Guided Morning Meditation to Start Your Day

guided morning meditation

Learn how to start your day right with this guided morning meditation. This meditation will help you start your day with a clear mind & positive energy.


Maintaining an uplifting and energizing morning routine is a helpful way to broaden your perspectives and keep your mind focused during the day. Meditation is a powerful yet calming self-awareness practice during which we concentrate on the sensations within. A guided meditation, led by another practitioner, can be a great choice for morning meditation, especially if we feel like following a prepared script focusing on a certain aspect of life – such as energizing or awakening in the morning.

Below we will talk about the impact of morning meditation on our health and well-being and share guided, well-been-guided morning meditations to give a great start for the day.

The Importance of a Guided Morning Meditation

Meditation is a practice that can be done anytime and any place. For many, a morning meditation can bring peace and a broader perspective for the day, help get the energies within the flowing, clear mind and awaken the body with more e self-awareness.

A morning meditation is helpful when we anticipate a fast and stressful day ahead with a packed schedule of things to do. It can help set a positive and open-minded attitude and the day. Its effects can be profound since it is done right after we wake up when our minds are not clouded.

Guided vs Silent Morning Meditation

Meditation can be performed as an individual practice, following our rhythm, structure, and dividend g within by listening to our sensations and mind. This can also be called a silent meditation –in which we are not listening to anyone’s voice or instructions. We guide ourselves through a meditative experience.

Some advantages of silent meditation are that we follow our rhythm, pace and needs and perform silent meditation at any time and place. We need some space to still our minds. Silent meditation allows us to stay in meditation for as long as we wish. We may practice for a few seconds, minutes, or even hours. The freedom of silent meditation is limitless until we feel we‘re treating the practice with kindness and gratitude.

When practicing silent morning meditation, we can truly dive into and connect to what is happening within us at that particular moment. We are not influenced by the surroundings or the voice of a guide and can deeply connect to the True Self in an intuitive and personal way.

Guided meditation, on the other hand, is a practice in which we follow a prepared guided meditation script and follow the voice of a meditation guide or teacher. A guided meditation to start the day can vary from just a few minutes up to a few hours and can be chosen freely depending on what we need and feel like practicing. A great advantage of guided morning meditation is its focus on a specific area within the meditation. We can therefore choose freely from many guided meditations to help us concentrate on a specific aspect of life.

A guided meditation morning meditation can be supportive of anyone looking for a motivating and relaxing start to the day, for people dealing with anxiety or depression, or simply when you feel like following a well-prepared meditation script and are happy to follow instructions through the practice.

Morning Meditation Scripts

A morning meditation script can help you follow a profound practice with a prepared well-prepared structure and relaxation. Below you will find a few different approaches to a meditative start to the day.

Guided Meditation to Start Your Day

This short guided meditation is great for waking up and energizing the body. It focuses on bodily sensations, conscious breathing, and gratitude toward life. A powerful morning meditation to boost confidence and stay present throughout the day.

Louise Hay’s Morning Meditation

This 25-minute guided morning meditation follows the energy of gratitude and curiosity for the day. A contemplative meditation that awakens positive and creative thoughts and brings ease and security to mind by noticing the aspects of life you have access to.

Morning Guided Meditation For Anxiety

Guided morning meditation is prepared especially for those dealing with anxiety. This short practice will take you through a soft conscious breathing relaxation and focus on insightful questions and calming guidance through meditation.

Affirmation of Morning Meditation

This 10-minute guided morning meditation and affirmation practice takes you through a pranayama breathwork relaxation with humming to awaken and energize the body in the morning. It continues with visualization work and connecting to the energy and sensations of gratitude and joy.

Guided Morning meditation & Pranayama for 10min

This morning session invites you to a short guided meditation and pranayama breathwork practice together. Pranayama, working with energy and conscious breathing, is a great way to awaken the body and mind after sleep. It rejuvenates, cleanses, and prepares you with a clear and open-minded intention for the upcoming day.

Positive Energy & Meditation from Guided Morning Meditation

Another 10-minute morning meditation practice, during which you will be guided through a soft body scan awareness practice to relax the body. After energy visualization and relaxation, you will be led through a peaceful and motivating meditation to help you start the day uplifted and calm.

The Bottomline

Following a morning guided meditation or meditating on your own can help you start the day with a kind and clear attitude. The first moment of the day is very important – how we wake up and what directions we want our mind and body to take will help us stimulate the energy we need for the day. Whether you choose a short guided morning meditation or a longer practice, it is more important to approach it with gratitude and kindness. We invite you to join our Calm Your Spirit, Soothe Your Mind online meditation course followed by our 200Hrs Online TTC Course to help you practice insightful relaxation and meditation.

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