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Vishuddha Chakra Meditation, Affirmations, Mudra, Mantra Chanting

throat chakra meditation
Throat Chakra Meditation Guide

Learn how to reach your Throat chakra and access healing through gentle meditative techniques.


According to Hindu and Buddhist texts, chakras play an important role in regulating and coordinating the flow of energy in our bodies.

The 7 main chakras connect to key nerve bundles and organs, so by looking at each one of them we can detect imbalances at the physical, emotional, and energy levels.

The Throat chakra, or the Vishuddha, is known to be the base of our communication, expression, and hearing of one’s truth.

It is the fifth of the main chakras and we can detect imbalances by asking questions like:

  1. Are you honest with yourself and others?
  2. Do you confidently speak your mind?
  3. Do you listen to and respect your own needs?
  4. Are you outspoken at social gatherings?
  5. Do you feel lost within your thoughts or find it somewhat difficult to clearly understand others?

If your answer to most of the above questions is a yes, you might conclude that you have an underactive, or blocked Vishuddha Chakra.

  1. Are you highly critical of yourself and others?
  2. Do you tend to be the one who outtalks others?
  3. Do you interrupt other people?
  4. Is it difficult to keep your mind still?
  5. Do you tend to overthink and exaggerate?
  6. Do you argue with yourself and others a lot?

If the answer to most of the above questions is a yes, you might say that you are dealing with an overactive Throat Chakra.

Do you have any infections, inflammations, or chronic diseases in your throat and neck area? These may also be the source of imbalance in the fifth chakra.

Getting Started with Throat Chakra Meditation

Meditation is a clearing and opening practice that can help with accessing your energies, both on the physical as well as the emotional and spiritual levels.

You may follow a Throat Chakra Guided Meditation, or reach for a Throat Chakra Meditation Script that can help you prepare for your own experience.

  1. Before you get into meditation, you are advised to do some warming up and loosening up exercise with Gattis, and a few spine-focused kriyas.
  1. If possible do a full yoga practice and some breathwork beforehand, to stimulate the subtle energies and create more space and clearance for the meditation.
  1. Sit in a comfortable position, with your spine erect and shoulders relaxed.
  1. Keep your eyes closed or slightly open, and begin to slow down your breath, by following a 4×4, 6×6, or higher breathing pattern. Inhaling and exhaling for the same amount of 1-second counts, for your heartbeat.
  1. Once you´ve found your rhythm, focus your attention on your throat area, visualizing a blue light pulsating in your Vishuddha.
  1. Once in a while, as you feel the impulse, you may place your hands on your throat to heighten your awareness of this space.
  1. Breathing in, embrace the feeling of truth, honesty, and purity of thoughts. Listen to how it makes you feel, and acknowledge understanding and acceptance of it in your Vishuddha chakra meditation.
  1. Breathing out, relaxing the throat muscles, and letting go of unclarity, dishonesty, and impurity. Release any stagnant energy you feel accumulated in your Throat chakra.
  1. Stay in this state as long as you like, going through this cleansing and strengthening visualisation exercise with your intention to balance your Vishuddha.

What we Learn

Meditating and turning your attention to your Throat chakra can help recharge, restore self-expression, and help communicate with yourself. Go with your truth and softly let it open up within the Vishuddha.

Throat Chakra Affirmations

Our mind is a perception and representation of our own, unique reality.

The words we use, and the thoughts we have about ourselves and others are all a part of that and are known to carry huge energetic weight and importance.

We cannot affirm something that contradicts our true values and our reality. Our subconscious will not allow that.

This is why it is important to find affirmations that resonate with us at this moment.

Below you will find a few Vishuddha chakra Affirmations to begin with:

  • I hear myself.
  • My thoughts are kind and full of compassion.
  • I speak up with clarity and calmness.
  • I accept my truth and intuition.
  • I do good with my thoughts and words.
  • My voice is clear and steady.
  • My creativity is free to explore.
  • I am open to communication and understanding.


It might be that at the beginning you’ll not be able to say some strongly empowering and self-loving affirmations – especially if you are just starting on your journey of self-healing. It is important and advisable to give yourself time and acceptance on this journey.

Throat Chakra Mudra Technique

Mudras, traditional hand gestures found in Hinduism and Buddhism can help to engage with certain neural paths alongside the brain and body.

These are known to connect to a specific area within the body depending on the positioning of the fingers of both hands.

Each chakra has its recommendations when it comes to mudras, but they may be used interchangeably, or in sets, within a practice.

The Throat chakra mudra is said to help with clearing the passage of free communication and truthfulness towards oneself and others.

To support your Throat chakra it is recommended to use The Vishuddha Chakra Mudra with a pranayama or meditation practice:

  1. Get into a seated position of your choice, with the spine erect and shoulders relaxed.
  1. Begin a pranayama practice of choice, or simply calm down your breath.
  1. Relax your hands in your sacral area, palms facing up with interlocked fingers.
  1. Press your thumbs together and raise your hands to the navel.
  1. Train your attention to the Throat Chakra while breathing in and out.
  1. You may rest your hands in your sacral area whenever you need.

Throat Chakra Mantra Chant and the Meaning Behind It

Mantra chanting can be very powerful when it comes to working on balancing the Vishuddha Chakra. Using the voice, opening one’s unique vibration can be a very healing and empowering experience.

The Chakra Sounds, the bija mantras, are a vibrational practice that are most recommended with deep and conscious breathing, and in a meditative position of choice. Each chakra is connected to the sound of its root syllable and is to be chanted in a comfortable and natural pitch.

The Throat chakra mantra is the sound of HAM which connects to the energy of ether, or space. You may begin with chanting the sound HAM throughout your whole exhale at a slow pace or repeating the mantra faster on one breath out.

This Throat Chakra Chant is a very powerful ancient practice, which supports cleansing, releasing, and strengthening the energy field of the Vishuddha.

It can be done alone, however may be practiced with others to connect to the collective energy.

Bottom Line

Whether we are working with an overactive or underactive Throat Chakra, meditation practices allow you to find your space and time to feel the energy inside. Together with resonating affirmation, mudras, and sounds you will be able to connect deeply into the discovery of your true needs, to then learn how to communicate with yourself and others.

For more information and a better understanding of the Chakra System join our online Understanding Chakras course. Based on the feedback of users who’ve undergone this course, we guarantee you’ll gain immense value and satisfaction after you finish.

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