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Get to know Sahasrara Chakra Meaning, Location, Symbol, Color

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Understanding the Crown Chakra


According to traditional Yogic and Buddhist teachings our physical body is said to be governed by subtle energies, which have their energy centers in the Chakras located in various parts of your body. They influence your major organs, nerve bundles, and glands.

The Crown Chakra, the seventh of the main chakras, is known for its connection to the divine and higher consciousness. To understand this chakra one must approach this teaching with humility and gratitude.

There are no instantaneous answers or solutions, so be delicate and patient as you journey along this spiritual path.

It’s important to understand that every living being has its own experience, and there are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to working on higher consciousness and the practice of spiritual awakening.

Sometimes the simple and instinctive practices may be more suitable for you than the more rigid and disciplined practices. Everyone is on his or her own path; respect and kindness to our fellow travelers is the principle that should guide us through this experience.

So what is the Crown Chakra responsible for?

Below we will delve deeper into the meaning behind the Sahasrara, the Crown Chakra, and find out what the Crown Chakra does, where it is located, and its symbolism.

Understanding the Crown Chakra

The role of the Crown Chakra is to govern our spiritual and universal energies.

From Sanskrit, the word “Sahasrara” translates to a “thousand petal lotus”, and is associated with the journey towards higher consciousness, spiritual awakening, and peace within the entire existence.

Human language is limited, so the Crown Chakra cannot be adequately described; only with the experience of an awakened Sahasrara can make you understand its meaning in its fullness.

Some of the aspects associated with the Crown Chakra functions

  • Spiritual connectivity.
  • A uniting sense of Divinity.
  • Exploring the energy of the higher self.
  • Spirituality.
  • Union of all existence and collective energy.
  • Wisdom and knowledge beyond human understanding.
  • Consciousness.

The Crown Chakra is often seen as a higher goal one has to achieve, yet this is one of the most misleading idea one should have when working on this Chakra.

Spiritual awakening does not come from a necessity, greed, or pushing yourself to follow a path you think should be yours. The full meaning of the Crown Chakra will reveal itself in completely different ways for each one of us – at the right time.

You should take care of all of your chakras equally, as none of the Chakras is more or less important than another.

When it comes to the Crown Chakra it might be a dangerous and unbalancing experience, if one tries to achieve more energetic insight without previous preparations of the whole Chakra System.

Below we list some symptoms to look out for when dealing with an over or under-active Crown Chakra.

In either case, you should come back to the previous six chakras and work with the mental, emotional, and physical aspects there first.

That will set up a strong and balanced foundation to later explore the Sahasrara Chakra.

Signs of an Overactive Crown Chakra

  • Arrogance.
  • Judging the spiritual paths of others.
  • Lack of grounding.
  • Insomnia.
  • Feeling of superiority.
  • Lack of empathy.
  • Derealization.

Signs of an Underactive Crown Chakra

  • Lack of drive.
  • Low creativity and self-expression.
  • Connection to material things.
  • Not trusting your intuition.
  • Hypersomnia.
  • Lack of inspiration.
  • Self-confusion.

To Summarize

Following your inner wisdom and guidance, connecting to the universal significance of all living beings, and being non-judgmental can help you find peace and tranquility within this seventh chakra.

Where is the Crown Chakra Located?

The Crown Chakra is located right at the top of the head, above the Third Eye Chakra. As mentioned before, working on the Sahasrara Chakra is not productive if the rest of the chakras are not balanced beforehand.

Just do what is needed to keep The Crown Chakra tuned, and it’ll open up to you when the time is right for its awakening.

Crown, Sahasrara Chakra Symbol and Color

The Sahasrara Chakra mandala is represented by a thousand-petalled lotus. This flower is a symbol of a blossoming transcendental life-force which can be awakened within the Crown Chakra.

Often the mandala depicted with a symbol of the OM mantra in the middle, next to the full connective energy of the lotus – brings in the universal vibration of all existence and unity.

The Crown Chakra is represented by the color violet and radiant white. The violet represents the connection to the spiritual path passing through the Third Eye Chakra towards the crown.

The white color symbolises purity and the synthesising of the spectrum of colors, as well as the unity of the integral energies of life.

The Bottom Line

Trying to understand and explore the Crown Chakra is a profound spiritual path to follow. The seventh chakra is connected to the non-material world.

You should ideally balance the other chakras before working on the Sahasrara for your efforts to be fruitful.

See our online course Understanding Chakras for an in-depth understanding of the Chakra System. This course is one of a kind available online and highly recommended by everyone who has attended it.

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