Guided Grounding Meditation and its Benefits

guided grounding meditation

This article is about the wonderful benefits of grounding when connecting with the Earth beneath you. It explores what grounding is all about and the many ways you can connect to the Earth. It also shows you how you can incorporate grounding practices into your everyday life. Then, to give you an example of how to use grounding, we provide a few meditation scripts for you to work through. Begin with a simple nature meditation that connects your body and breath with the Earth beneath you. Then, to expand your grounding practice you can try walking, sitting, or city meditation, depending on where you are.


Grounding is a word that is starting to be used more frequently these days. It is all about connecting with the Earth beneath you and the nature surrounding you. Due to our high-density urban populations, you will often find yourself in environments disconnected from the natural world. Grounding is about re-establishing that connection through a range of techniques that can be used to make you feel safe and at home within your body. Let us look at how you can ground your body to the Earth, including a guided grounding meditation.

What is Guided Grounding Meditation ?

Grounding is the act of connecting with the Earth. How do you do that? You can plant your bare feet on a patch of grass or wander through a park or forest. You can feel the sand between your toes at the beach or hug a tree. The idea of grounding is about connecting the circuit of electrical currents in your own body with the natural electrical currents of the Earth. What happens when you do that is the natural currents will balance out and create a sense of peace and harmony in your body. Our physical bodies are made of the same elements as the Earth, so not surprisingly grounding makes us feel so good! You are in your most natural and beneficial state when connected to the Earth. This connection creates wonderful positive feelings for your mind and body. Many therapeutic studies show that grounding can reduce anxiety and depression and increase motivation and focus. It can stabilize mood, increase happiness, and even reduce blood pressure. It can harmonize sleeping patterns and help to reduce fatigue.

guided grounding meditation

Some common ways to connect with the Earth’s electrical current include:

  • Exposing your bare skin to nature.
  • Walking barefoot as many sensitive receptors in the soles of your feet allow you to draw the Earth’s energy current into your body through your feet.
  • Lying on a grassy or moss patch in the forest or perhaps a sandy beach and connecting your body with the ground.
  • Submerging yourself in a body of water is also a great way to feel alive in all the cells of your body. Choose a natural source of water such as the ocean, a lake, a river, or a waterfall!
  • If you are in a city, you will have to use grounding equipment. We will explore that later in the article.

Grounding Meditation in City Life

As mentioned earlier, city life is far removed and disconnected from the natural world. Buildings and concrete slabs swallow up nature. The city environment is very artificial. And in artificial places, the natural electrical current of the Earth is replaced by that of telephone lines, radio waves, and artificial lighting systems. Being immersed in a city for a long time means that your body begins to tune into these man-made frequencies rather than that of the Earth. In the long term, this must result in imbalances in the body, leading to chronic fatigue, insomnia, high blood pressure, and toxic overload. We need to combat these negative effects, and nature is the best way to do that.

You can connect with the Earth by standing on a small patch of grass on the sidewalk, at a park in the city center, or holding natural stones or rocks. You can also grow plants in your apartment or house, have crystals and healing stones in your home environment, and have a salt lamp in your bedroom. These things emit the natural current of the Earth, bringing your environment back into balance

If these small amounts of nature are not available to you, the next best thing to do is to utilize special equipment that has been specially created to give that grounding effect. Some devices connect a metal rod to the ground outside, which picks up the Earth’s current. This rod can connect your body through a wire running through your shoes. Or instead of metal rods, you might prefer grounding mats, blankets, or socks. They all do pretty much the same thing. You can buy these products online. Use them daily to re-establish natural energy in your body. You can even put the grounding mat or blanket on your office chair to keep you calm and centered throughout the day.

Guided Meditation for Grounding

The best and most effective meditation for grounding is done outside. There are a few simple ways to do this.

  • Take off your shoes and connect your bare feet with a patch of grass, sand, water, or some other natural element.
  • Press your feet and all ten of your toes into the Earth beneath you, feeling the gritty sensations of the ground you are standing on.
  • Allow your breath to deepen, drawing air into your belly’s depths.
  • Close your eyes.
  • With your next inhale, imagine drawing in the Earth’s energy. Feel this energy traveling up your legs and into your body.
  • With your exhale, imagine all the energy that you no longer need gently returning down to the Earth through your legs
  • Inviting new, fresh earth energy currents into your body with each inhale. And with each exhale, dispel all the toxic build-up, fatigue, and imbalances in your body.
  • Take 10-20 of these deep and nourishing breaths.
  • Open your eyes and take a moment to notice how you feel. Notice if anything has changed from before you consciously put your feet on the Earth.
  • Keep this grounded feeling within you as you go about the rest of your day!

Guided Meditation Scripts for Grounding

If you would like more support in your meditation practice, you can try a guided meditation for grounding. A guided grounding meditation allows you to reconnect with the Earth from wherever you are. Whether you are standing or walking, seated at work, or stuck in the city center, here are three different meditations you can try out.

Walking Guided Meditation to Connect with the Earth

For this meditation, you will need to be outside in nature. If possible, take off your shoes and do this barefoot.

Find a patch of soft grass, sand, or natural elements that you can walk on. Take a few deep breaths and bring your awareness into the present moment. As you arrive here in the moment, in your body connected to the Earth beneath you, focus your attention on the soles of your feet. Feel the connection between your feet and the Earth. Take three deep breaths here.

Now, you can begin to walk slowly around your environment. Move at a pace that is slower than your normal speed of walking. Be conscious of each step you take and observe your actions mindfully. As you place each foot back down on the ground, feel the reconnection to the Earth. In your mind, you can think to yourself:

“I plant my foot on the ground. I am connected.”

Do this for as long as it feels comfortable, perhaps five to 10 minutes. Stand still and place your hands over your heart when you have completed your walk.

Take three deep and loving breaths as you connect with the sensation of being grounded that you have just created. Notice how good it feels and knows that you can return to this meditation whenever you need.

Sitting Guided Meditation for Grounding

Find a comfortable seated position. Close your eyes and relax your body. Take the first few breaths to fully arrive in the present moment, the only moment that exists. Now, feel the connection between your sit-bones and the ground or chair beneath you. Whatever you are sitting on, tune into the connection. Allow yourself to feel supported and held by the Earth beneath you.

Take a few deep breaths here, extending the breath down into your belly, and feel how wonderful it is to enjoy this connection between yourself and the Earth. To strengthen this, imagine the shape of the Earth, the entire globe, beneath you. Feel the expansiveness and magnificent sensation this brings to know that you are sitting on the entire Earth. You have so much power and earth energy existing beneath you.

Now, as you enjoy this feeling, you can begin to draw Earth’s energy up your spine. Imagine it traveling from the core of the Earth, up through the crust and layers of the ground, and entering your body through your tailbone. The energy then travels up from the base of your spine to the crown of your head, bringing a wonderful and powerful feeling.

Connect with this visualization of drawing up energy for 10 to 20 deep breaths. Enjoy this sensation.

When ready, you can return to the space and open your eyes. Noticing if anything shifted or changed within you.

Give thanks to Mother Earth beneath you for sharing her power and grounding with you today.

Guided Meditation for City

You can find little pieces of nature within the city, sometimes in the most unexpected places. This meditation is about finding these little pockets of nature within your urban environment.

Whether looking out of your office window or simply strolling the streets on your lunch break, you can do this easy meditation by looking around at your environment. Try to find the hidden spots of nature that begin to emerge throughout the city.

Do you see any small flowers growing through the sidewalk’s cracks?

Do you see any trees or bushes in the area?

Do you see any green areas around you?

Take note of where life and plants are growing in your surroundings. Where you find plants, you will also find animals. Now, it is time to look a little closer.

Can you notice the little birds sitting on the window sill of the office buildings or perhaps on top of a tree? Do you see any ants and insects crawling on the ground? Is there any other life around you that you can see from where you are?

Take your time to explore and spot all the signs of life in your city!

The more you look around, the more you will see. So, take your time here and feel the connection with the life around you.

Now, close your eyes and take five deep breaths. Feel the breath travel from the Earth through your feet and fill your lungs. As you exhale, feel it travel through your feet to the ground and into the Earth beneath you.

No matter where you are, you can always see the little pieces of Earth and its plants and animals poking through the cracks in the concrete. Give gratitude for these wonderful signs of life. Let it remind you to breathe consciously and down into the Earth as you move throughout your day.

Do this whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed, bringing you back to your natural rhythm and flow.

The Bottomline

Connection with Mother Earth does wonders to keep you calm and centered as your true self. If you live in a city, it is more important to do grounding practices regularly, even daily, to ensure the natural energy is supporting you beneath you. Visit nature places now and then, hug the trees, swim in the lakes, embrace barefoot walking, and watch as the wonderful benefits take effect on you.

Aside from grounding, there are many other meditations to do and you can explore these options in our 30 Days Meditation Challenge followed by 200Hrs TTC Course.

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