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Best yoga teacher training New York

Best Yoga Training in NYC

New York City is loaded with the topnotch YTT you can surely take advantage of. Your choices are close to boundless, but how to select if they are too many? We did various explorations on the most excellent Yoga Alliance certified schools, sparing you some time so proceed and look into the following schools to check what the best for your needs and preference is.

Yoga Teacher Training Cost in New York Comparison

Many excellent yoga teacher training schools with well-known instructors and high teaching standards can be found in New York, NY 10001. Most teacher training in New York 10001 is at least a year-long, with weekend training days to accommodate New Yorkers’ busy schedules, but one-month intensive courses are also available. Here is the comprehensive list of the schools that we have made in order to help you with your decision. The top 10 best Yoga teacher training programs in New York are listed below.

New York YTT Teacher Training Comparison

New York Yoga School

Price From


Yoga Style

Yoga Maya NYC $3300 Either 4 months – 2 weekends per month, or 4 weeks Hatha and Vinyasa Flow
Himalayan Institute – Honesdale, PA $2999 23 Days Hatha and Ashtanga
Yoga Works Yoga Certification $3300 12 (consecutive) weekends Vinyasa
Dharma Yoga Yoga Certification $3995 10 days Multi-style
Sivananda Yoga Ranch USAYoga Certification $2400 29 Days Hatha and Karma
Integral Yoga Institute $3750 4 months Hatha
Atmananada Yoga $3000 1 month – Mon-Fri Hatha

New York YTT teacher Training Online Comparison

Yoga students can choose from a variety of high-quality online yoga classes streaming platforms and yoga programs, which vary in quality, length, video channels, and yoga subscription models, among other factors. We’ve compiled a list of the best yoga streaming classes for you to choose from.

New York YTT vs Online

New York


Full YTT Cost $1200 $397
Yoga Instructor Training Duration 200 Hours 200 Hours
Yoga Alliance Certified Yes Yes
Training videos recorded Yes Yes
Live sessions with teachers Yes Yes
yoga teacher certification

Yoga Maya NYC

best yoga teacher training programs in nyc

This school has two selections for a 200-hour YTT. You can also enter a full-time course within a month, weekdays, or have your Yoga Alliance registered certification by the last part of your schooling. Or you can select to do your schooling 2 weekends a month on a quarterly basis.

They have an amazing curriculum and concentrate on transforming you to become the greatest teacher that you can be. They will train you to the different pieces of knowledge that you can use for you to become an efficient teacher in the future.

You will be handled by veteran teachers that’s why you are surely in good hands once you enrolled in this yoga school.

Himalayan Institute – Honesdale, PA

yoga teacher training programs in nyc

This school can be found in Honesdale and they are offering a 3-week full-time course to transform you into a Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teacher.

Based on ancient and modern yoga knowledge, this YTT program is from a strong and consistent tradition and discusses the entire topics of yoga practice. The school has a methodical teaching style that will give a helpful structure as you enhance your skills as a yoga teacher.

The faculty comes from various backgrounds and has numerous years of mixed experience in the implementation and training of yoga.

Yoga Works Yoga Certification

best yoga training programs in nyc

This yoga school has almost 2 decades of experience of teaching successful yoga teachers in various locations in the US and in foreign countries giving their graduates the most sought Yoga Alliance approved certification. The schooling lasts for 3 months, and you must be present on all of the classes on 12 weekends, Saturday and Sunday.

This school is composed of a team of veteran teachers and they trained many famous and successful teachers in the past 2 decades. Their training is targeting the proper alignment of the body and a series of studies of related fields for what people need in isolation.

Even though it is a bit pricey expect that your investment will be worth it.

Dharma Yoga Yoga Certification

yoga training programs in nyc

The primary teacher at this yoga school is Sri Dharma Mittra, who has been a well-known yoga teacher in New York for many years already. He’s been training yoga for half a century already and his knowledge and commitment are brilliant.

The 200-hour YTT at Dharma Yoga has a unique style and is similar to a lifestyle, not just a program. To start with, all enrollees must have at least 50 hours of Dharma Yoga experience – if you do not have this, you have not any privilege to enroll.

You will have to present requirements and there will be home works throughout the program as well. You will have to be present on every school day of the contact hours during the actual course, and you’ll need an excellent grade on both on paper and verbal exams provided to you.

You will even be anticipated to start changing over to a vegan diet. If you are prepared to have your life changed in less than 14 days and possess a knowledge that will direct you through life, this is the perfect school for you!

Sivananda Yoga Ranch USAYoga Certification

best yoga training nyc

This school was founded in 1969, this course is the most prominent YTT course in the West, training over 40,000 teachers around the globe until now.

Located in the wonderful systematic Catskill Mountains, just near the city proper of New York, this school is a tranquil haven where people of all types of financial status appear jointly to train yoga, meditation, and to have a communication with their true self. Here you will have multiple selections to decide your lodging.

You can have your personal pavilion, you can partake in an area, or you can lease a room for your sole use. Vegan meals will be given on the Ranch two times a day. With this school, you can anticipate an amazing spiritual training that will support you to a different and positive way of living separately from a profound knowledge of yoga asana. After finishing this yoga teacher training, you will get a certificate that is approved by Yoga Alliance.

Integral Yoga Institute

yoga training programs in nyc

This yoga school has been founded by Sri Gurudev for almost have a century ago and is one of the founding fathers of Yoga Alliance. They are teaming up with veteran teachers who are selected carefully to join them.

This course is an initial hatha yoga course where the participants will first process and make their personal practices of asanas, pranayama, and meditation more profound. The school will also make you become a more organized individual which you can surely benefit from when you are already a yoga teacher.

You can select among a one-month full-time course or you can execute your training over a period of 4 months in an MWF format schedule. Both training selections comprise a weekend recoil away from the stressful city life for you to know yourself further.

Atmananada Yoga

yoga teacher training in nyc

This school is composed of liberated teachers who recognize the traditional teachings and will support you to combine it in our modern lifestyles. Their course is a one-month full-time program that is very budget-friendly also they offer payment options for those who want to settle the fees on an installment basis.

The fee for the program not only consists of all the expenses throughout your stay in the school but also boundless classes at the studio and limitless class observations. If you are prepared to splurge a life-transforming month with an excellent team of teachers and make long-term friendships in an accommodating group of yogis, proceed to their website and apply for a trial period to check if this is the school that you are looking for.

Yoga Teacher Training in New York

Our training is built with leadership in mind, providing a foundation for your development as a teacher, leader, and life master. Whether you are new to teaching or looking to advance your skills, our innovative programs are designed to provide you with inspiration, education, and personal transformation in body, mind, and spirit. We are committed to developing new inspiring teachers who will lead with excellence and positively impact the world! For more information contact us today!

Do you know?

yoga certification new york

At the same price as doing yoga teacher training in New York, you can also do yoga teacher training in Bali with all-inclusive in a luxurious resort.

Teacher training in India is even much cheaper. You can take a look at Dharamshala training or Rishikesh training, in case your budget is tight and you wish to attend in India.


Why is teacher training programmes important?

The best teacher education programs encourage students to use their creativity in teaching their subject while also incorporating the most up-to-date academic research. Being well-informed enhances your ability to make independent decisions and gives you the confidence to try out new teaching methods.

Can a beginner do teacher training yoga?

Yoga teacher training is open to anyone and everyone. In fact, many teacher training includes women in their fifties, men who have never done yoga before, college students, and everyone in between.

How long does it take to become a yoga teacher New York?

The Yoga Teacher Training Diploma takes a minimum of two years (and up to 4 years) to complete and consists of 500 hours of training. Applicants must have been practising yoga for at least two years and have completed the BWY Foundation Course (additional 60 hours).

How much does a yoga teacher make New York?

Yoga Instructors earn an average of $24 net per hour ($32,000 gross per year), which is $2,400 (+8%) more than the national average salary in New York, NY. The average starting pay for a Yoga Instructor is $10 per hour. The highest hourly pay rates can reach $60.

Can a beginner join yoga teacher training?

The first yoga teacher training were given to dedicated students in the 1980s by seasoned teachers. Aside from future teachers, any level student can now enrol in a teacher training program to improve their skills. This means that you don’t need a lot of prior experience to enrol in a yoga teacher training program.

Is it worth becoming a yoga instructor?

If you want to teach and are willing to accept any salary, I would say yes. Yoga teaching can be very fulfilling if you truly love yoga and don’t care about money or are already making money elsewhere. You might strike it rich and develop a following, attracting a large number of devoted students to your classes, or you might not.

Can you teach yoga without certification New York?

In New York, NY, there are currently no formal requirements for becoming a yoga teacher, which means that anyone could start charging customers for classes in their living room.

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