Yin Yoga Certification – Courses available in 2022

Yin Yoga Certification

Yin Yoga embraces the intricacies of the Yin energy which needs to be massaged in, for you to get the full benefits out of it.

The masculine Yang has to coexist with its feminine counterpart Yin in a harmonious balance.

Won’t you like to delve into the artistry of Yin Yoga and master its complexities to achieve a more mindful, effective practice? Or better still, teach your students so they can experience yoga at a deeper level.

Whatever your objective, ideally you should get yourself Yin Yoga certified.

1. Reasons to teach Yin Yoga

Engages the Yin structures of your body

The body structures that reflect the Yin energy are the tendons, ligaments, bones, and discs. Undoubtedly, they are somewhat harder and take a longer time to train, yet they are essential to your everyday yoga practice.

Without them the Yang structures like muscles and blood would not function optimally. For that reason, Yin Yoga is vital.

Increases Flexibility

Because Yin Yoga activates the Yin structures and requires you to hold the poses for up to 10 minutes, it is a perfect way to improve the body’s flexibility. It also provides the body with a deep thorough stretch, the positive effects of which can be felt very soon.

Offers a Mindful, Soothing Experience

Yin Yoga soothes and relaxes like no other, and helps practitioners unwind after a hectic day. Copious studies have shown that it reduces stress, tension, and anxiety. This is something confirmed by thousands of satisfied practitioners.

Helps you achieve Greater Spiritual Depths

Owing to its slow-paced nature, Yin Yoga helps you put yourself in a reflective mood to ponder on any lingering issues.

Such meditative sessions can help you plumb to greater spiritual depths and find solutions deep within yourself in these complicated times. 

2. Yin Yoga Certification Courses for 2022

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Our in-house Yin Yoga Certification Course is designed keeping your convenience in mind. You will be guided by our devoted yoga teachers at your own pace so that you get the most out of the course while being encompassed by a warm and welcoming community to support you. Find more information about the course here.

My Vinyasa Practice Yin Yoga Teacher Training

This course is suitable both for new students as well as seasoned Yin Yoga practitioners. It is designed to be completed within four weeks however you can go at a pace that is comfortable for you. It offers new perspectives and insights into Yin for every student.

The participant will gain a deeper appreciation of Yin’s philosophy, proper rules of sequencing as well as how it affects the body and mind.

Yoga Renew Yin Yoga Teacher Certification

This course focuses on Yin’s doctrine of stillness but with a fresh, cross-sectional approach. While the classes undoubtedly place great emphasis on the Yin philosophy, they are intertwined with the course’s various sections including anatomy, benefits, history, practice, and more. This way the newly certified teacher can implement their knowledge not only on a physical level during a yoga sequence ,but also in every other aspect of life.

Yoga International Live Yin Yoga Teacher Training

This is an in-depth study on the subject, in a live-online form. For the lucky ones, the classes offer a 50-hour training that covers both the theoretical facets of Yin Yoga like physiology, anatomy, and philosophy, as well as the practical ones that apply both to the mind and body.

At the end of the course, you will be given a test to check your knowledge.

3. Siddhi Yoga Courses

Solid Knowledge and Devoted Teachers

Siddhi Yin Yoga Certification Courses make you learn with one of the top-tier yoga schools in India under the wings of devoted teachers with many years of experience.

Coming into contact with various top-rated yoga masters specializing in different Yin branches will help you become a better, more rounded Yin Yoga teacher yourself in the future. 

Combining both the Physical and Mental

Yin Yoga is a beautiful practice that engages both the body as well as the mind. To get the full benefits from it, one should work to understand it equally in both dimensions.

What makes Siddhi Yoga stand out in this aspect is that we go beyond the asanas to fully expose you to the Yin philosophy and give you a holistic experience.

During our course if you are willing to deepen your practice on a spiritual level, you’ll be given every support and encouragement.

Solid Knowledge Base

Siddhi Yin Yoga Certification Course modules are clear and well thought-through. They cover Yin Yoga history, philosophy, key concepts, poses and sequence principles, and pranayama.

Students will be taught the difference between Yin Yoga and other types of yoga.

All of these are wrapped in a Yin Yoga Manual, 55 video lessons, direct live Zoom classes with teachers, 50 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education, and a supportive community completely at your disposal.

Quality Guaranteed (200+ 5-Star reviews)

Siddhi Yin Yoga Certification Course is officially Yoga Alliance certified, has 200+ 5-Star reviews, and has 2000+ satisfied graduates from 90+ countries. That speaks for itself.

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Be a Part of a Supportive Community

In Siddhi Yoga, we aim to create a warm, supportive community of learners and teachers you can always turn to when you need it.

Whether you are just starting on your Yin Yoga journey or are a seasoned practitioner looking to further deepen your knowledge. We warmly welcome you!

We hope you have managed to find your best Yin Yoga certification option among the courses above.

We have created a very comprehensive Online Course on Yin yoga which is sure to widen your knowledge on this subject. See the yin yoga teacher training course here. 1000s of people who’ve finished this course have rated it 5-Star.

Also you can view our complete list of yoga courses here.

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