Are Chakra Balancing Services Legit? Things to keep in mind

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This article is about Chakra balancing. In this article, we will learn about various Chakra balancing services and things to keep in mind before visiting.


Due to the popularity of chakras in yoga and new-age spirituality, we have seen a huge increase in energy healers worldwide. As you learn to work with your energy body, it is important to know how to bring your body back into balance. If you are new to energy work, you can benefit greatly by visiting a chakra-balancing professional. Although there are many amazing healers, you need to be discerning when choosing one to work with. Unfortunately, the online world has opened up many opportunities for scammers.

Firstly, if you are looking for energy healing, you should know exactly what this means. So, let’s take a look.

A chakra is an energy centre in your body. The word “Chakra” means ‘spinning wheel in Sanskrit, and this is exactly how the chakras move – they spin and pulsate and radiate energy from their centre. It is thought that we have hundreds of chakras in our bodies, but there are seven main ones that are most spoken about. These seven major chakras run along the spine and can influence our energetic and physical bodies. They are responsible for our mental and emotional states, such as feeling grounded and stable in our lives, feeling creative, feeling powerful, feeling love and emotions, being able to express our truths, visualize our future, and feeling connected to other people and the energy around us.

Due to stress, life events, personality habits, or perhaps unknown reasons, your chakras can become unbalanced from time to time. They need healing to return to their most healthy expression when that happens. Here we will explore what this means and why it is important to bring yourself back into balance. As you learn to work with your energy body, it is important to know how to bring your body back into balance. If you are new to energy work, you can benefit greatly by visiting a chakra-balancing professional. Although there are many amazing healers, you need to be discerning when choosing one to work with. Unfortunately, the online world has opened up many opportunities for scammers.

What Does an “out-of-balance” Chakra Mean?

When a chakra is “out of balance,” you will know it by its manifestations in your life. For example, when the Root chakra is out of balance, you may feel stuck and heavy or like a rolling stone, never wanting to put down roots. If your Sacral Chakra is unbalanced, you may feel sexually or creatively blocked; if there is an overexpression of this energy, you may have addictions. In the Solar Plexus, unbalanced looks like having no power, motivation, or determination to get things done; in the other extreme, it can show up as aggression, violence, and rage. In the Heart chakra, you may experience a closed heart, not allowing love; in the other extreme of an open heart, you could be giving without boundaries or discernment. In the Throat chakra, you may find you are not able to speak, you tend to tell lies, or you cannot stop talking. With an unbalanced Third Eye chakra, you will have no vision for the future, or you could have too many visuals coming in that you feel overwhelmed or anxious about the world. If the Crown chakra is unbalanced, you could feel depressed or disconnected.

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As you can see, each Chakra has extreme manifestations. When you notice any of these extreme personality traits or behaviors developing in you, it is a good indicator that your Chakra is out of balance.

Usually, not just one Chakra is out of balance, but a combination of a few. If you have never worked with energy or your chakras, you would consult a professional who can provide you with chakra balancing services.

Types of Chakra Balancing Services

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There are many ways to work with energy and chakra balancing, so it is not surprising that so many people are offering their services on the market. Some healers provide their services online. If you are looking for a healer, a google search of ‘Chakra balancing near me’ will throw up dozens of names for you to choose from. Go through them and see which chakra balancing services work best for you.

The best ways to bring your Chakras back into balance:

Crystal Healing

Crystals have their unique frequency which resonates at the same vibration as the chakras. Your healer can help you determine which crystals are right for you! This treatment involves placing healing stones on or around the body to use their healing energies to bring your chakras back into balance.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing can create healing energy at each Chakra depending on what sounds or vibrations are used. Singing bowls are popular for healers as they are created to harmonize with each Chakra. This treatment requires you to lay flat on a mat while your practitioner plays healing sounds. This can be used in combination with crystal healing, as mentioned above.


Each Chakra has its own ‘seed mantra,’ a one-syllable sound that vibrates at that Chakra’s energy. By chanting these mantras, you can bring your energy back into balance. From the Root Chakra rising to the Crown Chakra, these mantras are:

Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, Sham, Aum (Om).

Connect with Nature

Each Chakra is associated with one element of nature, making nature a perfect place to balance and heal your chakras. There is earth, water, fire, air, ether, light, and thought. These elements are abundant in natural landscapes. Depending on the element you need to work with most, you can find a special place to sit and return to balance.

Food Therapy

Food is another healing tool. Match the color of the food you eat with the color of the Chakra that you need to heal for a wonderful balancing experience. Some chakra coaches will also help you return to balance by advising you to eat the foods associated with the particular chakras you are having problems with.

Reiki or Energy Healing

The chakras are energetic wheels in our body, so when we work with them, it is important to address them on an energetic level. Energy healers use tools such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, or sometimes Intuitive Energy Healing to restore the body to balance. Due to the widespread practice of energy healing, you should be able to find a practitioner near you. If not, try online.

Colour Meditations

Some healers like to work with color-based meditations where you can work specifically with one or more of the chakras. The chakras align with the rainbow colors, so working with the image of a rainbow bridge within your body is also a great way to activate healing and balance.


Often energy healers will finish with smudging as this removes and releases all of the old energy and creates a clean space for new beginnings. Smudging involves burning a bundle of sage, palo santo, or other healing plant material until it creates smoke. This smoke is then wafted over the area that needs clearing, either on your body or in some physical space. Smudging is a powerful tool to clear negative energy, which is what pulls our chakras out of balance in the first place.

Chakra Yoga

Yoga has many Asanas (postures) and each one can be correlated with a specific chakra. If you look through yoga textbooks or ask your yoga teacher, you will find a specific sequence or a few poses that would help you bring balance back into the chakras!

Chakra balancing services red flags

Due to the rise in the number of people offering these chakra balancing services, it is important to be able to distinguish a trained healer from one who is not. There are a few red flags to look out for, but the best guide is always your intuition. If someone makes you uncomfortable, chances are they are offering their healing services with the wrong intention, so it is best to steer clear.

Red Flags to look for when choosing a Chakra balancing service:

  • When a healer uses hard-sell tactics to sell his service.
  • When he tells you that you will need a certain number of sessions before even having an initial consult.
  • No recommendations or photos of the healer on their website or social media page.
  • When he tells you that his way of healing is the only way.
  • When he talks badly about other healers.
  • When he advises you to do something or lead a certain lifestyle and does the opposite himself.

The best way to source a healer is to seek recommendations from friends. If that is impossible, check out their websites, but be wary of fake information. Another source of information is social media and review pages.

The Bottomline

There is no limit to the amount of Chakra balancing you can do, but you will know intuitively when you have returned to balance! You can combine as many techniques as you like to return to your centre.

Chakra balancing with yoga is beneficial to continue stimulating the chakras through physical Asana (yoga postures). You can bring some chakra techniques to your yoga practice to enhance the healing effect.

Try some of the listed healing services and see how your life can change. You can also look at our Online Course, “Understanding Chakras” for a complete guide to healing and balancing your chakras.

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