Golden Triangle India: Essential Guide for First-Timers

The Golden Triangle of India is the place where you’ll meet with the sights and sounds of this incredible country.

People say that this is the noisiest and most chaotic place in the world

…But why?

The reason behind this statement is that The Golden Triangle is full of everything. From tranquil temples and majestic mosques to busy bazaars and hurtling tuk-tuks. This colourfull combination definitely will bring you back to India again and again.


You’ve never been to India?

This is the first time you’ve heard about the Golden Triangle?

Don’t you worry, you’re in the right place!

So without further ado, here’s our first-timer’s guide to the famous Golden Triangle in India.

What is the Golden Triangle?

The route between Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur is called India’s Golden Triangle. The place holds this name because of the reason that on a map, these three cities look like a triangle.

This is also the most well-trodden tourist track of India. Starting whit the capital Delhi, followed by the states of Uttar, Pradesh, and Rajasthan.

The definition: “Golden”, comes from the extraordinary historical and religious sights which these three cities offer.

Which is the best time to visit the Golden Triangle?

With average temperatures falling to 22-32 C, the winter months from October to February are the best time to visit the Golden Triangle.

Winter afternoons are the perfect time to visit the Taj Mahal, for example. The sun is warm in cold air and is settled, giving you the best view of this beautiful monument.

Diwali in October and Holi in March are some of the major festivals that can give you a taste of the Indian culture.

What is the best way to travel through the Golden Triangle?

This place is well connected by public transport. If you’re searching for the cheapest way to travel, your right choice is the bus. The bus journey in India is an experience you could never forget. People tumble in, perching on armrests and sitting in the aisle this is a normal view while you’re traveling by bus.

Ok, you already know the cheapest, but which is the best way to do this?

The answer is by Train!

You’ll have the chance to get a look at rustic India as you move through the wide-open countryside.

One of the most important things is to book your ticket in advance

…You know how busy is India.

If you don’t have enough time to travel by train you can just hire a taxi from a government-approved company, so you can see as much as possible in the time available.

How much time is needed to explore the Golden Triangle?

You can do your Golden Triangle itinerary in many different ways. Everything depends on how much time you have to stay. If you’re going fast through everything, you can see everything in three days, but you can’t have so much fun like this…

…So if you want a proper itinerary, you’ll need to spend around six days in the Golden Triangle.

What is Delhi Belly, and how to avoid it?

People from all around the world talk about how tasty is Indian food…

…Its special mixture of balanced ingredients, aromatic spices, and flavourful revelation is something that everyone must try in their visit to India.

However, one of the worst parts of exploring India could be getting sick. And in India, the easiest way to get sick can be from food or drink.

In India, the tummy discomfort is called “Delhi Belly”. It can ruin not only one of your trip days but also your whole trip, so you need to know that if you left it untreated, it could lead to serious illness.

Don’t worry, here are our seven rules, so you can easily avoid this struggle.

  1. Don’t drink tap water.
  2. Eat where the locals eat.
  3. Wash your hands.
  4. Be careful with fresh vegetables and fruits (always remove the peel).
  5. Don’t use ice (read number 1 again).
  6. It’s better to eat foods that are freshly cooked and piping hot

Now you can be calm for your health during your stay in the golden triangle, but let us show you some of the must-visit places in the three cities of the triangle – Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.

Which are the Best Places to Visit in Delhi?

Read our list and find out…

1. Humayun’s Tomb

Yeah, it looks like the Taj Mahal! And the reason is that it was the inspiration for the Taj Mahal’s creation.

Located Nizamuddin East, New Delhi This tomb was built in 1570 and kept the body of the Mughal emperor, Humayun.

This was the first building of the type of Mughal architecture in India. Then in the following years, constructions like that were constructed all over the country.

But that’s not all except the tomb, this outstanding place offers a walk into its beautiful gardens.

Entry tax is 5$ USD and free of charge for children under 15 years.

Opening hours: Every day from the sunrise until the sunset, the best time to visit is in the late afternoon

2. Jama Masjid

Located in the Old part of Delhi Jama Masjid is one of the greatest treasures of the Old City This is one of the largest mosques in India, and it can hold an unbelievable 25,000 devotees. It took 12 years until this mosque was built, the year it was completed is 1656. If you climb high of its southern tower, you’ll be rewarded with an astonishing view.

jama masjid delhi

The most important thing before going there is to dress appropriately because if no, you won’t be allowed in. To do this, you’ll need to cover your shoulders, legs, and head.

3. Swaminarayan Akshardham

Located at National Highway 24, near Noida Mor, this is a new attraction. It is a very big temple complex which was built by the BAPS. This is Swaminarayan Sanstha’s spiritual organization and opened in 2005. The dedication of this place is to showcase India’s culture.

In the complex, you can enjoy walking through the sprawling gardens, watching the sculptures, or riding a boat. You’ll need plenty of time to explore this whole thing. However, half a day will be enough.

An important thing to note is that you can’t use mobile phones and cameras there.

There is no Entry Cost, and it’s open from 9:30 AM until 6:30 PM. The only day you can’t go there is Monday.

4. Chandni Chowk

Known as the main street of Old Delhi, this place shows unique contrast to the wide orderly streets of New Delhi. Everyone here is competing for space, rickshaws cycles, cars, hand-pulled carts, pedestrians, and animals.

This chaotic place is full of inexpensive electronics, fabrics, and jewelry.

For the people who look for adventure, Chandni chowk offers samples of Delhi’s street food, but how we’ve already told you maybe it’s not the best idea.

5. Qutub Minar

Placed in Mehrauli, South Delhi, this is the tallest brick minaret in the world. It is an unimaginable example of the architecture of the Indo-Islamic population. It was finished in 1193, but until today the reason behind this building remains a mystery.

The Cost to see it is 7$ USD, and it’s free for children under 15 years. The opening hours are from the sunrise until the sunset, every day of the week.

Moving on to the next city, Agra…

Best Places to Visit in Agra

1. Starting with the famous Taj Mahal

The city of Agra is not that famous as one of its best tourist attractions- the Taj Mahal. Considered the icon of love, this mausoleum is the perfect example of the intricacy and brilliance of Mughal and Persian architecture.

taj mahal agra

The construction was made by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Nowadays, the Taj Mahal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it continues to have the same fairy appeal, attracting tourists from all around the globe. The statistic says that approximately eight million tourists visit this place during the year.

You can visit the Taj Mahal every day except Fridays, from sunrise to sunset. If you want to view the Taj Mahal at night, you’ll have only five nights of the month: two days before the full moon, the exact day of the full moon and two days after it is the possible night to make this happen.

2. Visit the Agra Fort

Located at the center of Agra, Agra Fort is one of the most famous buildings thereafter, the leader in this competition, the Taj Mahal. You can actually get a sight of the Taj Mahal from Agra Fort.

indian golden triangle agra fort

The place is well-known for being the residence of the emperors of the Mughal Dynasty up until 1638 when the capital of India has changed from Agra to Delhi, and that’s the reason why this place holds huge importance in the history of the Indian nation.

The price for entering this great place will be only 7 USD so you can go and enjoy some time there.

3.Sunset at Mehtab Bagh/ Taj Mahal Viewpoint

People from all over the globe say that this is one of their favorite places to visit during their visit to Agra. For a couple of dollars, you can get access to this fantastic place with a look straight across the Yamuna RIver at the Taj Mahal. They also tell that the view from there is better from the inside parts of the Taj Mahal.

golden triangle mehtab bagh agra

This place can give you one of the best moments during the sunset. And beauty is not the only thing that this place can offer you. The best part of it is that it’s also a peaceful spot, so you can be undisturbed while you’re feeling that thrilling experience.

4. Tomb of Itimad Daulah

This is the first tomb to be built in white marble instead of red sandstone, so that’s practically marked the cessation of the old type of building (Red sandstone) from Mughal architecture.

This place is also known as baby “Taj” because it was built with the same elaborate carvings and pietra dura, which means cut-out-stone-work) inlay techniques.

All around the tomb are placed awesome gardens that make it one of the best places in the city where you can relax and feel the culture, history, and beauty of an old era that was rich in everything.

5. Kinari Bazar

Do you want to feel what most of Agra felt like many years ago?

Kinari Bazar is the perfect place for you! Located in the following street behind Jama Masjid, this place is home of the finest jewelry in Agram, as well as fabric, authentic snack stalls, clothing, shoes, and Agra’s famous marble-work,  can be found.

This is a must-visit place for the people who are going to make a wedding soon. There you can find things like incredibly crafted garlands, groom turbans, and bridal veils.

And the last, but not least…

Best Places to Visit in Jaipur

1.Amber Fort and Palace

Located in the North part of Jaipur, this place was the home of Rajput rulers until Jaipur city was built, and has a series of outstanding palaces, temples, and gardens. During the evening you can enjoy the sound and light show which will bring alive the Fort’s history.

Near the fort is another attraction, it’s name is Anokhi Museum of Block Printing. There are held many Workshops.

The entry cost is 7$ USD for foreigners, but the night entry is only 2 $ USD per person, which is quite good.

The opening hours are from 8 AM until 5:30 PM during the day and from 7 PM until 10 PM at night.

P.S. Inside the palace you can ride elephants but this is only possible in the mornings until 11:30 AM, so don’t be late!

2.City Palace

It’s not difficult to see that the royal family of Jaipur was one of the richest in India. Especially after you visit the magnificent City Palace.

Located at Chokri Shahad, Old City, Jaipur, this place represents a huge complex of courtyard gardens, and buildings blend both Rajasthani and Mughal architecture.

The most interesting part is that the royal family still lives in the graceful Chandra Mahal. And for and additional cost you can have access to the private rooms with a personal guide.

Inside the City Palace, you can find an Art gallery, museums, and interesting displays of royal costumes and old Indian weapons. If you want to visit this palace at night, you can be the witness of the outstanding sound and light show.

The entry cost is 10$ USD during the day and 15$ USD during the night show. And the opening hours are from 9:30 AM to 5 PM daily, and from 7 PM to 10 PM for night viewing.

3. Jantar Mantar Observatory

Located next to the City Palace, Jantar Mantar was built by King Jai Singh II. Jantar Mantar literally means “calculation instrument.”

So you need to know that this place is something more than just a curious collection of sculptures, but each of them has a specialized astronomical function.

In total, there are 14 structures, which can track stars and predict eclipses, and measure time. One of the most impressive ones is the huge Samrat Yantra sundial.

With its height of 27 meters, its shadow moves roughly the width of a person’s hand every minute. It can practically show you a display of how quickly it does time, in fact, go!

The entry cost is 3$ USD for foreigners, and the opening hours are starting from 9:00 AM until 4:30 PM every day of the week.

4. Hawa Mahal: Palace of The Winds

Located next to the City Palace, this place has an outstanding facade, which makes the Palace of the WInds one of the most recognized buildings in Jaipur. Bult in 1799, I have five floors that contain rows of small windows and screens.

india triangle hawa mahal jaipur

The reason behind the construction of this building is that the women of the royal household must watch the streets below without being observed. The building offers a panoramic view from the top.

Now it’s a museum, and you can enter there for something like 3$ USD, every day of the week from 9 AM until 4:30 PM.

5. Markets and Shopping

Located at the main shopping area M I Road, Johari Bazaar in the Old City this is the perfect place to have some shopping experience, and you need to be sure that there you’ll find a variety of goods. Some of the most famous items are textiles, blue pottery, clothes, bangles, precious gemstones, and silver jewelry.

golden triangle johari bazaar jaipur

There are placed some of the top places where you can shop in Jaipur. Don’t miss to stop by the wholesale flower market (Phool mandi) just inside the Chandi ki Taksal gate in the Old City.

The best time to go there is from 6 AM head on Saturday mornings to catch the adjacent Hatwara flea market, which is free of tourists at that time.

The only thing you need to know is not going there on Sundays because many shops are closed on this day of the week.

After you know everything about the Golden Triangle there is only one thing you can do…

…YES, it’s time to make the first step and book your Yoga Teacher Training in India!

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