Guided Meditation For Christians – Dispelling The Myths

guided meditation for christians

Is guided meditation compatible with the practice of Christianity? Can they be practiced side by side? This article discusses that and offers some guided meditation for Christians.


Meditation is a welcoming, open-minded practice that leads us to deepen our self–awareness and connection with ourselves and the energy around us by finding a point of focus while in a state of relaxation. The term ‘meditation’ has Hindu and Buddhist sources but is open to be practiced by anyone seeking space and time to rewind and connect to their inner or outer sources of energy.

Below we will talk more specifically about guided meditation in the Christian context and how it can be practiced in line with its beliefs.

Are Christians Allowed to Meditate?

Meditation is open to people of any religious persuasion or belief system. It is a natural and intuitive practice that should be accessible to everyone as much as people of other religious beliefs. Christians are more than welcome to practice meditation and other mentally relaxing exercises.

Meditation can be combined with other exercises – such as concentrating on an inner or outer focus point, connection to God or the higher power you believe in, and through mantra repetition, prayer, chanting or whatever you choose to call it.

Catholics come together to worship during mass. Other Christian denominations have their forms of worship service. They all have chants and prayers as part of their spiritual and devotional practice.

To meditate, a Christian could follow a specially prepared guided meditation tailored to their religious beliefs. It is fine to choose a meditation script you feel most comfortable with.

So, yes, Christians are already practicing meditation in a way that suits their needs. Whenever the energy from our practice and meditation comes from a space of love, gratitude and kindness towards all, it is always beautiful and fulfilling.

Meditation vs Prayer

Meditation, as is often mentioned, is a practice of quieting the mind, relaxing the body and finding a sense of peace and stillness within you. This may be done in many different ways, such as mantra meditation, candle gazing meditation, pranayama breathwork meditation and so on.

Meditation always brings you to a place that is quiet and still. You go through different emotional states and thoughts during the practice – which is fine and a part of meditation – yet the focus is on a deep connection to the energies within and around you. This might lead to a state known as Samadhi or ultimate connection and absorption in the universal energy of existence.

Prayer is a repetition of a familiar passage from a religious text or an inspiring message we wish to speak out loud or in silence to connect ourselves to God or the divinity we believe in. Prayer takes us to a place of thought and connection. We are encouraged to speak out the prayer and allow our minds and heart to follow the words and connect with God, the source of Truth for you.

People may debate the differences between the terms ‘meditation’ and ‘prayer,’ but the common outcome of both is connecting to that higher being or energy we call God.

Apart from that, it is generally agreed that prayer and meditation bring peace to our body and mind. Even though prayer does not require so much stillness or mind quieting, it still provides us with a safe and personal space to relax and contemplate our life and connection to God.

Guided Meditation For Christians

Christian meditation is widely known and is practiced based on the text and inspiration from Holy Scripture. In Christianity, meditation is understood as speaking to God and, in turn, listening to what God is saying to you.

Below are samples of guided Christian meditations that you can access freely from the Internet whenever you need to connect with God.

Psalm 119 114 – Guided Meditation & Prayer for Encouragement & Protection (16 min) – Abide – Christian Meditation

Quiet Your Mind | Guided Christian Meditation

The Path of Peace | Advent Guided Meditation

Guided Christmas Meditation

Seeing Jesus – A Guided Meditation Christian

Guided Christian Meditation: Release Healing (3 minutes) – Abide – Christian Meditation

Blissful Bedtime Sleep Meditation: Beside Still Water – Abide – Christian Meditation

Starting the day in God’s presence: Guided mindfulness meditation (10 mins) – The Mindful Christian

Dealing with Anxiety (7-minute mindfulness meditation) – The Mindful Christian

Building Your Script

When preparing a guided meditation script for Christians, you will want to incorporate passages from the Bible and inspirations from other Christian sources. To help you find your unique voice, look up the many Christian meditations on the Internet and observe the structure and the various ways to incorporate biblical verses into your practice.

Try to get your students to connect with God by using specific Bible passages, insightful thoughts and reflection. Bear in mind that sincerity is more important than methodology. Whether we are talking about Christian meditation or any other meditation, the script is most powerful when it comes from the heart and pure intentions. Seeking peace and love through connecting with God is truly a beautiful and profound spiritual and religious practice that can create a space of comfort and relaxation when guided in a gentle and kind manner.

In building the script for your guided Christian meditation, here are some helpful tips with regard to the structure:

  • Find a goal and focal point of the meditation practice
  • Allow the meditation to be soft and kind
  • Begin with a gentle body relaxation, body scan or breathing pattern
  • Continue the meditation with a prayer or passage
  • Build a connective visualization of God
  • Leave space for silence and insight

The Bottomline

Guided meditation is a practice that can help people connect with the source of their higher energy, the creator, the divine – God. Christians use the Holy Bible as the source of inspiration in their meditation. Guided meditation provides the method, their faith in Jesus Christ and the substance for their meditation. If you wish to learn more about the benefits of meditation on your spiritual, mental and physical well-being, we invite you to join our online meditation course followed by our 200 Hrs Online TTC Course.

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