Agni Mudra: Meaning, Benefits, and How to Do

agni mudra

Discover the meaning of Agni Mudra and learn how to do this Mudra and its benefits. It can help you focus, increase energy, improve digestion, and more.

Definition – What is Agni Mudra and its Meaning, References, and Mythology?

Agni Mudra is one of the Hasta Mudras, hand gestures or seals/locks. Let us simplify its meaning by breaking it into two different words.

Agni – The word “Agni comes from Sanskrit Origin, which means “fire.”

Mudra – The word “Mudra also comes from Sanskrit origin. Here, it is used to describe “a gesture or seal.”

So, this Mudra is known as the “Fire Gesture” or “The Gesture of Fire.”

This Mudra is believed to be greatly valuable to those who experience cough and cold when the weather changes. It helps to keep the body temperature at an optimum temperature of around 37 degrees Celsius or 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit for human bodies. When our body can maintain its optimum temperature constantly, we rarely get cold and cough. Apart from this, this Mudra also helps maintain the blood flow throughout the body. As we know, our muscles and blood circulation enable us to have a similar temperature throughout different weather patterns. Surya is a Hindu god. Surya translates into the “Sun,” and Sun carries fire within itself. It is believed that whatever energy our planet Earth has is because of the Sun. Similarly, this Mudra is believed to increase energy in our body, eliminating chances of getting a cold and cough.

Agni Mudra also relates to the digestive fire, so when we practice this Mudra, it ignites the digestive fire hence improving the process of digestion. It is believed that assuming the Agni Mudra increases our metabolic rate. A higher metabolic rate enables one to lose weight easily, so it could be helpful for those who want to improve their metabolic rate and reduce body fat.

Alternate Names of Agni Mudra

Fire Gesture or The Gesture of Fire.

How to Do Agni Mudra?

  • This is one of the Mudras that requires you to perform while seated in any meditative posture. So, if you wish to practice it to maximize the gains out of this Mudra, you should consider practicing it while sitting in any comfortable meditative posture. There are different meditative postures where you can sit for long periods, but you have to ensure good mobility around the Hip joints.
  • You can assume Swastikasana (Auspicious Pose), Padma Asana (Lotus Pose), etc.
  • Keep your neck and spine comfortably straight.
  • Rest both of your palms comfortably on your knee. Palms facing upward towards the sky.
  • Start to completely close your eyes.
  • Now, slowly bend your ring finger and place it close to the base of your thumb.
  • Then, comfortably place the tip of your thumb on the middle part of your ring finger.
  • Keep the remaining fingers extended so that they look distinctive from each other.
  • Make sure to repeat the same on both of your hands.
  • You can keep it on both knees (palms will remain facing upward towards the sky).
  • Practice deep breathing. You can even practice various Pranayamas such as Bhastrika and Surya Bhedan Pranayama (Right-nostril breathing), as these Pranayamas create heat inside the body.

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Agni Mudra Benefits

agni mudra benefits
  • By practicing this Mudra, one can ignite their digestive fire even more so that they would have better digestion.
  • This Mudra helps to increase the body’s metabolic rate, which means by practicing this Mudra, one can increase energy flow inside the body. Better energy flow means a better mood.
  • This Mudra can also be very beneficial, especially for those who want to get rid of fat in the body. As we mentioned that this Mudra increases the Metabolic rate. Hence, this Mudra helps to spend energy even more effectively.
  • Many people are prone to have a cold in such circumstances. However, practicing this Mudra can help to protect our body from such things. It strengthens our immune system. It can even prevent common colds and coughs, especially in the winter or at the time when the weather changes.

Agni Mudra Precautions and Contraindications

agni mudra precautions

Similar to all other Mudra practices, it has no side effects.

However, there are a few things to consider:

  • If you experience difficulties sitting due to tight muscles, please use something under your hip region to elevate it a little.
  • Avoid taking the wrong food items at the wrong time. It is especially applicable to those who easily get cold and flu.
  • Keep all the fingers in a comfortable position, do not exert any excessive force onto them.

When and how long to do Agni Mudra?

  • If you easily get cold when the weather pattern changes, then this Mudra can be practiced to overcome such a scenario.
  • This Mudra can be practiced if you want to ignite your digestive fire even more so that your digestion would become better.
  • This Mudra can increase your metabolic rate. So, it can also help to fire your energy more effectively.

Morning is the ideal time to do any yoga or Mudra. In the morning, during the daytime, our brain is at its best. So, you are more likely to be able to concentrate easily. Therefore, you should practice this Mudra from 4 am and 6 am to get the most effective outcomes.

If you are having difficulty with this during the morning hours, you can do this Mudra later in the evening too.

Practicing this Mudra for a minimum of 20-40 minutes daily is recommended. Whether you wish to complete it in one stretch or two threes that last between 10 and 15 minutes, it’s up to you. Based on research, the best way to practice an exercise for at least 20 minutes is to get the best benefits of that particular Mudra.

Breathing in Agni Mudra

There are different types of breathing we can practice with this Mudra.

  • Thoracic Breathing or you can practice it with Pranayamas that increase heat in the body, such as Bhastrika Pranayama and Surya Bhedan Pranayama.

Visualization in Agni Mudra

Visualize that there’s a fire within. Yourself. It is burning every negativity that you come across in your life.

Affirmation in Agni Mudra

While practicing this, Keep a positive intention. Start with:

My inner fire will obliterate all the negativity within me.”


The Agni Mudra is a Mudra or energy seal that is said to increase the power of fire in the body. The benefits of this Mudra are many, including improved digestion, reduced inflammation, and increased circulation. If you’re interested in learning more about this and other Mudras, check out our Mudras Certification Course. This course will teach you all 108 Mudras and their benefits so that you can start incorporating them into your own life.

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