Top 8 Yoga Teacher Training Programs in Italy

Best Yoga Teacher Training in Italy

If you are planning to complete your 200–hour yoga teacher training from Italy, you won’t be disappointed. Classes will mostly be outdoors, and the locally made fresh, organic food will give you that extra kick. Here we have compiled a list of the top 10 Yoga Alliance certified yoga schools and their courses. Go ahead, check it out!

1. Hari–Om

The teacher training at the Hari–Om yoga school gives a unique opportunity to immerse yourself into the yogic lifestyle and learn the foundations of holistic living. Upon successful completion of the course, you will not only graduate as a yoga teacher but will also emerge as a better human being.

Their approach is more practice-based than lecture-based. The syllabus includes practicing yoga postures, pranayama, meditation, conscious diet, efficient teaching methods, and learning the fundamentals of Ayurveda. You also gain a better understanding of body movements and learn to apply therapeutic techniques in your yoga classes.

You will stay amidst the green lawns and blues skies at the Cascina Bellaria. The accommodation rates start from 800 euros (including three meals per day) and go up to 1500 euros. The food is fresh and organic as well as delicious. Also, feel free to relax and pamper yourself at the in–house spa facilities.

2. Yoga Mea – Rimini

Yoga Mea’s 28 days of residential yoga training familiarize the students with the concepts of yoga philosophy and history, as well as teaches yoga postures, awareness, and pranayama to further the physical practice of yoga. Traditional cleansing techniques and chanting practices are also included in the course.

This 200–hour program is based on Hatha Yoga techniques and follows a strict routine. Discipline is crucial, and failure to uphold the rules and regulations will lead to immediate disqualification of your studentship without any refund.

You will be staying in a hotel on the beach of Rimini, which is the location for this course. Each room will have a balcony, a TV and an AC. Three vegetarian Ayurvedic meals will be served per day. The prices of all the meals are included in the course fee.

3. Vishwa Shanti – Cesenatico

The RYT 200 program organized by the Vishwa Shanti Yoga School located at Cesenatico, right by the Adriatic sea in Italy, is a Hatha Yoga instructor course.

The important subjects covered under this training are yoga history, philosophy, yoga techniques, yoga postures and anatomy, teaching methodology, lifestyle and ethics for yoga teachers.

While teaching styles, qualities of a yoga instructor, types of students, class handling, etc. are taught in the teaching methodology module; yoga postures, kriyas, pranayama, meditation and mantra chanting are covered under yoga techniques. In addition to these lessons, students also teach demo classes and study philosophical texts like the Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra and other yoga books.

4. Bali Yoga.it – Milan

The Yoga Alliance International certified program at the Bali Yoga.it studios is a 263–hour course. Only 40 participants are included in each batch. To qualify, you must be someone who has been practicing yoga consistently for at least two years.

During the 4–month duration, you will learn the art of teaching Vinyasa Yoga, with a specific focus on Ashtanga Yoga and the fundamental postures of Hatha Yoga. The training program includes seven-weekend classes and one 3–day residential meeting class.

The course ends with a final exam. If you’re unable to pass it in the first shot, you will get a second chance. But before that, you must attend the next teacher training course (without any payment). The top-performing students are allowed to become a part of the teaching team at the Milan studio of Bali Yoga.it.

5. Yoga Synergy – Salento

The venue for Yoga Synergy’s training program is Agricola Samadhi, an organic farmhouse in the heart of Salento, Italy. Salento is a peaceful destination in southern Puglia, close to the beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Sea.

The cost of food and accommodation is separate from the teacher training course price and must be paid directly at the venue. Both shared and private accommodations are available with rates starting from 1360 euros and going up to 1610 euros.

This 23–day training gives you the chance to build a strong foundation in yoga using both theoretical knowledge and practical experiences. The program is divided into five modules. The first three sections deal with basics of human anatomy including chakras and nadis, followed by meditation, adjustments for different yoga poses, modifications for injuries and use of props.

The fourth module teaches yoga philosophy, tantra and ethics. Finally, the fifth lesson involves assisting in classes. In addition to the residential program, there are yoga training online video materials and ebooks. Though the duration of this course is 200 hours, if you do all the online study materials, the combined training will be a maximum of 420 hours.

6. Tuscan Fitness – Tuscany

Tuscan Fitness’s YTT program focuses on making you a confident yoga instructor so that you can inspire your future students to dive into the world of yoga. The accommodation will be at Hotel La Forra, which used to be a classic Tuscan estate. But it has been renovated into a grand, spacious hotel, with all the modern amenities.

Now coming back to the teacher training program, in addition to learning about different yoga postures, modifications, physiology, yoga philosophy, sequencing, pranayama, meditation, and discussing Yoga Sutras, you will also get some foundational training in therapeutic yoga techniques and Thai massage.

Tuscan Fitness gives its students the option to choose from vegan, vegetarian and non–vegetarian meals. On off days, you are free to play tennis, go horse riding, go on hikes, and explore the beauty of Tuscany.

7. LagoCph – Tuscany

The 21–day intensive Alignment based Vinyasa Yoga teacher training provided by LagoCph is a transformative experience and helps to delve deeper into the world of yoga. It follows a strict schedule. During time offs, you are encouraged to study and practice teaching.

Here yoga postures are taught in their classic form to help you understand how the body moves. Equal focus is also given on mastering the art of meditation and learning correct breathing techniques. In addition to these, students also teach demo classes, read the Yoga Sutras, learn therapeutic yoga techniques and Thai massage.

8. Three Treasures Yoga – Saturnia, Tuscany

Another popular yoga teacher training course in Tuscany is the one organized by the Three Treasures Yoga school. This residential 200–hour program includes modules on yoga postures, meditation, breathing exercises, chanting, basics of yoga philosophy and nutrition. The surrounding atmosphere also provides the ideal setting for building your knowledge of the eight limbs of yoga.

During the 22–day long course, classes are held just outside the residential villa. This villa provides breathtaking views of the surrounding valley and the Tuscan landscape. All meals, cooked within the premises, are organic and vegetarian with a touch of the traditional Tuscan and Italian cuisines.

Take Away

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