A Beginner’s Guide to Chakra hand Signs

chakras hand signs

This article is about the Chakra hand signs. Learn the basics of hand chakras and how to use them to balance your energy and improve your health.


Mudras are symbols that you can shape with your hands to create a certain energy flow in your body. They are used in many yoga and meditation practices to hold a certain vibration in the body. As each shape has its vibration, it can correlate with the Chakras, and you will find that each Chakra has its special hand symbol. There are so many Mudras that you can create, and some may work for multiple Chakras. The seven Mudras chosen for this list are the seven most powerful ones you can try to enhance your Chakra practice and knowledge.

What are Mudras?

The word Mudra is Sanskrit for ‘gestures.’ They are created by the hands to connect the energy lines and flow in the body. Mudras activate the hand chakras and allow you to experience a certain energy or sensation in your entire body simply by holding these energies in your hands. There are hundreds of Mudras, each with its arrangement of the fingers and palms of the hands. The beauty in having so many means that there is a Mudra for almost every effect you can imagine. Seven major hand Mudras for Chakra will open and unblock the Chakra and assist in the energy flow through this centre.

How do Mudras Work?

To utilize the full power of Mudras, sit in meditation in a simple and comfortable seated position, and create the Mudra that you would like to work with. Hold this Mudra for the time that you sit. You can begin by sitting for just five minutes per day in complete stillness and observe the effects of this chakra hand sign on your body. Depending on your body and state of energy, the Mudras will have a powerful effect. You can even write down how you feel after your Mudra meditation and look back after a week of practicing to see what improvements you have noticed in your mind, body and life.

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The Chakra Hand Signs Chart

chakras hand signs

This hand chakras chart will give you seven Mudras to use, each one for the unique energy of each Chakra.


Mudra Name

Mudra Meaning

Root Chakra

The Muladhara Mudra

  1. Bring the palms of your hands together at your heart centre. Interlace the pinky and ring fingers so they fold inside the palms.
  2. Extend the middle fingers so the tips touch, then interlace the thumbs and index fingers to form rings around each other, with the fingertips touching.
  3. Optional step: Flip this Mudra upside down and lower your arms so the middle fingers are pointed downward at your pelvic region.

This Mudra stimulates the energy of the Root Chakra, creating an energizing vortex at the core of the Muladhara Chakra.

Sacral Chakra

The Shakti Mudra

  1. Bring the palms of your hands together at your heart. Press the pinky and ring fingertips together.
  2. Fold your thumbs inside your index and middle finger. Then press the knuckles of these fingers together.
  3. You can bring this down to hold in front of your Sacral Chakra.

This is a feminine Mudra used to enhance sexuality and sensuality. It will allow you to connect with your emotional body in the Sacral Chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Rudra Mudra

  1. Place your hands on your thighs, palms facing up. Touch the tips of the thumbs, the index fingers and the ring fingers together.
  2. Straighten the pinky and middle finger.

This Mudra calls in the energy of Shiva – the destructive god that knows his true power.

Heart Chakra

The Padma Mudra

  • Place your hands together at your heart, the base of your palms will connect, and the thumb and the pinky fingers will also connect.
  • Keeping the base of the palms together, open up the body of the palms and extend your index, middle and ring fingers to open like you are creating a bowl shape.
  • Visualize the petals of a lotus opening up in your hands.
  • This is also known as the Lotus Mudra. It is used to open to the possibilities of love waiting to be invited into your heart centre.

    Throat Chakra

    The Granthita Mudra

  • Interlace the pinky, ring and middle fingers and tuck them inside your hands.
  • Create two rings by interlocking the index fingers and thumbs around one another.
  • Hold this Mudra in front of your throat.
  • This Mudra creates an energy ball that is concentrated at the Throat Chakra. It allows the energy to be unblocked and to return to its balance, creating an authentic expression of self.

    Third Eye Chakra

    The Mudra of the Great Head

    1. Using your right hand only, curl the ring finger into your palm. Bring the tips of the thumb, middle finger and index finger together to touch. Keep the pink extended long.
    2. Bring the three fingers connected to your forehead to touch the area of the Third Eye Chakra.
    3. Leave your left hand resting on your thigh, with the palm facing the sky.

    This Mudra dives into the Third Eye Chakra energy and creates a deep inquiry into the wisdom and knowledge held within the Chakra.

    Crown Chakra

    The Mudra of a Thousand Petals

    1. Spread your hands so that the palms face away from you. Place the tips of your index fingers together and lightly touch the tip of your thumbs. This will create a triangle shape in the fingers.
    2. Let the other fingers spread out wide, palms open to the universe.
    3. Raise this Mudra to the crown of your head, floating the hands above your body.

    This Mudra opens up the flow of energy into the Crown Chakra. When you hold your hands this way, you are indicating that you are open to the universal flow and trust the energy that will come to you.

    The Bottomline

    Once you have begun your Mudra journey, you will not look back! These small yet powerful gestures can shift blocks, create inner peace and completely change the energy of your meditation practice and life. If you are interested in learning other ways to work with the Chakras, you can look at our online course, Understanding Chakras.

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