Bhu Mudra a Mother Earth Mudra: Meaning, Benefits and How to Do

This article covers everything you need to know about the Bhu Mudra. Additionally, it gives information on how the technique can be applied in regular Yoga practice.

bhu mudra

What is Bhu Mudra? Its Meaning, References, and Mythology

Bhu Mudra is made up of two words


Bhu= Land, It arrived from the word Bhumidevi or Bhu Devi (Mother Earth)

& Mudra = Gesture/seal

Implying this, Bhu Mudra is also known as Mother Earth Mudra. Some people also name it the “Gesture of the Earth.” It helps the practitioner to connect with Mother Earth and feel that groundedness. This connection brings more “Prithvi Tatva” or “Earth Element” into our bodies. The Planet Earth has witnessed various eras, and connection with the planet itself will give access to more knowledge.

If you visit various temples, and different ancient places of Hindu mythologies, then you will observe that many deities used to practice this Mudra. Even if you enter into the Indian states of Uttrakhand and Himanchal Pradesh, you will see that many people still call it Dev Bhoomi. Bhoomi word is synonymous with the word Bhu. So, Mother Earth has a great value in Indian traditions. Bhu Mudra helps to cultivate this Energy. It makes you more grounded and more down-to-earth. No matter where you go, you will remember your roots and care for those who depend on you.

Bhu Mudra greatly impacts our Mooladhara Chakra or the Root Chakra. It is believed that this brings more stability to our bodies. As we know, Mooladhara or the Root Chakra, is the first Chakra out of a total of seven Chakras (7th being the Sahastrara Chakra. ). So, it opens up the gate to the other Chakras. If we practice this Mudra, then we can work upon the Mooldhara Chakra, which in turn helps to align other Chakras.

It can be practiced with Mantra, Pranayama, and various meditation techniques.

Alternate Names of Bhu Mudra

Mother Earth Mudra, Gesture of the Earth

How to Do Bhu Mudra?

  • This Mudra requires you to perform while seated in any meditative posture.
  • You can practice it while sitting in comfy meditative postures (such as Sukhasana, Padmasana, or Swastikasana). Make sure that you are comfortable with the pose. You can even start with micro exercises for the neck, arms, and legs before you start with this Mudra practice. This helps you to avoid any aches and pains that can be caused due to prolonged sitting.
  • Keep your neck and spine comfortably straight.
  • Rest both of your palms comfortably on your knee. Palms facing upward towards the sky.
  • Start to close your eyes completely.
  • Now, bring your last two fingers (your little finger & your ring finger) close to your thumb.
  • Gently join them without putting any additional pressure.
  • Your remaining fingers (Index and middle fingers) will remain extended.
  • Repeat the same on both of your hands.
  • You can keep it on both of your knees or bring them towards the ground so that your extended fingers are touching the floor/land (Bhumi or Bhu).
  • Witness your Muladhara Chakra or the Root Chakra. Keep maximum awareness towards it.
  • If you want to progress into the Mooladhara Chakra activation, you can even chant its Beeja Mantra, “Lam.”
  • Inhale slowly and exhale gently. Feel the grounding.
  • You can also practice it with different Mantra chanting, various meditation techniques, and different Pranayamas such as Bhastrika Pranayama and Kapalbhati Pranayama.

Benefits of Bhu Mudra

bhu mudra benefits
  • It activates the Muladhara Chakra or the Root chakra, which helps to activate more energy centers of your body. As it is the first Chakra out of all the 7 Chakras. So, it plays a vital role in establishing a better connection with all other Chakras.
  • It makes you feel more grounded. You don’t feel burdened. You think simple, down-to-earth. It makes you more humble.
  • You feel stable. You feel calmer and more relaxed. By practicing this comes a sense of security and stability.
  • You feel connected to Mother Earth and Nature. You do not lose courage; you stand like a mountain when it comes to courage. You stay as clear as water. Earth and Nature teach you many things, just like a mother.
  • You treat others with dignity.
  • It helps you to prevent all the imbalances caused by tightness around Muladhara Chakra.
  • It makes you more spiritual, so for those looking to pursue a spiritual journey, it is an excellent way to start with.

Precautions and Contraindications in Bhu Mudra

bhu mudra precautions

Similar to many other Mudra practices, it has no side effects.

However, there are a few things to consider.

  • Those who have Kapha Dosa/imbalances should practice it in moderation. As Earth is the main element of such Dosas. And in this, we have more emphasis on the Earth element.
  • Those who are suffering from diseases that are caused by the Earth element.
  • Keep the first two fingers comfortably extended, do not keep it too much straight.
  • Keep your spine comfortably erect.

When and How long to do Bhu Mudra?

  • This Mudra can be practiced when you feel that you have imbalances caused by the Earth element in your body.
  • You can practice it if you have too much tightness around the Mooladhara Chakra.
  • You can practice this to achieve a more excellent state of Spirituality.

Morning is the ideal time to do any yoga or Mudra. In the morning, at this time during the daytime, our brain is at its best. So, you are more likely to be able to concentrate easily. Therefore, you should practice this Mudra from 4 am and 6 am to get the most effective outcomes.

If you are having difficulty with this during the morning hours, you can do this Mudra later in the evening too.

It is recommended to practice this Mudra for a minimum of 30-40 minutes daily. It’s up to you whether you wish to complete it in one stretch or in two threes that last between 10 and 15 minutes. Based on research, the best way to practice an exercise for at least 20 minutes is to get the best benefits of that particular Mudra.

Breathing in Bhu Mudra

Type of breathing we can practice with this Mudra.

  • Abdominal Breathing

Visualization in Bhu Mudra

Simply maintain your focus on an object or being (a plant, an animal, etc.). When you inhale, accept positive energy from this object, and when you exhale, give some of your energy to this object. Indulge yourself in this process as more profoundly as possible. Now, see if you can connect with cosmic consciousness, guiding you to the path of eternal unity.

Affirmation in Bhu Mudra

While practicing this, Keep a positive intention. Start with: I feel secure, I feel stable, I think steadiness.


The Bhu Mudra is a gesture that has many benefits for your health and well-being. Practicing the Bhu Mudra can improve your digestion, increase your energy, and make you feel more connected to the Earth. If you’re interested in learning more about this mudra or want to start practicing it yourself, we have a Mudra Certification Course that will teach you everything you need to know. In addition, we also offer a mudra certification course so that you can become an expert on all 108 different mudras!

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