Is Guided Meditation with Crystals Useful or Not?

guided meditation with crystals

Healing stones, also known as crystals, are wonderful tools to add to your meditation practice. This article will look at the role crystals play in healing and meditation. You will also be led through a guided meditation with crystals with a simple yet powerful technique that you can use daily to enhance your meditation practice. There are many factors that influence the energy of the crystal, such as its type and elemental to makeup, its colors, shape and the intention that you use it with. When meditating, it is important to set an intention to ensure that the crystal is used to its full potential. We will explore ways you can do this so that you can begin to invite in the healing powers of these beautiful and energetic stones!


Meditation is a wonderful practice that shifts the energy in your body. If you invite crystals into this practice, you will find that you can change the energy even more and benefit from a more intentional practice. Crystals also have a mind of their own and can bring a new sense of character or playfulness to your meditation practice. There is no right or wrong way to meditate with crystals, but we will explore some energy options you can invite into your meditation practice.

The Role of Crystals in Healing and Meditation

Different healers and yoga practitioners have used healing crystals for thousands of years. Each stone holds a unique energy and vibration due to the materials it is made of. These have been studied over the years to develop a way of categorizing crystals into healing for different ailments.

You can use these stones in various ways, such as carrying them with you, placing them in your home or sitting intentionally with a crystal to absorb its healing benefits, as crystals have an energy of their own. Simply by being in their presence, they begin to do their work by clearing out your energetic field of old debris and inviting a fresh new perspective into your life.

The same goes for meditation, as whatever crystal you choose to meditate with will have a specific energy and benefit to your mind and body.

The Most Common Healing Crystals

  • Clear Quartz: for energizing, clearing, and cleansing. This one is often known as the master healer, as it takes on any energy you designate.
  • Rose Quartz: for heart chakra healing, soothing heartbreak or loss and inviting in unconditional love.
  • Amethyst: for awakening, the Third Eye, helping with dream recall and soothing the mind.
  • Selenite: for cleansing and clearing the energy channels in your body.
  • Tiger’s Eye: to connect you with your inner courage and confidence.
  • Black Tourmaline: to absorb negative energy, either your own or someone else’s, and remove it from your energy field.
  • Celestite: for inner peace and connecting with the angelic realms.
  • Lapis Lazuli: for connecting with your truth and having the courage to express yourself in the world.
  • Sodalite: for increasing clarity and connecting with your intuition.
  • Lepidolite: for transformation and transitioning throughout different stages in your life.
  • Fluorite: for clarity and focus, great qualities for deep meditative practice.
  • Blue Kyanite: for meditation, alignment and attuning to higher energies.
  • Mookaite: for grounding, transmuting stress and connecting with the element of earth.
  • Jasper: for stability, safety and feeling at home within yourself.

It is also important to note that the crystal’s shape will also affect your energy as the different shapes of the crystal change the way that energy will move through it and therefore affect your energetic personal field.

The Most Common Crystal Formations

  • Crystal point or generator – directs energy one way, either in or out of your body, depending on which way you face the point.
  • Double Terminated crystal – this comes to a point at both ends, creating a channel for energy to move in and out of the body with ease.
  • Crystal Cluster – a number of crystals grow together in one cluster. They are great for transmuting energy.
  • Geode – these crystals grow inside a rock-like structure, encouraging one to go inwards, which is perfect for a meditative practice.
  • Worry Stone or Palm Stone – these crystals are flat and fit in the palm of your hand. They are great for meditation and provide smooth and soothing energy.
  • Sphere – this rounded ball of crystal will bring an even amount of energy and balance into your meditation. Great for using when you need clarity.

The other element to look out for in healing crystals is the present colors. Each color holds its frequency, which relates to the chakras’ energy.

Colors of Crystals

  • Red – red stones are grounding. They create stability and a sense of safety.
  • Orange – is all about creativity and enhancing the sexual and sensual sensations in the body. It also helps one to connect with their own emotions.
  • Yellow – is a powerful color that enhances motivation and determination. It sparks your inner fire and drives.
  • Green – a soothing heart color to promote unconditional love and joy. Green stones are also connected to the beauty of nature.
  • Blue – cooling and expressive, blue will awaken the energy of your throat chakra for clear communication.
  • Purple is a mystical color that enhances wisdom, knowledge and connection with intuition.
  • White – the color of the crown. This is about peace, unity, connection with energy and enhancing one’s ability to channel.

Guided Meditation with Crystals

You can work with a crystal that feels intuitively right to do a guided Chakra meditation with crystals. This may mean it is a crystal that appeared in your life during a special situation, or it could be a crystal that you have had for a long time. If you are beginning your crystal journey, choosing one stone is best so you can become familiar with its energy.

Now, let’s look at the steps for a guided crystal meditation:

  1. Choose a crystal to work with.
  2. Find a comfortable place to sit and take your crystal in your hands.
  3. Bring the crystal up close to your heart space and close your eyes.
  4. Take a few deep and nourishing breaths here as you ask the crystal to infuse its energy into your energy field.
  5. Stay here, seated in stillness for at least five minutes, and visualize the crystal’s energy seeping into your own.
  6. Be open to any messages or insights that you may receive. If it feels good for you, you can ask the crystal: “Do you have anything for me to hear today?”
  7. Stay receptive to any answers that may come. They may arrive in the form of visions, thoughts or feelings. Trust them as they appear.
  8. Give thanks to the crystal for its time working with you today.

This meditation is a powerful way of getting to know the energy of your crystals and how to work with them. If you need more guidance, you can work with a guided crystal meditation that introduces you to the crystal. There are many guided videos on the internet, including crystal meditations that can connect you with your spirit guides or ones that connect you with a specific crystal.

Choosing which Crystal is Right for You

There are hundreds of crystals that you can work with, and no crystal will be the wrong choice. This can allow you to pick your crystal friend with confidence and to trust that an intuitive part of you helped you to make that decision. Your intuition is like your inner compass, as it is always helping you to make subconscious decisions. You can trust this decision-making process as you pick whichever crystal you feel is calling out to you.

Once you have your crystal, you can take some time getting to know its energy by spending time with it, carrying it in your pocket, creating a jewelry piece that holds the crystal or simply placing it somewhere in your home that you will see every day. As you attune to the crystal’s energy, you can pick up on the lessons and messages it is here to teach you.

The Bottomline

Stay open and receptive to the messages or energy shifts that crystals may bring. It helps to keep a journal when working with crystals so that you can look back and notice what shifts have occurred in your life after working with these healing stones. As your meditation practice improves and grows deeper, crystal work may become a part of your daily rituals.

If you are seeking to begin a new daily ritual, our 30-day meditation challenge followed by 200Hrs TTC Course will help you to get started. This will give you the motivation and information needed for your meditative practices.

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