Benefits of Meditation for Seniors

yoga meditation for seniors

Guided Meditation for Seniors is often thought of as a tool everyone can use, which is correct! But there are some specific things to consider for seniors, such as the length of meditation and the ability of seniors to stay focused and concentrate. Once these issues are addressed, you can experience regular meditation’s wonderful peace and calm. As well as the physical and mental health benefits! Further down, you will find some links to guided meditation scripts for seniors; set aside some time to meditate on them to reap the benefits in your daily life.


As a senior, the wisdom you have accumulated over the years could be used as the key to beginning a meditation practice. There is a good chance that you have more time now than when you were younger to dedicate yourself to learning new meditation techniques and establishing regular practice. You have more time to enjoy the present moment, sit back, and relish in the joys of your life. Now, you have the luxury of setting some time regularly each day to nourish yourself, your mind and your body. Let’s look at the benefits you can get from a good guided meditation for seniors.

Benefits of Meditation for Seniors

meditation benefits for seniors

Many studies show that meditation can enhance your brain power. Regular practice can help you improve both your long-term and short-term memory. It can also help increase your focus and concentration.

The stress reduction effects of meditation should also be considered, as meditation can lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation, two major health conditions among the elderly. Some studies even show that meditation can control chronic pain levels because pain is often related to stress. It can calm your nervous system and return you to inner peace.

Meditation before bed is also a wonderful way to wind down for the day and to prepare for a good night’s rest. It can reduce insomnia and improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

With increased mindfulness, the fruit of regular meditation practice, seniors can build mental and spiritual resilience to cope with loneliness and depression. Meditation is also a beautiful practice to share with others. Regular meditation groups for seniors can increase your motivation to meditate regularly and create a special bond between people who practice together.

Guided vs Silent Meditation for the Elderly

Meditation is a personal thing. Everyone has his or her preference for styles and different needs as well. Try a few meditation styles and be open to discovering new tools and techniques as your meditation journey deepens.

If you seek guidance to calm a wandering mind, guided meditation may work for you as it provides you with an anchor to come back to whenever you need to be. For your particular purpose, it is best to do it in a seated position so you can stay energized for the entire duration.

If you feel tired but awake in your mind, try a self-guided body scan. This can be done in silence and involves lying down in a comfortable position. You then mentally scan yourself through your entire body, one body part at a time and allow yourself to tune into the movements happening in your body.

If you want to maintain your silence but keep your focus active, you can choose one word, sound, or positive mantra to focus your attention on. Once you have chosen a mantra that feels good for you, close your eyes and repeat it for a few minutes to bring yourself into the present moment.

No matter where you are, breath focus is another great meditation for seniors. This involves simply noticing ‘I am breathing in’ and ‘I am breathing out.’ As you connect with your breath, you can also notice the sensations in your body that the breath creates. Feel the rise and fall of your belly and chest. Feel the cool air traveling through your nostrils and into your lungs. What else can you notice as you do this?

Whether you do a guided or silent meditation, the best option for seniors is always mini sessions, for they only require a short amount of time and, therefore, a short attention span. If you begin with just two minutes a day, you can slowly increase this by adding one extra minute to your weekly meditation practice. Slowly, as your practice grows and your focus increases, you may find yourself sitting in a bubble of bliss every day.

Best Senior Guided Meditation Scripts

If you are seeking a guided meditation script for seniors, you can look at the following videos. They will help to guide your practice and give you a good foundation for starting a regular meditation routine.

This outdoor-based visualization meditation for seniors is great for those who need to focus their minds while they meditate. It will guide you through a beautiful forest meditation.

Another beautiful meditation for seniors uses a crystal to set the energy and intention of the meditation and allow you to go deeper into your concentration and practice.

This beginner meditation for seniors is recorded by a senior and is a great way to learn the basics and enjoy the feelings this practice brings you!

You can also try guided savasana meditations or simply enjoy a few moments of silence, either lying on your back or sitting comfortably in a chair.

Insight Timer is a great app with an extensive range of meditations you can choose depending on your mood or what you want to cultivate in your meditation. You can also use it as a timer with gentle background music for silent and timed meditation practices.

The Bottomline

Always remember, there is no right or wrong way to meditate. Everything is an experience. One day the meditation may feel good. On another day, it may be challenging, but both are okay! You might find that some days you have a wandering mind; on others, you can drop straight into a blissful state. Learn to accept whatever comes up for you and remind yourself that only the present moment matters. Here, everything is okay and you can be at peace.

By committing to a regular meditation practice, you will notice the benefits developing over time; hopefully, this will encourage you to continue to deepen your practice. If you are ready to learn more about meditation, we have a 30-day meditation challenge followed by our 200 Hr TTC Course that invites you to go deeper into your practice.

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