The Best Yoga Teacher Training Programs in Spain

Top 10 Yoga Teacher Training Schools in Spain

Best Yoga Teacher Training in Spain

If you’re finding a place where to do yoga teacher training, well then, Spain is the right place to start training. It is a beautiful country that offers yoga teacher trainings that include traditional Hatha and Vinyasa yoga courses.

Gayatri Yoga Tenerife – Santa Cruz, Tenerife

the best yoga training in spain

Experienced in Indian Yoga? Or a beginner who wants to try it? In Gayatri Yoga Tenerife they will help you enhance your knowledge on Indian yoga and at the same time will train you on how to teach yoga effectively on other people willing to take up the course.

Their main goal here is to teach the yoga principles that came from ancient masters. Gayatri Yoga Tenerife is located northeast of Tenerife and it is a small resort in the province of Tejina. They have lot of 5 star yoga teacher training reviews on facebook.

Holidayoga School

the best yoga trainings in spain

They focus on enhancing the energies and spiritual aspects within you while maintaining your health physically. The primary yoga technique that is taught in this yoga teacher training school is Hatha Yoga.

The course is proven to develop one’s well-being while healing. Throughout the course, you’ll learn the basic poses, and the precautionary methods you should perform to avoid injuries and all the necessary things needed in order for you to become an effective yoga teacher.

The place is located in a big villa and a townhouse. You can sign up as single or with a partner. The villa and the townhouse have scenic views, completely putting a peace of mind in you while you are in your training days.

  • Cost: €3100 (5-bed dorm) – €3500 (twin bed, sharing) – €3900 (single room)
  • Training length: 23 residential days
  • Website:
  • Facebook page:
  • Yoga technique: Hatha

The Yoga Bubble – Andalucia

the best yoga training schools in spain

The Yoga Bubble has a unique offer that trains any aspiring yoga teachers based on their own learning style, which means that it will become a challenging journey for them and at the same time will enhance their skills to become effective yoga teachers.

While on the training, you’ll be expected to enhance your flexibility, focus, and strength. Their main yoga technique here is the Ashtanga yoga together with the alignment and postures of Vinyasa flow.

Sun Salute Realign Yoga Studio – Alicante

the best yoga training programs in spain

In Sun Salute Realign Yoga Studio, they focus on teaching their students the asana, creative sequencing, yoga anatomy, modifications and adjustments, meditations, the philosophy of yoga, and pranayama.

The place is located near a beach, thus making it great for the yoga practice as you can feel peace and harmony around you. There are two options here: You can choose from single or double rooms based on your liking.

Rise and Shine Yoga – Ibiza

the best yoga teacher trainings in spain

Rise and Shine Yoga’s theme is based on Yin and Yang, showing the way of life through yoga. In other terms, Yang represents masculinity and activeness while Yin, on the other hand, shows femininity and meditation.

In order for the course to work out, these two aspects must be balanced. The teachers here aim to show the importance of balance in life as well as how to live your life happily. Once you’ve finished the course, you’ll be set to teach the world what you’ve learned and experienced here in Rise and Shine Yoga.

Frog Lotus Yoga –Andalucia

the top yoga teacher trainings in spain

A course that lasts for three weeks. Frog Lotus Yoga aims to impact your life big time, more of a life-changing one through yoga. The teacher here at Frog Lotus Yoga has been practicing yoga for almost 40 years.

When you finished your course, you’ll be expected that you will be ready to teach the world on what you’ve learned inside the Frog Lotus Yoga. And before you set off, you’ll be given the things you need in teaching yoga.

Inharmony – Estepona

the top yoga teacher training schools in spain

Inharmony yoga teacher training program focuses on teaching asanas, breathing practices, meditation, and relaxation skills. These skills are taught in order for them to be applied to the clients based on their age, needs, physiology, and physical condition.

While training, they will teach you the principles of yoga in a knowledgeable way the same time safe, so that it can fit in with various types of people. The venue is a villa near the beach and has its own swimming pool for a more comfortable experience.

Lilypod Yoga – Ibiza

the top yoga teacher trainings in spain

With the course offered by Lilypod Yoga, you’ll not only learn the basic principles and things needed on yoga teaching but also enhance your teaching skills in all aspect including yoga philosophy, chanting, Nada yoga and the basics of Sanskrit.

Throughout the program, you’ll come to the point where you will realize that yoga is not all about the physical aspect and fitness but also a way to transform lives and develop well-being.

The Green Lotus Yoga – Ibiza

yoga teacher trainings in spain

While on the course of learning yoga here at The Green Lotus Yoga, you’ll be able to practice your teaching skills, healing and enjoy life. They focus on teaching Vinyasa yoga here, in such way you’ll have a deeper knowledge of asana practice and the anatomy of the body and the alignments.

You’re expected to enhance your teaching skills, self-confidence and all the necessary things needed in yoga teaching. After finishing the course, you’ll be certified as a legitimate yoga teacher.

Inspire Yoga – Granada

yoga teacher training schools in spain

Their aim is to let you enhance your skills on Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga through self-practice together with their guidance. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to be more confident and how to speak properly in order for you to become an adaptive and effective yoga teacher.

The place of Inspire Yoga is located at CortijocaseriaDel Mercado, Granada. The place is surrounded by market gardens and other natural things that can bring peace in you while training.

Do you know?

At the same price of taking a yoga teacher training in Spain, you can get the immersive yoga teacher training in Bali with all inclusive at a luxurious resort.

For India training, you can take a look at our 200-hour yoga training in India which is all inclusive @ $1380 and 300-Hour @ $1880 and 500-Hour @ $3280. You will train with the topnotch yogi experts that will surely exceed your expectations and give you a lot of excitement while learning.

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