Best Short Guided Meditation Scripts Under 15 Minutes

Short Guided Meditation

Looking for a way to de-stress and clear your mind? This article will discuss the best short guided meditation scripts under 15 Minutes.


Meditation, also known as Dhyana in ancient yogic practices, is one of the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. But meditation is about absorption, stillness, and peace of mind. It greatly benefits your physical, emotional, and mental health and well-being.

Meditation can be seen as a moment when we truly dive into our space. A moment in which you take your time to listen to how you feel, what are your thoughts and sensations in the body, and later on to let go of all of them and find peace and union with the True Self and Samadhi, also known as a profound connection and contemplation with the Absolute energy of existence.

Not everyone will be taking a spiritual approach in their meditation practice. They may not see meditation as a tool to attain “holiness” in the spiritual sense, and it is important to respect that. Everyone is entitled to look for the light in their unique way.

Still, meditation does have a way of helping people achieve a sense of “wholesomeness,” even though that is a very personal experience. Even a short practice can be very beneficial, whether you are looking for a moment of stillness, to clear your mind, gain fresh perspectives, release stress, or to feel calm and more balanced.

What Can You Expect From A Short Guided Meditation ?

To fully understand the powers of meditation, you are encouraged to join a guided meditation session online or in person at a meditation class. This will help you grasp the structure of a full meditation session and what type of meditation you are comfortable with.

Guided meditation is a practice that a meditation guide or teacher leads. Its structure could vary depending on the type of meditation class; the session can take just a few minutes for a class of beginners and even a few hours for more experienced practitioners.

During a guided meditation, you will be instructed by the teacher’s voice to relax and find your space in practice. You will likely be guided through some body relaxation exercises if it is a beginner class. It might be a body movement, a body scan, visualization, mantra chanting or some other method of relaxing the body. This step is crucial to any meditation class, especially for beginners.

After relaxing and feeling comfortable in a chosen meditative position, the guided meditation teacher will lead you through a meditative experience. This could include practices such as pranayama breathwork, visualization exercises, storytelling, and insightful questions.

During a longer meditation class, you might be left in silence to contemplate the sensations and experiences you are feeling on your own. A guided meditation teacher will calmly and gently lead you to this moment after preparing a base and outline of a meditative space.

When a guided meditation ends, the teacher or guide gently brings your attention and awareness back to the body and the senses. This will be the moment you are invited to do a soft transition back to your physical body and your present conscious state.

After that, a class may end with a group chant, a summary of the class, and an invitation to take the time to contemplate on your experience of the meditation during the rest of the day.

During a guided meditation class, you must be kind and grateful toward yourself and others. Whatever your experience may be, it is valid and worthy of being experienced – whether or not you could let go of your stray thoughts completely. Meditation is a unique and individual experience; it has no right or wrong. It is futile to compare who had the “better” meditation experience. The deeper you get into meditation, the deeper you understand this truism.

You will find that even a one-minute guided meditation can bring you the necessary relief and pause you will need by and by during the day. Whether you have just one or 15 minutes to relax and rewind, we invite you to sample the few short meditation scripts we have prepared below.

1-Minute Guided Meditation Script

A one-minute guided meditation could work effectively when done with attention and self-awareness. When you need to return to your center and feel grounded, follow this guided meditation script.

Find a comfortable position and gently close your eyes. Bring your attention to the beat of your heart and listen to its rhythm. If you wish to, you may place one hand on your heart and feel the vibration under your chest. Breathe softly in and let the out-breath come out naturally. Again breathe in, allowing your lower belly and chest to lift, and slowly let them settle down when exhaling. Continue breathing and keep your attention on your heart, how you feel it, and how you feel yourself. Your heart is here with you, is a part of you, and will take care of you, just as you take care of it when taking this little moment to wind down and get back to your center. Breathe in and feel balanced and calm. Breathe out and release any needs and necessities you might have felt before.

Stay with your heartbeat and your heartbeat will stay with you. Namaste – may there be peace and happiness for all living beings.

3-Minute Guided Meditation Script

A three-minute guided meditation can be easily done at any time and place throughout the day. It is a great way to bring your mind and emotions back to the center, especially when dealing with a stressful situation that suddenly comes upon you.

A Three-Minute Guided Meditation Script:

Find a comfortable position and gently close your eyes. Visualize the shape of the posture of your body. Feel rooted and steady. You are exactly where you are supposed to be in this moment – in your calm and steady pose. Bring your attention to your breath. Inhaling, follow the air through the nostrils, turning down your neck and reaching your lower belly, sides, and chest. Repeat natural breath and focus on the air’s path when traveling inside your body. Relax. Breathe in and out, calming your breath with each inhale and exhale. Slowly and gently allow the air to fill your lower belly, side ribs, and chest. Imagine the airlifting you with peace and tranquility. Let your breath be calm and steady. You are calm and steady.

Stay with your breath and your breath will stay with you. Namaste – may there be peace and happiness for all living beings.

5-Minute Guided Meditation Script

This five-minute guided meditation is also a short meditation that may bring ease and a sense of calming self-love.

Find a comfortable position and gently close your eyes. Observe where you are in this moment and how you are feeling. Notice the natural flow of your breath and gently ask yourself to take deeper inhales and slow exhales. Inhale for four counts, and exhale for four. Inhale following the path of air and opening the spaces inside. Exhale and loosen the muscles on your face, neck, and shoulders. While breathing softly and deeply, focus your attention on your heartbeat. Guide your breath towards the center of your chest and be grateful for the energy you feel. With each breath, continue sending a kind and understanding energy to your heart. Thank your heart for caring for you and guiding you through life. Exhale and release any insecurities and fears you might be holding in your heart. Inhale and again, send gratitude and self-love towards your heart and your true self. Breathe in, relax your body, and open your heart to give and receive love and support. Exhale and let go of any burdens and troubles you have been experiencing today. Stay in this moment of silence for as long as you wish to. Love is within you and love is you. Namaste – may there be peace and happiness for all living beings.

10-Minute Guided Meditation Script

Whenever you need a burst of courage and calmness, try this 10-minute guided meditation script. It can support you before an important event or help to find and boost the inner energy within you:

Find a comfortable position, sit with an erect spine, and gently close your eyes. Relax your face muscles, jaw, tongue, cheeks, and forehead. Invite any face movements you wish to do for a while and bring your awareness to your breath. Inhale counting to four, and exhale, repeating the count. Stay with this breathing pattern or higher and let the fresh, vital air inside your body and mind. Relax your shoulders and imagine a delicate silver and golden string attached to the top of your crown. This light, the energy of life and all existence is within you and is helping you stay strong and calm.

With each inhale, feel the delicate string lifting your head high. Your back is straight and strong. Your shoulders are relaxed, and your entire self is light and vibrant. Breathing in and out, feeling the golden and silver light charging you with compassion, calmness, and security. Imagine the light from the top of your head slowly lowering and spiraling around your head, reaching down to the shoulders, chest, and sacrum. Imagine a pure and vital energy of light surrounding and flowing through your entire body. You are strong, calm, and doing everything at the right time. Inhale deep and slowly, and let go of any feeling of doubt or uncertainty. You are here and now and calm in who you are. Namaste – may there be peace and happiness for all living beings.

15-Minute Guided Meditation Script

This 15-minute guided meditation is prepared for anyone experiencing a highly emotional moment and is looking for a space to release and calm down:

Find a comfortable position and gently close your eyes. Relax your facial muscles, your jaws, neck, and shoulders. If you wish, you may place one hand over your belly and the other over your heart. Notice your presence in the occurring moment. Observe where you are with your emotions and begin to deepen and slow down your breath. If any stray emotion or thought arises, notice it and connect it to a color of your choice. With the image of the color in mind, breathe in for four counts and release simultaneously. Repeat this or any higher count of breath through this meditation. When breathing in, relax the lower part of your belly, allowing more air to flow and opening up the chest area a bit more. Remember not to force any movements.

Just be curious and gentle when deepening the inhale. Focus on the previously felt sensation of emotion and color and imagine it becoming brighter and lighter with each out-breath. Breathe deeply, opening and filling your belly and chest area. Breathe out, imagining a stream of your chosen color flowing outside through your nose. Breathe in, inviting calm and new air inside. Exhale, your emotions are finding their way out, becoming lighter and brighter. You live to feel and experience with each soft and deep breath. You release to create space and peace with each gentle exhale. Each emotion is here to guide you and lead you on your path. Each feeling is necessary to find your way and be who you are. Stay in this moment of contemplation and stillness for as long as you wish to. Life is made of emotions and feelings, and they are working with you, not against you. Namaste – may there be peace and happiness for all living beings.

The Bottomline

Spending even one minute to relax, relax the mind and support your sense of balance is good to practice daily. Following a guided meditation script can help you maintain a routine of self-awareness. Remember that the time you spend to care for your inner peace and send grateful energy towards yourself and the world around you is time well spent. If you wish to learn more about meditation and how to practice self-awareness, we invite you to join our Calm Your Spirit, Soothe Your Mind online meditation course followed by our Online Mindfulness TTC Course.

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