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third eye chakra meditation
The Third Eye Chakra Meditation | Affirmations | Mantras


The sixth of the seven main chakras, The Third Eye Chakra is located in the center of your head, in between your eyebrows. It is considered to be the source of your intuition, wisdom, and universal guidance throughout your life.

A balanced and open Third Eye Chakra, or Ajna Chakra, shows its energy with pure thoughts, self-awareness, openness towards more than just your own personal beliefs, and non-attachment to the past and material reality.

When the Ajna Chakra is fully open, your Third Eye which is your intuition and senses, works with great clarity and purpose.

Your mind becomes more flexible and open to understanding not only the physical reality but also beyond what is visible.

A balanced Third Eye Chakra will show itself in a strong sense of self-awareness, inner truth, the ability to listen to go with your intuition, and living a life of purpose.

The Third Eye Chakra Meditation Primer

Meditation is a great way to focus on a specific area within yourself, whether it’s the chakra system, your emotions, or a physical aspect of your body.

Going inwards and creating time and space for self-reflection and calmness, will always prove to be beneficial if done with gratefulness and kindness towards oneself.

The meditation experience will be different for each person, so there’s no need to push yourself to meditate in a way that is rather uncomfortable for you.

Finding the time, a suitable space, a comfortable pose, and the energy to meditate is all you need to get started. 

Meditation helps to calm and relax. That in turn helps with removing toxins and healing. It is also a practice that allows you to work with your subtle energies.

Shifting your state of consciousness to a more open and wider awareness will be helpful when working on the Third Eye Chakra.

What we Learn

The Ajna Chakra is strongly connected to your intuition and inner knowledge, therefore all meditation should focus on those aspects. Allowing yourself to discover the sixth chakra without judgment and expectation is a beautiful way to start this type of practice.

Third Eye Chakra Meditation Guide

The Ajna Chakra meditation practice is a time for the Third Eye to receive more attention and energy. This practice aims to focus your awareness on the space between your eyebrows.

Some key points to remember when preparing and finally going into mediation:

  • Before starting your meditation create a peaceful space and put aside sufficient time for yourself.
  • Get into a comfortable position. You may choose to be seated on the ground, on a chair, or even lying down if that’s what serves you at the moment.
  • Do not force anything in your meditation. Each meditation experience is a unique one, so don’t have any expectations of what it should feel like.
  • Stray thoughts will surface by and by, and that is fine. It takes time and practice to enter a deep meditative state, and even then stray thoughts have a way of showing up. Be kind and accepting of any thought that comes by, and calmly let it go.

Below is an example of a Third Eye Chakra meditation script to help you with either guiding practice or wanting to prepare one:

  1. Sit in a meditation position of choice, with your spine erect.
  2. Relax your shoulders and face muscles and begin to slow down the pace of your breath.
  3. Breathe in and out in a 4×4, 6×6, 8×8, or higher breathing pattern to find your pace. Breathe in for six seconds, and exhale for six. You may take your heartbeat as a one-second count.
  4. Focus your attention on your breath and allow your body to relax, keeping your head up and spine straight.
  5. Once you get into a comfortable rhythm and feel your body relaxed, shift your awareness towards your Ajna Chakra, the space between the eyebrows.
  6. Be aware of how this area feels. Are there any pulsating sensations? Any vibrations or colors that come to your mind? Allow the thoughts to flow freely.
  7. In the next phase of the meditation, imagine sending fresh energy into the Third Eye Chakra with each inhale. And expelling the old, stagnant energy as you exhale.
  8. Continue breathing deeply and gently, allowing your body to move deeply.
  9. Next, imagine a delicate indigo-colored light beaming around your Third Eye Chakra. Maintain a kind and benign disposition.
  10. With each breath, see the light becoming brighter and brighter. It is opening and cleansing your Ajna Chakra.
  11. Visualise a pulsating bright purple light surrounding and flowing within your Third Eye Chakra. Allow this light to bring new energies and open your perception to receive your own intuitive guidance.
  12. Talk softly and with kindness to your inner wisdom. Ask it if it feels safe to express itself within you, as a part of you.
  13. Ask your Third Eye Chakra if there is anything it wants to tell you, if there are any particular areas in your life you should look deeper into.
  14. Allow your thoughts to flow freely; observe any flashes of inner wisdom which might be passing through.
  15. Avoid being judgmental, do not be attached to strong emotions. Simply be an observer of this experience.
  16. With kindness and gratitude, thank your Third Eye Chakra for having this moment of communion. Thank yourself for putting energy into your own exploration, and thank the energy of life for moving you in the right direction.
  17. Slowly and gently begin to shift your awareness back to your entire body.
  18. Allow your breath to become more noticeable, and do a few cleansing exhalations with an open mouth.
  19. When you feel ready, open your eyes. You may wish to jot down any insights you have gained from this meditation.

Ajna Chakra Affirmations

Affirmation is a useful tool for inner guidance and chakra opening practices. Third Eye Chakra affirmations may be done throughout the day, during relaxation and meditation practices, and whenever you feel the need for more support from within.

Ajna Chakra affirmations aim to awaken intuitive energies and subconscious knowledge. If you have regular affirmation practices, you can expect to achieve greater clarity of mind, sharper focus, and a greater sense of balance and self-expression. You can also get guidance from our online yoga courses.

Below are examples of Third Eye Chakra Affirmations:

  • I listen to my intuition.
  • I let my inner knowledge speak up and be heard.
  • My intuition wants to keep me safe.
  • I trust my own mind and thoughts.
  • My thoughts are clear and calm.
  • I am strong and see my past as my greatest teachings.
  • My mind is calm and at ease.
  • I trust the energy of life to guide me through.
  • The greatest wisdom is within me.
  • My actions align with my life purpose.
  • I appreciate every situation life puts me through.
  • I am open to receiving higher wisdom.
  • I listen to myself with kindness and appreciation.

What we Learn

It’s important that you truly believe in the affirmations you express. Without your honest energy the affirmations are worthless; worse still, they might even create more blockages within the Third Eye Chakra.

Third Eye Chakra Mudra

third eye chakra

Mudra is a Sanskrit term that means “gesture”. Each mudra has a certain connection to your body and the nervous system within and directs the flow of energy in a specific direction.

These ancient hand gestures are used with pranayama and meditation to help you pay more attention and greater awareness to the practice.

In ancient yogic traditions the Gyan Mudra, known as the Wisdom Mudra is highly recommended when working on opening the Third Eye Chakra. To do this, your hand positioning should be fairly comfortable in order for you to connect with your subtle energies.

The Ajna Chakra mudra is formed by bringing the tips of the thumbs and the index finger together. The rest of the fingers are gently touching the knuckles.

Third Eye Chakra Mantra Chant Meaning Explained

third eye chakra manta

The mantra assigned to the Ajna Chakra is the Om mantra and is pronounced A–U–M.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, this sound is said to be the all-consistent sound of the universe, the sound of the vibrations of existing life and energy.

The Third Eye Chakra chant is most recommended with pranayama and meditative practices and is known to give a very deep and introspective experience.


Meditation and affirmation practices, together with mantra chanting of the ultimate A–U–M sound are traditional yogic practices that guide our consciousness and awareness into a deep intuitive self-discovery.

Opening and accessing the energy of the Ajna Chakra is a very profound practice, which can bring peace and put you at ease in your unique and connective life path.

For more traditional and insightful teachings, join our online Understanding Chakras course. This course is very unique and we believe you won’t be able to find another course anywhere, which is at par with this one. If you’re serious about deepening your knowledge of chakras – attend this course. See it here.

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