Linga Mudra: Meaning, Benefits, and How to Do

linga mudra

The Linga Mudra is a hand gesture with many benefits. Discover how to do it, the meaning, and the benefits behind this ancient Mudra.

Definition – What is Linga Mudra and its Meaning, References, and Mythology?

Linga Mudra is a Sanskrit term that refers to a hand gesture that symbolizes “Shiva, the supreme God.

This Mudra, held with the thumb up, is considered a symbol for Lord Shiva, the God of destruction.

Linga Mudra‘s hands and upright thumb look similar to the erect phallus. This Mudra is also known as Linga Mudra in Sanskrit.

Linga Mudra creates an oval-shaped foundation when the fingers are interlocked. Also, the thumb tends to be folded upright.

The Supreme Power holds the universe together. The interlaced fingers at the bottom represent it. The straight thumb represents the creation.

Shiva Linga, also known as Lingeshwara or the Lord of the Phallus, is one of many Hinduism forms of Lord ShivaShiva Linga is worshipped because it represents masculinity and has the power to create.

Alternate Name of Linga Mudra

The Gesture of fire.

How to Do Linga Mudra?

  • Try to sit in a meditative position
  • Place your palms in front of you, with your fingers pointed away. With the left thumb on top and the knuckles pointed outward.
  • Interlock both fingers. Your right thumb should be pointed straight up.
  • Next, wrap your left index finger (left thumb) around your right thumb. Your thumb and index fingers should be joined together. 
  • Place your hand on your solar plexus and rest it on your lap. 
  • For a few moments, hold the Linga Mudra.
  • You can also practice Linga Mudra by raising your left thumb and surrounding it with your right index finger, right thumb, and thumb.

Linga Mudra Benefits

linga mudra benefits
  • Linga Mudra creates heat in the body. This heat allows the body to fight infections such as the common cold, mucus production, lung disorder, bronchial congestion, and fever regulation.
  • The heat produced by Linga Mudra improves metabolism and respiration. The fever regulation also improves immunity and fights infection.
  • It will raise the oxygen level.
  • This reduces the production of mucus and allows the accumulated mucus for mobilization.
  • It’s very effective in weight loss.
  • It improves digestion.
  • Eliminates laziness and lethargy.
  • It increases self-belief and strengthens the mind.
  • Enhance sexual health and potency.
  • Women can have their menstrual cycles eased.
  • The Linga Mudra creates harmony within the body between Pitta Dosha and Kapha Dosha.

Linga Mudra Precautions and Contraindications

linga mudra precautions
  • The most important precautions for Linga Mudra are to avoid excess body heat meals such as meat, animal fats, and fatty dairy products.
  • After practicing Linga Mudra, avoid any activities that increase your body temperature.
  • You should be careful about what you do and how long you do it.
  • If you suffer from conditions such as menopause, thyroid disorders or migraines, hypertension, ulcer, or recent stroke, you should not work towards Linga Mudra.

What time and when to do Linga Mudra?

  • You can perform Linga Mudra at any time. However, you must ensure your body temperature and cardiac and respiratory functions are normal before you begin.
  • Practice Linga Mudra to increase your sexual potency.
  • It can also be practiced in managing metabolism and heat production in the body.

Linga Mudra can be practiced in the morning or evening. The Mudra‘s immunity and temperature regulation benefits will be increased through morning and evening practice. This Mudra aids digestion, so it is tempting to do this after meals. However, that would be a mistake. It has more of an indirect effect than a direct benefit to digestion. However, the direct benefit is to increase your body temperature. This can be counterproductive if you have a full stomach.

Mudras should be practiced for at least 45 minutes per day. This time duration should be adhered to even for Linga Mudra.

People have different structures, so if you feel heating sensations even after 45 minutes of practice, you’ll need to reduce your time. You should not attempt to stretch for 45 minutes, but instead, do it in three 15-minute segments.

Breathing in Linga Mudra

You can start with different Pranayamas, such as Bhastrika Pranayama.

Visualization in Linga Mudra

Imagine your body as a fire that burns all the unwanted bacteria and waste.

Affirmation in Linga Mudra

My resistance abilities are growing more each moment.


The Linga Mudra or a Gesture of fire is said to have various benefits. These benefits include promoting concentration and memory recall, relieving stress and anxiety, and improving circulation. If you’re interested in learning more about the Linga Mudra and other Mudras, consider taking our Mudras Certification Course. This course includes all 108 Mudras and their corresponding benefits so that you can start incorporating them into your life today.

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