The Benefits of a Reiki Guided Meditation & Best Scripts

reiki guided meditation

This article looks at guided meditation for Reiki healing. These are two modalities that can be combined to create one powerful experience. You will learn about Reiki energy, how it is used in the body and the positive effects that it can bring you. You will also read about the healing powers of this energy and how to invite it into your body. You can begin working with Reiki guided meditation immediately if you are already tuned. If you are not yet attuned, there are a few steps you need to move through before you bring Reiki into your daily practice, but you can always reach out to a Reiki practitioner for assistance. Further down, you will find some meditation scripts that will take you through a deep and nourishing Reiki meditation practice that will leave you feeling calm and balanced in body, mind and spirit.


Reiki is an ancient energy that was first channeled in Japan and has grown in popularity since it was discovered due to its incredible healing powers. Reiki has healing benefits for the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies and it is also a great tool to add to your meditation practice to invite healing into your sessions. The calming energy it brings can allow you to drop deeper into your meditative practice and experience a new level of inner bliss and harmony.

What is Reiki and How Does it Work?

Reiki is an energy healing modality that channels an infinite source of Reiki energy from the universe. A practitioner will invite this energy into his body and through his hands so that it can be directed to whatever needs healing. Anyone can receive Reiki, so long as they are open to this flow of energy to move through them. If you want to work with Reiki and give energy to others, you must first attune yourself to invite this energy source into your body. There are a few levels of attunement, each with its benefits and limitations. Level one allows you to give Reiki treatments to yourself. Reiki allows you to share this healing energy with others. You can attain the Reiki Master level, the highest level possible, in which case you can share Reiki energy with everyone, even over distance. If you are interested in working with Reiki, anyone can become attuned. It usually takes a few days for each level and you must take time between levels to practice working with this powerful energy. As you progress, you will learn more about the history of Reiki and how you can use it to heal yourself and others. You can work with yourself or send energy to other people, plants, animals or other living beings.

The Healing Powers of Reiki

Reiki works by healing and harmonizing the body. It brings your energy back into balance, allowing it to flow through your body to provide you with positive physical effects. Even after one session, you will feel more relaxed as tension is released from your mind and muscles. It also has the potential to remove energy blockages to create a greater and more even flow of energy throughout your body and your life.

Reiki can heal physical symptoms since it helps to cleanse the body of toxins, supports the immune system and assists in wound healing. It accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities, which can resolve many diseases.

Several studies show that the relaxation effects can help you improve your focus, keep a clear mind and to allow you to sleep better.

Any energy work you do for yourself always helps your spiritual growth and creates a new energy imprint of your body, mind and soul to bring it to greater alignment with your higher self. Through Reiki, you can work to remove any blocks that you have on the physical, emotional or spiritual levels, and you can return to the natural flow of energy that moves quickly through your life.

Reiki Guided Meditation

Reiki meditation combines energy healing and meditation to create a wholesome healing experience. If you are attuned to Reiki energy, you can guide these for yourself. If you are not yet tuned, you can seek a Reiki practitioner or healer to guide you. If you try this combination, you will enjoy the effects.

Reiki meditation can help reduce pain, lower blood pressure, increase relaxation and make you feel wonderful.

There is no limit to how much Reiki you can receive, for the Reiki energy itself knows exactly how much energy you need and where in your body you need it.

To begin a Reiki meditation, face the palms of your hands up toward the sky. Call in the Reiki energy and ask it to assist you now in this meditation. Feel it arriving in your body. However, Reiki normally feels for you.

Then, allow your hands to be guided intuitively to the place in the body that needs to receive the Reiki energy. Place the palms of your hands over this area of your body. Trust the guidance of your hands as they emit this healing energy into your auric field.

Take your time during this meditation to move the energy wherever it needs to go. You may feel sensations of this energy in the form of tingling, warmth, coolness or just a deep sense of relaxation. Everyone has a different trend, so tune in to what your body is showing you.

Keep your eyes closed and your breath deep as you enjoy this meditative space you have created.

If you do not set a timer, you will know intuitively when to stop. When your healing is complete, bring your hands together at your heart space and thank the Reiki energy for guiding you today.

Notice what has shifted within your body throughout the session. It is a good idea to journal or draw your impressions after a Reiki meditation, as the energy can continue to flow and show you messages in the form of images or words. It also allows you to express your healing fully and perhaps to gain more insights.

Many Reiki guided meditation scripts are available if you prefer to work with guided meditation.

reiki meditation benefits

Guided Reiki Meditation Script

You might like to start with a short sample session to get an idea of how Reiki feels for you or a five-minute chakra balancing Reiki session. There are also more in-depth Reiki healing meditations that allow you to experience full-body healing sessions and deep relaxation. If you have the time to meditate for longer, you might like an energy infusion of healing Reiki or perhaps a full Reiki distance healing. You can listen to a few of these and allow the energy to transfuse into your body, mind and soul. Incredibly, the power of Reiki can travel across time and space to experience the benefits from wherever you are in the world.

The Bottomline

Reiki and meditation are a powerful combination. If you feel called to work with Reiki, you should follow that intuitive push and delve deeper into energy healing. The best place to start is with one of the 70 Hrs guided meditations to help you understand how this energy works in your body.

If you are looking for more guided meditations and a challenge to keep on track, take a look at our 30 Days Meditation Challenge. This will be the start you need to deepen your practice and reconnect with yourself!

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