According to vedas, there are four purusharth that a man should strive for in this lifetime. They are “dharma” – religion/code of righteousness, “artha” – material/ financial well being, “kama” – fulfillment of worldly desires, and finally “moksha” – salvation from mortal existence.

But you need the basic equipment to achieve any of these. Even yoga or the union with the divine cannot be achieved without enlightenment. The mortal body is the vehicle that leads the soul towards enlightenment.

Therefore Ayurveda is called the “moola” or the source of all the four purushartha, because if there the body is sick and cannot fulfill its functions properly, nothing can be achieved in the material world, not even enlightenment or yoga.

In this category, we are going to share the wisdom of Ayurveda which is useful. This blog is meant for yogis as well as for the common man.

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