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“This Yoga course has been a life-changing experience. The teachings are profound and the practices are truly uplifting.”

John D. New York, USA

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Course Language: English
Subtitles: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.

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Are You Struggling to Find Time for Traditional Training?

We understand that life can get hectic, making it difficult to commit to attending in-person yoga training sessions. That’s why we’ve designed our online program to provide you with the flexibility to learn and grow at your own pace and on your own schedule.

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Is the High Cost of Yoga Training Holding You Back?

Traditional yoga training programs can be expensive, often requiring significant financial investment.

Our online training offers an affordable alternative without compromising on the quality of education.
Get certified without breaking the bank!

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Feeling Limited by Geographical Constraints?

Don’t let distance or location be a barrier to your dreams of becoming a yoga teacher.

With our online training, you can access high-quality instruction and guidance from experienced yoga professionals, no matter where you are in the world.

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Are You Seeking a Supportive Community of Like-Minded Individuals?

Join our online yoga training and connect with a vibrant community of aspiring and experienced yoga teachers.

Engage in discussions, share experiences, and build lifelong connections with individuals who share your passion for yoga and teaching.

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What Our Students Are Saying

Manoj Raghavani

Manoj Raghavani

Manchester, United Kingdom

“I completed the teacher training and I was completely blown over with the structure of the course and received wonderful guidance from them.

They were so quick to reply and give feedback. I highly recommend this school as it’s like one big family. I have learned so much and will continue my yoga journey onwards, I loved the philosophies too, that’s something I will always cherish from the bottom of my heart”

Damaris Gisell

Damaris Gissell

“Siddhi yoga was the best option that I could choose for my Yoga teacher training. I am glad to know how they teach; this school is not just exercises and poses.

Siddhi Yoga has a relationship with each student, helping you to grow spiritually and physically in Yoga. Love the combination of all types of yoga, the focus on each asana, the explanation of spiritual and physical benefits, and how this school teaches.

Also, love the knowledge given through Patanjali Yoga Sutra that they teach. This School helps me with the Path to being the best in all ways of my life and being a good teacher. Thank you so much to all teachers for supporting me. Namaste”

Lauriah Nella

Lauriah Nella

“I have just finished the 200H online yoga teacher training course and it was incredible! So much more than I had expected!


The teachers are so talented, grounded and just heartwarming. I didn’t expect to learn so much. They really do cover everything you need to know to be a good yoga teacher and they teach it with such ease and passion. All the teachers love teaching and care for their students, you feel that all the way through. I feel like I am truly a part of the Siddhi Yoga family now. Thank you to the whole team, for all that you have given me and are giving the world.”

Struggling to Balance Your Existing Commitments with Traditional Training?

We understand the demands of modern life can be overwhelming.

Our online program allows you to pursue your yoga training goals without disrupting your current responsibilities.

What’s included in the Online 50 Hours Yoga Training Course?

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50 Hours Yoga Alliance Certification
self paced online training
50 Hours of Self-Paced Training
130+ Video Lessons
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World Renowned Yoga Gurus from India
Support and Mentoring
life time access
Lifetime Access and Updates
Online Student Community
Digital Manual
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Learn From Real Masters

Not able to come to India, the birth place of Yoga?
Don’t worry, top yoga masters from India are reaching out to you.

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Learn from Gurus who have trained thousands of students worldwide.

satyam tiwari

Yogacharya Satyam Tiwari

Mastery: Mantra Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Breathwork, Pranyama, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Nidra, Therapeutic Yoga

Satyam Tiwari received his formal education in Yoga Science, BSc in Yoga Science (Gold Medalist) and MSc in Yoga Science from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga under the Ministry of AYUSH (Government of India).

As a Ph.D. Research Scholar, he is pursuing research on different aspects of Yoga and Meditation, in advance Indian knowledge system and mental health application, at the Indian Institute of Technology Mandi (IIT Mandi) under Education Ministry, situated in Shivalik range of Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, India.

Satyam was born in Gorakhpur, the land of the legendary Natha Guru, Guru Gorakhnath. His guru belongs to the tradition of Himalayan Yogins of Saraswati order. Since childhood, he has been learning the subtle aspects of Yoga in Guru Shishya tradition.

Apart from academics and research in Yoga Science, he has completed various diplomas from LBS National Sanskrit University (under Education Ministry), in Vedic Jyotish, Bhaisahya Jyotisha (Medical Astrology) and Vaidik Karmkanda (Paurohitya-Applied aspects of Vedas).

Also received Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher & Evaluator Certifications from the Yoga Certificate Board (YCB) Ministry of AYUSH.

Satyam has been active in talks and lectures about Yoga on Govt News Channels like Doordarshan and other higher education channels like CEC UGC and NCERT, along with radio channels like FM Rainbow and Aakashvaani.

Satyam is keenly involved in scientifically teaching integrated aspects of various dimensions of Indian Knowledge Systems.

Why Learn with Siddhi Yoga?

At Siddhi Yoga we offer unparalleled instruction and value, all in a warm supportive setting often described as family.

In this age of Commercialism It’s almost impossible to find yoga training that offers both depth and affordability.

We’re on mission to change that.

Top Indian Yoga School

Siddhi Yoga is one the top schools providing globally recognized Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation courses since 2013.

Our well structured online courses have touched and improved thousand of lives.

We have also trained 3000+ yoga teachers from 125+ countries.

5 Star Ratings

We are the only school among 550+ Yoga Schools in India with over 300 5-Star Facebook reviews and over 500 Video Testimonials.

(All our Certifications are globally recognized and valid lifetime.)

Real Yoga Masters

In our 50 Hours Mantra course we have teacher who is expert in his field.

He has trained thousands of Yoga teachers worldwide.

Rest assured when you enroll in any of our courses, you are sure to get value beyond your expectations.

What You’ll Learn from Our 50 Hours Yoga Training?

Unveil the age-old wisdom of Mantras through a meticulously curated Yoga Course. As a dedicated yogi, dive deep into the mystic sounds of the universe, aligning your energies with the divine resonance. Unearth the essence of Yoga and nurture a profound connection between your mind, body, and the spiritual realm.

Introduction to Mantra

Introduction to Mantra and Yoga

Explore the ancient roots and spiritual significance of Mantras and the holistic practice of Yoga.


Yoga Sadhna

Dive into the tranquil practice of Yoga Sadhna, laying the groundwork for a deeply spiritual journey.

16 Components of Sadhna

16 Components of Yoga Sadhna

Uncover the 16 essential components of Yoga Sadhna, setting the stage for a profound yogic practice.


Research on Yoga

Delve into scientific and spiritual research surrounding Yoga, illuminating its benefits and ancient wisdom.

Sadhna for Intellect and Fortune

Yoga Sadhna for Intellect and Fortune (Lord Ganesh Mantras and Strotas)

Dive into the calming practice of Yoga Sadhna with Lord Ganesh Mantras and Strotas to foster intellectual growth and attract fortune. Known as the remover of obstacles, Lord Ganesh’s energies, accessed through sacred chants, aid in enhancing mental clarity and beckoning prosperity. This module is a doorway to resolving complexities, enriching your cognitive abilities, and inviting abundance effortlessly into your life, aligning you with a divine blend of wisdom and good fortune.

Sadhna for Health, Overcoming Diseases, and Attracting Power

Yoga Sadhna for Health, Overcoming Diseases, and Attracting Power (Lord Sri Shiva Mantras And Stotras)

Engage in Yoga Sadhna with Lord Sri Shiva Mantras and Stotras to bolster your health, overcome ailments, and attract inner power. Through these ancient chants, align with Shiva’s transformative energy, promoting physical healing, disease resistance, and a fortified spirit. This practice is a conduit to holistic wellness, empowering you to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and a rejuvenated spirit, tapping into an ancient source of healing and empowerment.

Sadhna for Strength and Self-Control

Yoga Sadhna for Strength and Self-Control (Lord Sri Hanuman Mantra and Strotas)

Delve into Yoga Sadhna with Lord Sri Hanuman Mantras and Strotas to foster strength and self-control. Through these sacred chants, channel Hanuman’s indomitable spirit and discipline. This practice enhances your inner fortitude, mastery over the senses, and resilience against adversities. It’s a potent pathway for those seeking to cultivate a powerful yet disciplined essence, epitomizing the valor and self-restraint inherent in Lord Hanuman’s narrative.

Sadhna for Absolute Bliss, Peace, and Perfection

Yoga Sadhna for Absolute Bliss, Peace, and Perfection (Lord Sri Krishna Mantra and Strota)

Embark on Yoga Sadhna with Lord Sri Krishna Mantras and Strotas to attain absolute bliss, peace, and perfection. Through these divine chants, immerse in Krishna’s serene and joyous essence, nurturing inner harmony and contentment. This practice guides you towards a state of spiritual perfection, creating a sanctuary of peace amidst life’s storms. It’s a journey towards experiencing unbounded bliss, aligning your being with the tranquil and perfect nature of Lord Sri Krishna.

Sadhna for Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being

Yoga Sadhna for Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being (Lord Sri Ram Mantra and Stotras)

Dive into Yoga Sadhna with Lord Sri Ram Mantra and Stotras to nurture mental health and emotional well-being. These ancient chants connect you with Lord Ram’s serene and balanced essence, aiding in alleviating mental stress and fostering emotional stability. This practice is a haven for those seeking tranquility and a balanced emotional state, acting as a bridge to inner peace and mental clarity amidst life’s tumult, epitomizing Lord Ram’s equanimity and steadfast spirit.

Sadhna for Energy and Vitality

Yoga Sadhna for Energy and Vitality (Lord Sri Surya Mantra and Stotras)

Embark on Yoga Sadhna with Lord Sri Surya Mantra and Stotras to invigorate your energy and vitality. These potent chants align you with the Sun God’s radiant and life-giving essence, rejuvenating your bodily vigor and mental alertness. This practice is a gateway to an energized existence, infusing your day with dynamism and resilience. It’s a step towards harnessing boundless energy, akin to the Sun’s ceaseless radiance, fueling your endeavors with enduring vitality.

Sadhna for Balanced Life and Liberation

Yoga Sadhna for Balanced Life and Liberation (Lord Sri Vishnu Mantra and Strota)

Engage in Yoga Sadhna with Lord Sri Vishnu Mantra and Strotas to foster a balanced life and attain liberation. These sacred chants align you with Vishnu’s harmonizing and liberating energies, aiding in balancing worldly engagements with spiritual aspirations. This practice lays a foundation for a centered life, guiding you towards ultimate liberation from life’s entanglements. It’s a serene journey towards harmonizing your existence, embodying the tranquil stability and freedom emblematic of Lord Sri Vishnu.

Sadhna for Protection and Power

Yoga Sadhna for Protection and Power (Goddess Durga Mantra and Strota)

Embark on Yoga Sadhna with Goddess Durga Mantra and Strotas to harness protection and power. These ancient chants invoke Goddess Durga’s invincible energy, creating a shield of protection and a core of inner strength within you. This practice is a bastion for those facing adversities, aiming to instill a formidable spirit and safeguard against negativities. It’s a pathway to embracing an empowered existence, under the benevolent vigilance and might of Goddess Durga.

Sadhna to Develop Cognitive Ability and Mental Purification

Yoga Sadhna to Develop Cognitive Ability and Mental Purification (Goddess GayatriMantra and Strota)

Dive into Yoga Sadhna with Goddess Gayatri Mantra and Strotas to refine cognitive abilities and purify the mind. These revered chants tap into Goddess Gayatri’s illuminating essence, enhancing mental clarity and promoting a purified thought process. This practice is your companion in nurturing intellectual growth and fostering a serene, clear mind, unlocking a realm where wisdom and tranquility flourish. It’s a step towards a more awakened and purified cognitive existence, guided by the celestial light of Goddess Gayatri.

Sadhna to Awaken Kundalini Energy

Yoga Sadhna to Awaken Kundalini Energy (Goddess Kundalini Mantra and Strotas)

Engage in Yoga Sadhna with Goddess Kundalini Mantra and Strotas to awaken the latent Kundalini energy. These sacred chants act as keys to unlock the mystical Kundalini force at your base, ushering it upward through chakras, unleashing a cascade of spiritual and physical benefits. This practice is a conduit to heightened consciousness and energetic vibrancy, guiding you towards an awakened state filled with enhanced clarity and a profound sense of inner connection, under the nurturing vibration of Goddess Kundalini.

Sadhna to Attract Wealth and Prosperity

Yoga Sadhna to Attract Wealth and Prosperity (Goddess Lakshmi Mantra and Strotas)

Embark on Yoga Sadhna with Goddess Lakshmi Mantra and Strotas to attract wealth and prosperity. These divine chants resonate with Goddess Lakshmi’s abundant essence, paving a path for financial prosperity and material fulfillment. This practice is a magnet for abundance, creating a conducive aura for wealth attraction and prosperous endeavors. It’s a journey towards embracing a life of plentiful blessings, under the graceful auspices of Goddess Lakshmi, ushering in a phase of sustained wealth and prosperity.

Sadhna for Skills and Creativity

Yoga Sadhna for Skills and Creativity (Goddess Saraswati Mantra and Strotas)

Delve into Yoga Sadhna with Goddess Saraswati Mantra and Strotas to hone skills and ignite creativity. These ancient chants connect you to Goddess Saraswati’s essence of wisdom and creativity, nurturing your innate skills and inventive spirit. This practice is an incubator for innovative ideas and refined abilities, making it an ally for artists, students, and professionals. It’s a voyage towards mastering your craft and unveiling a fountain of creativity, under the enlightening guidance of Goddess Saraswati.

Sadhna to Progress In Life

Yoga Sadhna to Progress In The Path of Yoga (Guru Mantra and Strotas)

Embark on Yoga Sadhna with Guru Mantra and Strotas to progress profoundly in your yoga journey. These sacred chants bridge a divine connection with the spiritual masters, facilitating deeper understanding and advancement in yoga practices. This module is a stepping stone towards unearthing the ancient yogic wisdom, guiding you through a transformative pathway under the benevolent gaze of the Guru. It’s an endeavor to deepen your yogic practices, accelerating spiritual growth and understanding in the enthralling path of yoga.

Why This Yoga Mantra Course?

Unveil the age-old wisdom of Mantras through a meticulously curated Yoga Certification Course. As a dedicated yogi, dive deep into the mystic sounds of the universe, aligning your energies with the divine resonance. Unearth the essence of Yoga and nurture a profound connection between your mind, body, and the spiritual realm.


100% Pure Yoga

  1. Holistic Development: Engage in a holistic self-improvement journey improving physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of your being.
  2. Authentic Tradition: This course is rooted in the authentic yogic tradition, bringing you closer to ancient wisdom and practices.
  3. Expert Guidance: Under the tutelage of an experienced Yoga teacher, traverse the sacred path of Yoga.
  4. Healing and Wellness: Foster healing, wellness, and a sense of inner peace as you progress through the modules.
  5. Versatile Mantra Practices: Each module is designed to focus on various life aspects – health, wealth, peace, and more, through dedicated Mantra practices.

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