Top 7 Yoga Teacher Training Schools in Bangkok

Best Yoga Teacher Training in Bangkok

There are various yoga training centers in Bangkok, but only some of them are certified by Yoga Alliance. We compiled the list of the following schools that have 200-hour teacher training using the English language. Aside from that they also teach the various techniques in yoga with flexible schedules so that it will suit anyone. So let us start the countdown!

Embrace Energy Yoga

best yoga teacher trainings in bangkok

In this yoga school, you will dive deeper into the divinity of yoga in its various forms with the use of a motivating and life-transforming system that tackles the limbs of yoga and its related fields completely.

Yoga is not all about executing yoga forms. It is a more organized way of implanting a life that is leaning towards yoga. Since the programs that this school teaches our not only limited to yoga postures, it will help you to become a great yoga teacher because you will also learn about alternative healing, Ayurveda, yogic nutrition, and etc.

The one that you will be learning here is rooted towards the traditional Hatha yoga with added techniques and you will also have knowledge about the different types of yogic patterns like Astanga Yoga, Vinyasa flow, Yoga therapy, and etc.

The course will run for a month and the school days will be on the weekdays.

All Yoga

best yoga teacher training schools in bangkok

This school’s YTT program lean towards both the traditional Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow afterward if you already have the fundamentals you will experiment on the different practices to widen your knowledge.

It will give you the equilibrium that your masculine energy needs to have inner peace within yourself. You will also tackle about the meditative execution of Yin Yoga.

Aside from the primary knowledge, this school will also let you master the related fields in yoga such as anatomy, philosophy, mantras, and etc.

After you have finished the course, you will have the confidence to teach your students and you will have a certified Yoga Alliance that will back you up.

Live Yoga

best yoga teacher training programs in bangkok

This school offers a profound experience in different yoga practices. At the start, you will tackle the fundamentals in picturing out how the basic techniques that are properly executed can produce a more memorable and efficient yoga experience.

Developments that are created while practicing the course will give your primary needs to learn in a more profound way with extensive practices of the different yoga techniques. By enrolling on the course you will have all the lessons and examples that you needed to master the course.

Before the course concludes, you will become an effective yoga teacher that is confident to teach students to execute each yoga postures excellently. This yoga school is certified by Yoga Alliance that’s why you will have the ability to teach yoga on any part of the world.

Yoga Elements

top yoga teacher training programs in bangkok

This school is rooted in the fundamentals of the body and mind that is executed in yoga practice. This course has an extensive prototype and each of them will have a particular motif.

The initial module is an engagement that will provide you the anatomy knowledge and proper execution to utilize in your training. After getting strong fundamentals in anatomy and proper posture, you will get lessons on proper breathing, teaching ethics, and the philosophy of yoga.

To be eligible to apply, you must have at least one year of consistent yoga practice experience and you`ll have to provide a letter of recommendation from your teacher with your application. This course exceeds Yoga Alliance requirements so you will be eligible to register as an RYT with Yoga Alliance.

In order for you to be accepted, you must possess at least 12 months of consecutive practice of yoga and you will need to have a letter of recommendation from your trainer. This is an advanced course and overqualified in terms of the requirements of Yoga Alliance that is why you will be qualified as an RYT after you finish the course.

Trika Yog

top yoga teacher training schools in bangkok

This school boasts a 200-hour hatha yoga teacher training for people who are in a quest to make their knowledge more profound in the field of yoga. You will be able to enhance your art of teaching and you will get your hands on the practice of traditional Hatha Yoga.

The training is inclusive of the training of the different yoga practices and will help you become a confident yoga teacher. Be mindful that the meals and accommodation are not inclusive in the fees. After you completed the course and passed all the requirements you will become a full pledge Yoga Alliance certified teacher.

  • Cost: $2250 (early bird discount) – $2400
  • Training length: 1 month intensive
  • Website:
  • Facebook page:
  • Yoga Technique: Hatha

Bright Yoga School

yoga teacher trainings in bangkok

In this school, you will learn how to build a strong Ashtanga self-practice. Aside from that, you will learn the different pieces of knowledge that are related to yoga such as philosophy, meditation, alignment, breathing, and many more.

By learning those things, you will become a confident and efficient yoga teacher that will help you boost your career growth. After you have finished the course expect that you will become a certified Yoga Alliance teacher.

The good thing about this school is that the fees that you will pay will already include the basic needs and necessities that you can use throughout the course.

However, there are certain requirements for you to be eligible to enroll in this school such as a full year of yoga teaching experience, age requirement, three years of Ashtanga yoga practice and etc.

Take Away

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