank you for this life changing opportunity!!


-Julita, South Africa
yoga teacher training reviews by Daphne from France

I’ve just completed the 200h yoga teacher training with Siddhi Yoga in Goa and it was a wonderful experience. Everything was great : the place on a beautiful uncrowded beach, the yoga shala and of course and the most important the teaching focused on the roots of yoga. Sandeep is an amazing philosophy of yoga teacher, he has a special energy that leads you to experiment the state beyond the mind during his meditation classes. Ritesh and Gaurav have the incredible capacity to give you confidence to teach with all their knowledge and experience in asanas alignment and anatomy. More than this, all of them show you what it is to truly live yoga as a permanent way of life. They are kind, available, all the time concerned by your well-being there. From the bottom of my heart, big thanks to you, Sandeep, Gaurav and Ritesh. I met 15 other students from everywhere in the world and created beautiful bonds, and now we are all trying to plan a reunion somewhere in the world to meet up again. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from Siddhi Yoga and I highly recommend this school.

-Daphne, France
yoga teacher training reviews by Lisa from Australia

This course covered every single facet of yoga; all the knowledge you’ll need to take yourself out into the world and share as an authentic teacher.You’ll be able to teach safely, any student that may join your class, you’ll learn what options and modifications you can give to the more capable student or the less capable student, or the student with maybe injuries or health conditions. Most of all, the kindness, love and support you will receive from these wonderful teachers will remind you that yoga is a way of living, and not just a series of postures strung together. I tried not to have any expectations, but I couldn’t have imagined the experience was going to be THIS amazing!

Thank you. I’ll be back!

-Lisa, Australia
yoga teacher training reviews by Chelsey from United Kingdom

I’m so happy I chose Siddhi yoga out of the hundreds I looked at.

Not only was the location gorgeous, the food was good… I definitely didn’t go hungry, my hut was so cute.

Ritesh, Sandeep and Guarav are incredible teachers. So knowledgeable and full of wisdom. It excelled all of my expectations! And I was lucky enough to have such an amazing group. The connections made were out of this world!

Anyone looking to deepen their knowledge on yoga should pick Siddhi Yoga Teacher Training. I can’t recommend it enough.

-Chelsey, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Alicia from Canada

I just completed my 100-hour YTT at the Rishikesh location and only wished I had the time to stay longer to complete the 200-hour YTT! The 100-hour is just the first two weeks of the 200-hour program. This was an incredible experience. The teachers are funny, knowledgeable and experienced. I have been practicing yoga for 8 years and had been feeling very stuck and not seeing any progression. I had also just incurred multiple injuries right before coming (including wrists and low back) and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up but the teachers here are very experienced with anatomy and were able to offer modifications when needed. On just the first two days of the course, I felt like I learned more about body and yoga then I had in the past 8 years. Dr. Sumit, the anatomy and alignment/adjustment teacher, is very knowledgeable and teaches with a very hands-on approach that is very helpful. Sumit, the morning asana teacher, was wonderful with teaching us how to prepare our bodies for each asana and how to deepen our practice. Sandeep, the philosophy, meditation and hatha class teacher, was a not just a great guide but also a super inspiring yogi that truly created a mind-opening experience. Dr. Sumit also organized trips on the weekend that allows you to experience what beautiful Rishikesh has to offer. I would definitely recommend Siddhi Yoga if you are considering a YTT school. You don’t need years of yoga practice under your belt to come. There was a girl in my class that had just been to a few yoga classes before coming and she kept up just fine. This is the perfect place to start if you want to start off your yoga practice with the correct alignment and understanding.

And is there a better place to learn than at the birthplace of yoga?!

-Alicia, Canada
yoga teacher training reviews by Kay from United States

I recently completed the October 2017 200YTT program with Siddhi Yoga in Rishikesh. And wow! What a truly unforgettable journey. From the first day of the inauguration ceremony to closing celebrations, the cultural immersion, the excursions, the kindness of the locals, the spirituality that is within Rishikesh, all created a beautiful and memorable experience.

To begin with, classes at Siddhi Yoga are very well structured and the teachers are phenomenal.

Sumit Jr, our Asana (posture/poses) teacher, knows his stuff! He gives one heck of a sweaty workout program that will surely have you hungry and ready to eat breakfast afterwards! He is highly skilled and pushes you both physically and mentally, which not only strengthens your physical body, but your spirit as well.

Sandeep, our Philosophy, Hatha Yoga, and Meditation Teacher is a kind and gentle soul. He imparts his knowledge of the Yogi way in an easy to understand format. He is intuitive and adapts his Hatha classes based on the rigors of our day. He breaks down the topics of philosophy and tells wonderful stories. He gently leads you into meditation and provides several different techniques on how to properly meditate. It’s really wonderful.

For alignment and anatomy, Dr. Sumit was at the helm of these topics. He gave informative lectures on the body and how the muscles, bones, and overall body integrated with yoga. The emphasis of Siddhi Yoga is more of a therapeutic yoga, to ensure you don’t injure your future students and to help them get into poses properly, whether with props (blankets, bolsters, straps, or blocks). All of this was extremely useful information! Dr. Sumit was also your “go-to” for anything, whether related to housing comforts, to food, to medical, he was available.

Gaurav was another instructor who was temporarily with us. He has a natural way about him and easily interacts with the students. He was a great resource in helping us understand the concepts that were discussed in class.

Daily meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner – except for Saturday dinner and all meals on Sunday) were tirelessly prepared fresh by Karan and Kamal. The meals they made were nourishing and provided the body with energy to sustain the daily activities. Loved their pressed turmeric rice! Delish!

Culturally, you couldn’t get a more authentic experience than to be in the heart of the Yoga Capital of the World! Rishikesh embodies the spirit of the Yogi, I felt people were very zen and at peace there, as were the animals. The cows and dogs live symbiotically with people and have integrated their lives to the hussle and bustle of cars, motorbikes and pedestrians.

The hotel where we stayed in Rishikesh is ideally located. It is within walking distance to the hub of town, which allows you to explore the grounds of the city, from cafes to shopping and temples and so much more! From my experience, I found the people were kind, gentle, inclusive and helpful. We crashed a wedding party on the last evening in Rishikesh – there was music, firecracker, and dancing on the streets. When we showed up curious, the people bid us to join them in song and dance.

Overall, I had a beautiful and lovely experience in Rishikesh and learned immensely as a student of Siddhi Yoga. Thank you to all the teachers, staff and fellow Yogi students. I would not hesitate to come back for Siddhi Yoga 300YYT, if I get the time off!


-Kay, United States
yoga teacher training reviews by Katharine from United Kingdom

I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Siddhi Yoga in October in beautiful Rishikesh. What a truly amazing experience!

From the moment you arrive you are welcomed in to the Siddhi Yoga family, and a spiritual opening ceremony sets the scene for your journey ahead. I was blessed with a wonderful group of fellow students to share this journey with, and have definitely made lifelong friendships.

All of the teachers are experts in their fields with infinite knowledge which they are so willing to share. Much emphasis is placed on the understanding of how to use the body correctly in physical practice in order to prevent injury. Body alignment for all asanas (physical postures) is covered in detail with information on how to assess other peoples’ bodies, and use props if necessary to allow for improved alignment, and greater range of movement. In addition we were given specific exercises to aid people with areas of restriction, hyper mobility and/or weakness. All of this information has helped me transform my physical practice and I am excited to share my knowledge with my new students at home.

Dr Sumit ji took the lead with his immense anatomical and physiological knowledge, and his concern that we leave as informed teachers able to look after our students’ bodies. He was also supportive and attentive to our needs as students, being on hand throughout the day to ensure any minor glitches were ironed out quickly. Sumit jr ji was also meticulous in his teaching of asana alignment, but my main memories are of his intense morning Ashtanga/Vinyasa classes. At times they feel like they are going to break you, but these classes become the making of you! He will push you to your limit but is also supportive with a wicked sense of humour. Then there is the beautiful spirit Sandeep ji who in addition to supporting alignment work in Hatha classes treats you to the most exceptional philosophical knowledge, and numerous meditation techniques. He is a living demonstration of what it is to be a true Yogi and wonderful human.

We were treated throughout our study to meals designed to aid digestion, and enhance energy levels. Both Karan and Kamal provided plentiful and tasty food and even cooked up some treats when it was allowed – amazing samosas!

But the experience was so much more than the teaching course. During your time you learn about yourself, and develop and grow as a person. The support of staff and fellow students is invaluable in this process, as is your support for others, and you definitely leave feeling like family. The teachers also went out of their way to ensure that we visited local sights and gained an understanding of the culture. Gaurav ji who was only there for part of our course took the lead in organising trips for us, and also guided us around the highlights of Rishikesh. We experienced a Kirtan – chanting and dancing, waterfalls, rafting, sunrise at a temple in the mountains, and were also lucky to celebrate Diwali during our stay with dancing, special food and fireworks. The beautiful ceremony Ganga Aarti where the River Ganges is worshiped should not be missed, and the Beatles Ashram is a unique and spiritual place worth visiting.

Rishikesh is a truly special place to undertake your teacher training with friendly locals, places of beauty and interest, the amazing Ganges, and numerous great places to eat on your days off.

Whether you want to deepen your understanding, improve your practice and/or become a yoga teacher Rishikesh is the place and the teachers at Siddhi Yoga will support your journey.


-Katharine, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Meaghann from United States

I just completed my 200hrs of Yoga Teacher Training at Siddhi Yoga in Rishikesh, India. My experience at the school was beyond amazing! It was challenging at times but in the end it all made sense. It was tough participating in yoga classes that pushed you (personally Acro Yoga to be exact), the class schedule with few breaks in between all whilst learning who you are in the process. In the end it was worth every droplet of sweat, body ache and worry.

All of the teachers and staff at the hotel made you feel welcomed and like family. Everyone of them were professional and always willing to help. They tried their hardest to please us with food/room accommodations and any other requests we may have had. There were some bumps along the way but as we were told if we were as comfortable as we were at home nothing would change.

The excursions that we went on on weekends (or surprise outside classes) were phenomenal! The teachers definitely kept us on our toes. For me personally they were life-changing as I pushed myself further than I’ve ever pushed myself before. At times I was of my comfort zone which was definitely needed.

The support the teachers gave you and words of wisdom made you stop and listen to every single word. Some of my best memories in life will come from this experience. The town of Rishikesh, India is also welcoming to tourists and the people treat you with nothing but respect. It is so beautiful and colorful that it took my breath away. Every chance that I got I would walk out onto a balcony and take in the view of mountains along with the town people doing every day things. The majority of times it brought me to tears out of gratitude and awe.

I made friends with people from all around the world and probably would have never have met any of these wonderful people had I not attended this school. I will always have a special connection with them and will be in contact with them for as long as possible. Not only do you go through ups and downs (emotional breakthroughs) with each other you also support each other through your toughest times in class or on excursions.

When I got home and really thought of the entire teaching experience I realized why they taught us the way they did. The most important thing this school taught me was that their goal is to create teachers who will teach correct alignment, meditation, routine, philosophy and life experiences… not just yoga. All these lessons are to help change not only the people surrounding you but possibly the world. Leaving there was bittersweet because I knew once I was back in my space I would have to apply these every day techniques to my hectic schedule. I have been committed to my practice and plan to do so for the rest of my life. Not only because I promised them I would but for my own personal well-being. Thank you SO MUCH for your attentiveness to all our questions, needs (and wants), alignment, philosophy driven moments and making me feel like a part of your family. Dr. Sumit, Sumit Jr, Sandeep, and Gaurav will always have a special place in my heart.

Thanks again you all.

-Meaghann, United States
yoga teacher training reviews by Casey from United States

I have just received my 200hr teacher certification from Siddhi Yoga, and my experiences here in Rishikesh have been invaluable! Out of all the yoga certification programs to choose from, I am 100% confident that attending Siddhi Yoga was the best decision. This program is the perfect balance of professionalism and playfulness. From the asana classes that have allowed me to push myself further physically than I’ve ever been before, to the philosophy classes that provided me with a deeper appreciation for yoga as a lifestyle, to the anatomy & alignment classes that reminds me to bring awareness back to the body and breath; Siddhi offers a comprehensive education to prepare its students to share the beauty of yoga with the rest of the world. There’s no denying the highly knowledgeable staff in this program. They utilize unconventional (chanting, dancing, etc) and hands-on teaching techniques resulting in a truly unique learning experience. The menu mimics the yogic diet (vegetarian and minimally spiced): the exact opposite to my usual eating style. However, throughout my 25 days there I have developed a personal understanding of the use off food as fuel, not to mention the bodily transformations I have observed, making the change all worth it. In the evenings and on the weekends students are free to take advantage of the breathtaking city of Rishikesh (often with recommendations and assistance from the wonderful instructors of Siddhi Yoga), further enhancing our experiences here and encouraging life long friendships. Words cannot describe the amounts of love and happiness I have encountered from the staff and my colleagues during my stay. I feel forever grateful and extremely fortunate to have crossed paths with all of the individuals on this journey. I have grown tremendously not only with regards to yoga but as a human being, and the memories created with Siddhi Yoga will stay with me always. If you’re on the fence about attending…APPLY. You will not regret it.


-Casey, United States
yoga teacher training reviews by Nadine from Switzerland

Words cannot explain how grateful I am for the beautiful experience that I was able to share with my fellow course mates in Rishikesh.

I come from a dance background and therefore already knew a fair bit about alignment and conditioning, but I still learned a lot in the past 3.5 weeks and I never felt more confident in applying my knowledge on my own body and the ones of my future students. I’m tremendously excited to start my own classes and to pass on the education that I was happy to receive.

The teacher team is highly skilled and qualified and presented to us challenging and varied classes. But it wasn’t just the exquisite teaching that made the time spent here so precious, but also the warmth and hospitality which we were welcomed with. All the staff really cared for us students and were always there if we needed anything. They organised trips, chanting sessions and ceremonies and even celebrated Diwali with us. From Day 1 they put so much effort in to make our stay unforgettable, spent their time with us and therefore made it truly feel like family.

Besides about Yoga, we learned also a great deal about India and Hinduism. I’m very interested in culture so this was a big plus. Also, the food was delicious and nutritious (thank you, Karan and Kamal! and I will definitely miss it…

In summary: I’m very happy and I definitely recommend the course to everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge about Yoga or just about life in general.

Many thanks and much love to Dr. Sumit Sharma, Sumit Thalwal and Sandeep Pandey for their teaching and guidance (and of course Gaurav Negi). You’ll be missed!

All the best and much much love for the future.


-Nadine, Switzerland
yoga teacher training reviews by Rena from United States

I hold my time at Siddhi Yoga in a special place in my heart. The people I met were so supportive and nurturing. Tara is knowledgeable, passionate, calm, understanding and simply a special person and gifted teacher. Dr. Amrita is also knowledgeable and passionate and makes the complex material which she teaches accessible. Being at Pops resort made everything so easy – we had lovely single rooms to sleep in, healthy food for every meal, beautiful scenery, & a clean and peaceful environment. I did my 200hr course and left only wishing I could have stayed for the 300hr course!

-Rena, United States
yoga teacher training reviews by Jemma from United Kingdom

I did my 200 TTC with Siddhi in Dharamshala in August 2017 and absolutely loved every moment. The location was breathtaking, surrounded by lush green fields and towering mountains. Our teachers were fantastic, Tara was everything I imagined a yogi to be…patient, kind, strong, knowledgable yet without ego. Dr Amrita was lovely with a beautiful sense of humour and a wonderful way of putting anatomy and philosophy into an easy to understand manner. POPS hotel was clean and spacious and had everything we needed, our hosts made us feel right at home and the food was delicious. The people that I met on that course will be friends forever and the memories of my time at Siddhi will always be in my heart. Highly recommended.

-Jemma, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Judita from United Kingdom

I’ve just completed my 200TT in Dharamshala. It has been a transformational experience with improved posture, flexibility and stronger body & mind!!! The morning and philosophy classes were led by Ritesh, who was a very knowledgeable and diverse in disciplines teacher with a very catching on laugh!!! Dr Amrita was very caring and helped us discover things about our body we didn’t realise before! And Sandeep’s candle meditation was one of my highlights. Not to forget the food and cook Sonu – it was excellent!

The campus based in Dharamshala is in a decent size resort with my favourite part being able to meditate on the roof while looking at Himalayas. The facilities are basic but so you’ll find in most ashrams or 3 star hotels in India.

All the best in your yoga journey and OM.

-Judita, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Corina from United States

I just completed 300 hrs YTT at Dharamshala, Himalayas. Excellent experience!!! Teachers with a lot of knowledge and passion for Yoga. They have a sincere and profound knowledge of yoga and willing to share it! They grew up living and breathing yoga. Yoga is in their veins! Best place to come and learn yoga that I can think of!!!
Also, I enjoyed very much having a private and comfortable room as well as private bathroom. The food was delicious and healthy. Beautiful view of the Himalayas from Campus.

Incredible experience! Do not hesitate to come here! I’ve been practicing Yoga for over 15 years and this is one of the best places in Yoga that I have found so far!

-Corina, United States
yoga teacher training reviews by Guntscha from Switzerland

Hi, just finished my 300YTT with Siddhi Yoga in Dharamsala! I enjoyed it the whole time there and i am still enjoying my thoughts, the knowledge, the fun, the atmosphere we shared at that special place on foot of Himalaya closed to Dalai Lama residence.

My wish was to get the deep knowledge of the Yoga-roots – I got it.

My wish was to improve my own praxis – I got it.

My wish was to improve my teaching – i got it.

And additionally I got a lot of friends, new ideas and visions, fascinating conversations, deep meditations….

This was a fascinating yoga-journey which I recommend to everybody and which I would repeat any time again….

Thank to all teachers for this very intensive time. Special Thank to Taraji – for his commitment, for his Teacher-eyes and very professional support and instructions, for his Mantra-singing- Voice…for his Dharma 🙂

Hari Om!

-Guntscha, Switzerland
yoga teacher training reviews by Pame from Chile

It was an amazing time the teachers have all the knowledge and the patience to teach the environment is very good people are loving and delivered in what they are doing please do not hesitate to make it an amazing time and learn a lot.

-Pame, Chile
yoga teacher training reviews by Eveline from Belgium

Siddhi Yoga TTC is great!! The program makes you ready to teach. Our teacher Ritesh have us so much knowledge and faith.

Anatomy was challenging for me but so good and Philosophy opened my vision of yoga so much.  Also our meditation sessions were inspiring!

The location in Dharamshala is breathtaking and the food was amazing!

If one of my friends would ask me were to do a TTC I would recommend Siddhi Yoga 150%!!!! I want to thank Siddhi Yoga, our teachers, and all the other students for this amazing journey.

-Eveline, Belgium
yoga teacher training reviews by Summer from Australia

I have just completed the 200 hour TTC in Dharamasala and it was without a doubt, one of the best experiences of my life. The mountains and beautiful fields surrounding POPs resort was such an idyllic setting to emerge myself in meditation and philosophy of yoga. The teachers were absolutely incredible, from their personality to their knowledge and teaching styles. Ritesh’s vibrant character and passion really made a difference in creating confidence in our yoga practice as well as our lives. Sonu is an amazing cook, every meal was nothing short of delicious!! I would recommend this course and location to anyone with a love of yoga who wants to become a teacher. And, even if you don’t intend to teach, it’s a beautiful soul searching and personal development journey. The deep love and contentment I feel from taking this course is something I wish that everyone could experience. Thank you Siddhi yoga.


-Summer, Australia
yoga teacher training reviews by Anindita from Mauritius

Hii, i did my TTC 200HR in Dharamshala this month. It was one of the most enriching experience of my life. I am really grateful to Siddhi yoga, all the staff here and our teachers. They are all beautiful being here, always ready to help, share their experience for us to grow as a person and to teach . The location is really serene and beautiful; the accommodation is okay and the food is good.

-Anindita, Mauritius
yoga teacher training reviews by Maria from United Kingdom

I did my 200hrs Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and it was just amazing, the best experience of my life.

I had the huge luck to have Dr Sumit, Sandeep as my teachers, three great men who were treating us not as student, if not as family. Siddhi Yoga is much more that a school, is a huge family where you will meet people who will stay in your heart for all your life.

I have learnt and achieve much more than I was expecting. You go there thinking that you will learn about Asanas and how to perform a yoga class, and you will find yourself learning much more beyond those things, you will learn the true meaning of yoga and how it affects and cover your whole life. And if you´re really committed with your yoga path, then your life won´t ever be the same after this experience.

About the school, honestly I felt all the time very good looked after by everyone: teachers, the coordinator (Meera), the staff in the hotel…they all cared a lot about our health and wellbeing.

About my teachers, I would like to say to you Thanks again. The time spent with you, have made me a better person, more wise, brave and over all, much more happy.
I will always keep my Rishikesh family in a very special part of my heart.

Namaste to everyone.

-Maria, United Kingdom
yoga teacher training reviews by Ligia from Canada

Siddhi Yoga in Dharamshala, I did my 200 YTT and It was amazing experience. With a very well Trained and Knowledge teachers Dr, Amrita is a beautiful person, easy to talk to her, and very compassionate about her teachings. Tara Sir is also a very understanding kind, Knowledge person, his teaching about yoga is remarkable.

Everything was wonderful I am so grateful for this wonderful experience.

-Ligia, Canada
yoga teacher training reviews by Marcia from Cyprus

I did my 200 YTT in Rishikesh with Siddhi Yoga and it was an amazing experience. I am so grateful for my teachers as they were very professional and always very kind and supportive. Dr Sumit, the anatomy and physiology teacher, gave us an indepth knowledge of the human body and its systems. He is also a very kind and supportive person as he was always there for us for everything that we need. Sumit, the asana practice teacher is the expert in alignment and asanas. He is very knowledgeable and he always explained each and every asana in detail. His lessons were most of the times hard but very interesting as he taught us discipline and motivated us to do our best. Sandeep, the philosophy, meditation and Hatha yoga teacher, is a very friendly and experienced yogi. He guided us not only to the path of yoga philosophy but he also taught us so much about life itself. He has a unique way of teaching as he always teaches from his heart and soul. If you are searching for a yoga school I totally recommend Siddhi Yoga and of course Rishikesh-the capital of Yoga that holds such an amazing energy!

-Marcia, Cyprus
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