Goa Beaches: Complete List of South Goa and North Goa Beaches

If you want to make the most of your time in Goa, then visiting a Goa beach is a must. One of the things that makes them so popular is that the water is very calm, which will immediately bring a peaceful feeling to your visit. Furthermore, from October to March, the water is comfortably warm, inviting you to go in for a dip and refresh yourself in the Arabian Sea.

We have taken into consideration that during your yoga teacher training in Goa, you will have some free time during the weekends. With over 35 different options, knowing which Goa beach to choose might be a bit difficult. Besides, the beaches in Goa can be divided into South Goa beaches and North Goa beaches.

Some of the beaches in Goa are more famous among tourists, while others are a bit more secluded. It’ll all depend on what you’re looking for. Therefore, we have prepared a complete list of Goa beaches from North Goa to South Goa so that you can choose which ones you would like to visit. Take a look and have fun!

South Goa Beaches

One thing that differentiates the beaches in South Goa from the ones in North Goa is the fact that the sand is white. This is a plus since it provides a more picturesque scenery that will make you feel like you’re at the right place to relax and enjoy the sun. Furthermore, South Goa beaches tend to be more peaceful, although you can still find some of the party life here.

Let’s take a look at some of the best South Goa Beaches:

Palolem Beach:

This is one of the most popular beaches in Goa. With a wide expanse of beautiful sand and a great number of palm trees, it’s the epitome of a tropical destination.

If you’re looking for a peaceful time at this Goa beach, you should head to the northern part of Palolem. However, if you’re more into a party scene, then you might want to head towards the central and southern areas.

A special tip: Neptune Point is the place to visit on a Saturday night. This is when the Headphone Party takes place. While everything will be silent when you arrive, you will be provided with headphones, which have the best music for you to enjoy.

Agonda Beach:

A Goa beach that’s perfect for a peaceful encounter with nature is Agonda beach. Tourists don’t go often to this beach, which makes it a lot quieter than options such as Palolem. Keep in mind that if you enjoy water sports, this is not the right beach for you.

The high tide is considered dangerous, and it’s best to just appreciate the view. Besides, there aren’t many shacks at this beach as the local community wants to preserve it as much as possible.

A place to visit: If you want to try amazing seafood, then head to Fatima’s Corner. It’s a bit far away from the beach but it’s worth it. Visitors always leave satisfied with this local cuisine.

Colva Beach:

A beach in Goa that displays the best of both worlds is Colva Beach. It’s very popular due to how lively it is. During the day, you can find a relaxed vibe, and enjoy a delicious meal at one of the shacks. You should know that some shacks even offer accommodation. This might be useful if you want to stay for the night and enjoy the nightlife. Furthermore, if you’re into water sports you’ll have many options here.

A place to visit: Magzika Beach Shack is one of the many great options at Colva Beach. People love this place because of how fresh the ingredients are. When available, they will even provide you with free beach towels and beach beds!

Patnem Beach:

Patnem beach is one of the beaches in South Goa that stands out for how serene it is. If you’re looking for a relaxing atmosphere while you enjoy the white sand and spectacular view, look no further.

This is perfect for beach-goers that are more into reading a book than practicing water sports. One of the things to love about Patnem is that there’s a wide variety of food options available to you. From Goan delicious meals with fresh seafood to international dishes such as Italian cuisine.

Kakolem Beach:

Looking for a more secluded spot? Then Kalolem Beach might be your best option. This Goa beach has a unique feature and it is the fact that it’s located in-between cliffs.

Kakolem beach is for the most adventurous out there, as access to the beach is not easy. You’ll have to climb down from a small cliff to make it there. However, once you arrive and feel the peace that this place emanates, it will be worth it. It’s not for nothing that this beach is considered one of the hidden gems in Goa.

If you’re going solo, let someone know where you will be. Furthermore, avoid swimming if the tide is high, as there are no lifeguards.

Butterfly Beach:

This is one of the most special beaches in South Goa. It has the shape of a butterfly, and these animals are often attracted to the area because of some of the trees present. Besides, you’ll have to either go through a forest or take a boat from Palolem to get here.

 The seclusion of this beach means that’s practically untouched. Therefore, you get to enjoy nature in its purest state. Keep in mind that there are no shacks or vendors. Therefore, you should go prepared with food and beverages for your time there.

Extra tip: If you go on a boat early in the morning, it’s very likely that you’ll get to see dolphins on the way.

Cabo de Rama Beach:

The name of this beach comes from the Portuguese fort, which is located right in front of it. You should know that it’s a bit of a trip to get there. However, if your goal is to avoid tourists, then this is the perfect place to do so. The fact that’s not as close to the other beaches discourages many from visiting.

When you’re here, you’ll find a delightful view, with fine sand and the relaxing sound of the waves. It’s a good spot to have a picnic if you want, and you can simply contemplate nature. You can visit the Cabo de Rama Fort, and from there, you’ll get one of the most amazing views of the beach.

Bogmalo Beach:

This is one of the cleanest beaches in Goa. It’s also an undiscovered gem as not many tourists know about it. There is a big resort, so you might see some of the people staying there heading for the beach. However, it’s never crowded. Bogmalo Beach, like most beaches in South Goa, is lined by coconut trees. This provides a very picturesque look to it.

Keep in mind: Since it’s so secluded, you might find that the few local restaurants charge higher costs for their meals. Therefore, if you’re on a budget, it might be advisable that you bring your food or eat somewhere else.

Benaulim Beach:

This could be considered the Goa beach that unites North Goa with Sout Goa. Whit its large stretch of sand, Benaulim beach offers a peaceful getaway with all the comforts you might want. Although it’s less visited by tourists, there are plenty of shacks for you to choose from.

 For those interested in history and architecture, Benaulim beach is famous for being a perfect spot to see the Portuguese influence in Goa. You can see it even in the houses that are near the beach.

A place to visit: There are two European churches here that might be worth a visit to get more of a feel of this part of Goan history.

Mobor Beach:

If you’re more into the party scene, then Mobor Beach is a place you should consider. It’s one of the fanciest beaches in South Goa because of the presence of a very expensive hotel here. This has given the beach a reputation of exclusiveness that you might appreciate.

You can also practice a wide variety of water sports here. There’s even the option of biking on the beach, which is something many people enjoy.

Something you can’t miss: The river Sal is part of this beautiful area, and you can take a cruise to explore it. The biodiversity you’ll observe will leave you amazed.

Cavelossim Beach:

Although Cavelossim is Mobor’s neighbor, the vibe here is entirely different. Cavelossim is famous for being a peaceful destination. You can see the Arabian Sea but also the Sal River. If you’re more into relaxation than adventure, you can just lie down here and enjoy the sun.

If you’re more interested in water sports, you’ll find different options, including banana boat rides and parasailing. Also, there’s a wide number of shacks, where you can get some local delicious food. There’s a little bit of everything at Cavelossim beach.

Something to consider: There are many shops you’ll see when you get to Cavelossim. This might be a good place to find a souvenir to take home.

Betalbatim Beach:

Famous for its beautiful sunsets, Betalbatim is a dichotomy in itself. While the beach is very calm, there are many shacks in the northern and southern extremes of it. There are also nearby hotels and spas. However, this doesn’t seem to affect the sense of peace this beautiful landscape emanates.

 It’s not advisable to come here if you’re interested in water sports, as there are no options for this. The upside is that you get an unobstructed view of the sea. Also, if you manage to snag a boat ride with one of the fishermen, you are very likely to spot dolphins.

Galgibaga Beach:

There are many amazing things to admire at Galgibaga beach. This Goa beach is a nesting site for the Olive Ridley turtles. Like in the two other beaches where this event occurs, the state protects this beach. Therefore, you won’t find any shacks, and you’ll be able to truly commune with nature. 

Also, you can see the exact place where the Galgibaga River meets the Arabian Sea. This is a breathtaking view that is well worth the visit to this beach.

A special treat: If you plan your visit to Galgibag for nighttime, then it’s very likely that you’ll get to see the turtles emerging from the sea to lay down their eggs.

Polem Beach:

If you reach Polem beach then you’re in the most southern part of Goa. The distance from this beach to others is what makes it such a perfect spot if you want to avoid crowds. Not many tourists head there and the beach is practically unspoiled. In consequence, there aren’t many shacks either.

This is the perfect spot for a relaxing day. You can swim and, if you’re prepared, have an unforgettable picnic. The beach is very calm, and it’s usually very clean. If you didn’t bring anything to eat, you can head to the Kamaxi Beach Resort, where they serve great seafood.

Talpona Beach:

Talpona Beach was opened to tourists only two years ago. Therefore, is not very famous yet. It offers a beautiful landscape as there are trees everywhere, giving a true feeling of being surrounded by nature.

 In addition, if you head to the northern part of the beach, you’ll get to see something spectacular. You can see where the Talpona River meets the Arabian Sea. The contrast is truly delightful.

Extra tip: Since it’s not a very popular beach, there aren’t many shacks. You can find a couple of options, which have delicious meals or you can bring your food if you prefer.

Betul Beach:

You’ll have many interesting options at Betul Beach. It’s not a crowded beach, and there aren’t many shacks. Therefore, you can simply relax with your book and bring yourself a picnic.

However, you can also go on an exploring adventure. There’s a lagoon at the beach, which is something worth seeing. Furthermore, you can also visit the lighthouse, and enjoy your natural surroundings during your walk there.

A place to visit: The village of Betul is very close to the beach. If you want to get a closer look at local life, this might be your opportunity. The residents are very friendly and helpful.

Utorda Beach:

This beach could be called a middle ground between the active Goan beaches and the more relaxing and quiet ones. Utorda offers numerous water sports for active tourists. However, you can also lounge at one of the beach beds and enjoy yourself.

 At Utorda, you can swim very safely, as there’s no dangerous high tide. Also, keep in mind that there are numerous shacks. Many people have loved the food offered at Utorda. Some of the best Goan food shacks are Xarticar’s and Peter’s.

Majorda Beach:

Majorda Beach is one of the most eclectic of the beaches in South Goa. It offers a wide variety of activities you can do directly at the beach or very close to it. At the beach, you can do water sports or get some souvenirs. However, it becomes even more interesting as you keep exploring.

 You can find numerous Portuguese churches and buildings, which will allow you to get to know a bit more of Goan history. If you head towards the highway, you will find places where you can paintball or get into a GoKart.

What to eat: Martin’s Corner is one of the most recommended places to eat when you visit Majorda Beach.

Varca Beach:

Varca Beach is a very calm expanse of sand and water where you can relax and appreciate the beauty the world has to offer. There’s an interesting phenomenon regarding the sand. While part of it is white, there are areas in which it takes red tones. This is due to the presence of lava rocks.

You might see many fishermen, as there’s a small village nearby and this is their main occupation. Despite being a quiet beach, for the most part, water sports are offered for your entertainment.

What to eat: There are some shacks here where you can get some of the best local cuisine. You can also head into one of the neighboring resorts for a more upscale meal.

Cola Beach:

This Goa beach is not as easy to access as many others. However, this is one of the things that make it so special. There’s even a blue lagoon, which is one of the hidden wonders of Cola –also known as Khola- beach.

The thing that you will probably love about Cola beach is the fact that you’ll get to see many animals. Just like you, they enjoy nature, and you might see monkeys, dolphins and more.

What to eat: Due to the lack of shacks, your options are limited to the resorts near the beach. However, there’s also a restaurant called The Casa Diya, where you can get a simple meal.

Bambolim Beach:

For all of you looking to avoid the tourist scene, Bambolim offers a quiet expanse of golden sand and untouched sea. It’s one of the most preserved beaches in Goa, and this is one of the things that makes it so special. You’ll see many of the residents fishing, be it as part of their job or for their daily meal.

 You can choose between buying fresh catch from the fishermen or heading to some of the shacks at the beach. There aren’t many of them, but they offer delicious Goan cuisine. Other shacks offer Portuguese dishes, which widens your options.

Siridao Beach:

A visit to this beach can be your gateway to an immersive experience in Goan local life. This is a very rocky beach, where swimming is not permitted. However, you do get an impressive view of the encounter between the Arabian Sea and the rocky terrain.

Besides, you can visit the Jesus de Nazareth chapel, which will allow you to take a look at Portuguese architecture. There’s also the Siridao cave, which is a historic site that dates from the seventh century, approximately.

What to eat: Although there are no shacks, you can head to the local village. There, you’ll get authentic and inexpensive options for you to enjoy.

North Goa Beaches

Unlike South Goa Beaches, the beaches in North Goa are known for its wild partying. While you might be able to find some secluded and peaceful pockets, it’s not the most common thing. Therefore, if you want to enjoy and unwind a bit with some of the best parties in India, then a North Goa Beach might be the one for you.

Another difference from the beaches in South Goa is that the sand in this area is more grey than white. Although different, these beaches are also very beautiful.

The best beaches in North Goa:

Baga Beach:

Baga is one of the beaches of Goa that simply has it all. You can choose between reading a book while you listen to the waves or practicing one of the many water sports options available.

Afterward, you can head to the market, where there’s an abundance of items to buy until you get tired. And then, you still have options, you can call it a day or you can stay and enjoy the nightlife that goes on in the beach shacks.

A place to visit: Mambos, which is recognized as one of the best places for dancing at Baga Beach.

Anjuna Beach:

This Goa beach has a very upbeat vibe. Although there’s always music playing, it has a more relaxed ambiance than Baga Beach. This is probably due to Anjuna’s heritage. In the ’60s, it was one of the favorite places visited by hippies. We’re not surprised considering the beautiful nature at this beach.

anjuna beach north goa

Although swimming is not advisable due to a large number of rocks present at the shore, you do have numerous water sports options to consider.

A place to visit: It wouldn’t be one of the beaches in North Goa if there wasn’t a place to party. Curlies is one of the most popular ones.

Calangute Beach:

This is one of the most famous beaches in North Goa. Therefore, is also one of the busiest. If you don’t mind sharing your beach time with a crowd of tourists and an abundance of shacks, then you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty of Calangute Beach. It’s also the largest beach in North Goa, and it connects you to other beaches.

calangute beach north goa

Variety is the word to describe Calangute, where you can find many places to eat, water sports to practice, and clubs where you can party all night. However, you can also choose to experience the more relaxed side of Calangute by finding a nice spot to seat that’s a bit further away from the music.

Arambol Beach:

Arambol beach presents a direct contrast with Calangute Beach. This is one of the North Goa beaches with the calmest atmospheres. Serenity and peace are the two things that reign here.

Yes, there might be some music going on, and there’s a nightlife. However, during the day, it’s the perfect place to relax, commune with nature, and enjoy your time here.

What you can’t miss: The Arambol Sweet Water Lake is a hidden wonder at this beach. You can swim in the sweet water lagoon that you can only access if you walk there. It’s rumored that the sands of this lake have healing properties.

Morjim Beach:

If you’re visiting between November and March, then it’s likely that you’ll get to see one of the most unforgettable things. These are the months in which the Olive Ridley turtles nest, and it’s spectacular. The nesting season might start as late as January or as early as September.

morjim beach north goa

Another consequence of this event is that the beach is a protected one. This means that there’s a minimum number of shacks, which are not right on the beach. Besides, there’s no partying at Morjim Beach.

This might be an upside if you’re looking for a quiet encounter with nature. However, you want to let loose at night, then you might want to consider one of the other beaches we’ve mentioned.

Candolim Beach:

The three most popular North Goa beaches are Baga, Calangute, and Candolim. Out of these three, Candolim is the least crowded throughout the year. Therefore, there are a lot of beach beds and umbrellas available.

You can simply relax while you sunbathe or you can also explore some of the things at the beach. There’s a ship, the River Princess, that has become an attraction for tourists. It’s been stranded at the shore for 19 years.

There are also beautiful dunes to observe at Candolim. With many options to eat, you won’t need to bring your food if you’re interested in trying the local cuisine.

Mandrem Beach:

Mandrem Beach stands out among the beaches in North Goa because of the sense of calm and peacefulness that reigns. With many people practicing yoga at the beach, the vibe is a unique one. Therefore, Mandrem is not known for its party life.

Despite this, some of the resorts will sometimes host parties or live presentations. However, this usually takes place at night and it’s not a daily thing.

Grab a bite: One of the most attractive things about Mandrem beach is that there are healthy food options everywhere. One of the most recommended places is Verandah. This restaurant offers home-grown food.

Querim Beach:

Also known as Keri Beach, this is another Goa beach where calm is the norm. With beautiful trees surrounding it, this beach is located in the most northern extreme of Goa.

You have a couple of options to explore while you’re here. You can take a ferry that will take you to the Terekhol Fort. This will allow you to immerse yourself in Goan’s history. You can also see where the Terekhol River meets the Arabian Sea, a sight to remember for sure.

Vagator Beach:

Right when you get to Vagator Beach, you can get a picturesque view that will be impossible to forget. Vagator is an interesting beach because it’s calmer during the day, but it lights up during the night.

vagator beach north goa

You can choose to relax, practice water sports, or explore the beach. There are many shacks and the food is amazing. The many options you’ll have when it’s time to eat is one of the things that makes Vagator so popular among tourists.

Where to eat: Although Thalassa is one of the most famous restaurants at Vagator, you might want to try some other great options. Antares Beach Restaurant also offers a wide variety of delicious meals.

Chapora Beach:

Turquoise water, beautiful sand, and lava rocks. What more can we ask for? Chapora beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in North Goa. The meet of the Chapora River with the Arabian Sea is another thing to enjoy here.

There’s a nightlife here as well, but it’s different from other North Goa beaches. At Chapora, there’s a wide number of pubs entirely made out of natural items. There, you can grab a drink while listening to some music, or simply enjoying the sound of the waves.

Ashwem Beach:

Ashwem beach is one of the largest beaches in North Goa. This allows you to make it your own, despite the large number of tourists. You can stay nearer the shacks or find a more secluded spot if you prefer it.

A curious thing about Ashwem beach is the fact that it has become the home of many expats. Many foreigners have bought land there, and some even own their shack. This provides you an even more multicultural experience.

Where to eat: There are numerous places to eat at Ashwem Beach. You can go for local cuisine or international dishes. Many people love eating at Elevar.

Cansaulim Beach:

Also known as one of the best beaches for practicing water sports, Cansaulim has a lot to offer. There are two churches you can visit, St. Thomas and Three Kings.

 You can get a view of the Portuguese architecture that has so heavily influenced Goa. You can also visit the village of Cansaulim, where you can get a real feel for how the locals live.

Something to see: If you happen to be in the area in January, then you might be able to see the feast of the Three Kings Church, which happens once a year. It’s a moment of celebration for the entire local population.

Ozran Beach:

This beach has also been called Little Vagator Beach. This is because it’s very close to Vagator. However, access to Ozran is not the easiest one. You’ll need to climb a little bit to get there.

However, don’t forget to take a look at your surroundings while you’re climbing the small hill. It’s breathtaking. If you’re interested in stargazing, then consider going to Ozran at night. You will be simply amazed.

Keep in mind: Since this part of India has become very popular, this secluded spot might be more crowded than you expect it to be during certain months.

Dona Paula Beach:

 A story of forbidden love surrounds this beach. There’s an impressive monument depicting a man and a woman. The story goes that Dona Paula fell in love with a Goan man, which was not allowed. However, no one knows the true origin of the statue.

dona paula beach north goa

This tidbit of Goan history is one of the things that attracts many visitors to this beach. In addition, it’s safe for both swimming and practicing water sports, which is a plus.

What to see: We’ve mentioned various meets of rivers with the Arabian Sea. However, at Dona Paula, you’ll get to see a merger between two rivers, the Zuari and the Mandovi.

Sinquerim Beach:

This Goa beach is one of the most famous ones. This is because there’s a wide variety of sports you can practice here. From parasailing to water scooters, there are many different options for you to rent your equipment.

sinquerim beach north goa

 There’s also a historical part in Sinquerim. It’s very close to the Aguada Fort, which is an option you can explore if you’re not interested in riding a boat or exploring the sea.

Keep in mind: Remember to check the condition of whatever equipment you’re renting. Also, try to practice your sport somewhere easily visible.

Miramar Beach:

This beach has the bonus of being located in Panjim. It’s usually very clean and there are no shacks at the beach. However, right next to eat, there’s an entire street filled with street food vendors.

 There are many casino cruises that stop here. Many people prefer to go to Miramar in the evening and take a stroll. However, it’s also safe for swimming, so you can go during the day as well.

Keep in mind: It can be very crowded during tourist season.

Kalacha Beach:

This beach is unique. It’s not that popular, which makes it perfect if you’re looking for some quiet and relaxation. The main attraction of this Goa beach is that it has a sweet water lagoon.

You can take a mud bath, rinse at the sea, and the go into the lagoon. Three completely different experiences at the same place.

What to eat: Remember to bring your food as due to how secluded it is, there are no shacks or restaurants here.

Things to consider

Since Goa beaches can be such a party scene, you should take the precautions you would take when going to a bar back at home. While Goa is generally safe, there are certain things to keep in mind:

When partying:

  • There’s nothing wrong with having fun at a Goa beach and enjoying the nightlife. However, you should go with someone. If you’ve made any friends during your stay or if you met someone while you were sunbathing, consider inviting them along. There’s always safety in numbers.
  • Don’t leave your drink unattended. Just as you shouldn’t do this in any other part of the world. If you leave it at the bar to go dancing, get a new one once you go back.
  • Don’t walk alone at night: This is especially true if you’ve had a bit too much to drink. Don’t walk alone at the beach at night or on a dark road.

At the beach:

  • If you have any valuables, is best that you don’t bring them to the beach. This is even more important if you’re alone. If you’re with someone that can stand watch while you go for a swim, then ask them for this small favor.
  • Respect the tide: As we’ve stated before, sometimes there can be a very high tide. Although most of the beaches are very calm, there are exceptions. Furthermore, there are sudden drops once you get in. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


  • If you’re riding a scooter, remember to always wear a helmet. You could get gravely injured in case of an accident. Also, the police might stop you. If you’re getting in a taxi at night, make sure the driver is not inebriated. Lastly, always agree on a price before the car starts.

We’re sure with all of these options, one of these beaches appeals to the kind of day you want to have. Furthermore, now you know what makes unique each of these Goa beaches and why you shouldn’t skip on visiting them! We hope you’ll have a great time!

Meera Watts
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