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guided meditation for success

This article will tell you what it takes to reach the level of success you want! With motivation and determination, you can cultivate through meditation. You will see how your focus and energy can effectively achieve your goals. You can work through a guided meditation that will program you for success and identify your sources of motivation. Once you have learned how to build a routine around success and adjust your behavior around your goals, you will be surprised how quickly you can manifest your dreams into reality. This article is for you if you are ready to create the life that you want to live.


Meditation is a great tool for motivating you and cultivating success. Many famous and successful people and life coaches use daily meditation to help them stay in their foundational success mindset. Focusing your awareness on the intention to be successful means you can channel your energy into that goal and watch it come to fruition. Mindfulness is a one-pointed focus and through this practice, it is possible to stay determined and motivated on one goal, which can create success in whichever field of life you choose.

Programming Yourself for Success

Creating success takes discipline, motivation and focus. These three qualities must be programmed into yourself to help you achieve your goals.

The mind is the ruler of your thoughts, and it can easily argue both positive and negative sides of the same coin. For example, your mind may have set a goal to go daily to the gym to get fit, and just a few hours later, that same mind is convincing you to eat that delicious slice of chocolate cake and stay in for the evening to watch a movie. The mind is a tricky thing to conquer, but it is possible! Through mindful awareness and observing your thoughts, you can see the mind for what it truly is. This will shed light on how important it is to focus on creating a healthy and positive mindset for yourself.

Your mindset is what will keep you motivated when times get challenging. Many meditation tools and techniques can align your mindset with motivation and success.

One of the best ways to create a success-driven mindset is to use affirmations. Positive thoughts are spoken in the present moment to give your mind and body the feeling as though the affirmations are already happening. The following affirmations can be used upon waking up each morning or when you notice your focus shifting or getting distracted to bring you back on track. Repeat every three times and feel the energy it creates in your mind and body.

Affirmations to Meditate on for Motivation and Success

  • I am focused on my goals
  • I have endless amounts of motivation
  • I am successful in my mind and my life
  • Every breath I take aligns me with success
  • Motivation is easy to find and used generously
  • Success comes naturally to me

Sources of Motivation

Motivation can come from both intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) sources. While both can be powerful forces, it is important to know their differences.

An extrinsic source of motivation comes from the outside. This could be, for example, a chocolate bar when you complete the race or a pay raise when you hit your target. It could also be a promise from a person or praise from a coach. While these are all positive, their motivation relies on someone else is responsible for their delivery.

Intrinsic motivation, on the other hand, comes from within you. It is the feeling you get when you reach your goal. It may be a sensation of happiness, increased self-esteem, greater confidence or higher self-worth. This form of motivation is the best to connect with, for you do not rely on anyone else but yourself to achieve it.

When you are seeking motivation, look inside yourself and ask: “How would it feel for me to achieve this goal?” or “What does my best life look and feel like?” When you have concrete answers to these questions, you can begin to connect with the motivation that you need to achieve these.

You can try a number of guided meditations for motivation online to help you connect with your purpose and to keep your focus. There are meditations for positive energy and motivation or guided meditations to achieve your goals. Whatever you are seeking, you will find it online! If you want to guide yourself through a motivational practice, you can try this guided meditation for success below.

Guided Meditation for Success

After finding your motivation and focus, you can connect with these inner drivers to help you succeed. Here is a guided meditation for success that can help you to achieve your goals

  1. Find a comfortable position, seated either on the floor or on a chair. Allow your body to relax into the present moment by relaxing your muscles and unclenching your jaw. Imagine a wonderful wave of relaxation washing over your body to help you to invite in softness.
  2. Close your eyes and tune into the sensations in your body. Ask yourself what success you would like to achieve today. This could be a small achievement such as getting outside into nature or cooking yourself a meal. Connect with a small task that would be a success for you today.
  3. How will it feel when this task is complete? Tune into the feelings and emotions behind it.
  4. Now, zooming out, ask yourself what success you would like to achieve in the next few weeks or months. This could be a bigger success that may take longer but will feel very rewarding and satisfying.
  5. How will it feel when that goal has been achieved? Tune into the feelings and emotions behind it.
  6. Enjoy a few moments of relaxation here as you connect with a visual picture of your goal being achieved. Feel it in your mind and body, every cell connected with the wonderful sensation of completing a goal and attaining success.
  7. After you have spent a few moments here, you can open your eyes. Remind yourself that it is the series of small everyday tasks that help to keep you motivated. They are the small yet significant stepping stones to reaching your goals and attaining success. Now, as you go about your day to complete the small tasks you had set your mind on, know that it contributes to the greater goal that awaits you in time.
  8. Give thanks to yourself for taking the time to connect with your goals and visualizations today. The more often you connect with this future, the easier it becomes to cultivate motivation and success in your everyday life.

Building your Routine

The greatest step towards achieving success is creating a positive and sustainable routine that will bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be. As mentioned earlier, training your mindset to be focused on success is a great way to stay motivated as you move toward your goals.

Steps to Create a Routine

  1. Connect with your intrinsic and extrinsic motivations (see ‘sources of motivation’ above). Write these motivations somewhere safe so you will see them often – by your bed or on the wall in your kitchen, for example.
  2. Create affirmations around these motivations (see ‘programming yourself for success’ above). Write down your affirmations and use them often throughout your day. You can speak them in your mind, say them aloud, or speak them out loud as you look at yourself in the mirror.
  3. Do the meditation for success as written above. Get clear on the small and larger tasks that need to be completed to succeed.
  4. Set aside time each day to repeat these steps and cultivate a loving and supportive routine for yourself.

Once you have committed to your goals by finding the feelings that go with them, there is no doubt that they will start to manifest in your life. Routine is the glue that holds it all together, for when you wake up each morning, you know you will start with your success routine without question. Doing this intentionally and regularly is to train your mindset to be success orientated; from there, the motivation will flow naturally as you move closer to creating your dream life.

The Bottomline

Motivation, focus and determination are readily available. You need to know how to access them. If you want to start practicing, a wonderful way to do so is by signing up for our 30-Day Meditation Challenge followed by our 200Hrs TTC Course. This will be a great start to your meditation practice, as well as your focus on creating a routine. Success awaits you. Jump right in, and let’s begin.

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