Best Yoga Teacher Training Schools in Central and South America

Best Yoga Teacher Training in Central and South America

South America is known for its very good scenery because it is surrounded by nature and is very advisable if you want to have memorable and outstanding training. The scenery will guarantee that you will become more motivated especially when you are aiming to become a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher.

We compiled some worthy options from the Central and South America region, which you can truly consider to take your yoga knowledge to the next level.

Living in the Self – Vilcabamba, Ecuador

The advantage of studying in this training center is it concentrates on every student that is why they keep the group as small as possible. During the training, you will also experience a 5-day silent meditational session.

There are several yoga teachings that you can learn from the courses that you will undertake such as Tantric Hatha, Kirtan, and Vedic chanting. You will surely be inspired once you finished the whole course because the experience is truly genuine as you will contemplate more on your personal being.

The school also boasts an astounding location which will also add up some satisfaction to your learning experience. Nature itself will do wonders on you while you are in the process of meditating.

You will become a Yoga Alliance certified teacher, almost a month of accommodation, Ayurvedic session is all included in the package.

  • Cost: $2500
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Website: http://livingintheself.com
  • Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/livingintheself/
  • Yoga Technique: Hatha, Tantra

Blue Osa Yoga Retreat & Spa – Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

The courses offered in this school are perfect for experienced yoga teachers that are looking to elevate their knowledge more so that they can improve their teaching style and efficiency.

Aside from that expect that you will also gain additional knowledge regarding anatomy, chakra, philosophies, physiology, and many more. Your whole learning experience will be filled with a lot of interaction such as huddles in order for your trainers and co-students to share their feedbacks which will be very beneficial because you can also gain a lot of friends.

The school is located in a desirable place specifically the Costa Rican rainforest. The rainforest itself is still untouched which makes the place enticing to look at and will help you to concentrate more on your meditation.

The price that you will pay for the whole course is truly worth it because the meals and accommodation are all included.

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The Sanctuary of two rivers, Liz Lindh – Puntarenas, Costa Rica

If you are on a pursuit to complete a 300-hour yoga teacher training, The Sanctuary of Two Rivers is probably a good choice to consider because it is operated by the renowned yogi Liz Lindh. The teacher-students that underwent their courses have developed their sadhana.

This yoga teacher training center is under the Tantric Alchemy Institute, its name is from the term ‘alchemy’ that points out the developments that will happen in your life once you put all the learning into your heart.

You will also learn the different practices and subjects that are beneficial in making the most out of your yoga sessions.

They also offer a pretty good deal because all the meals are included as well as the accommodation and other more perks.

All in all, the courses that this school will teach you are all useful in your profession and will be a good stepping stone for you to progress further in your career.

VY Vinyasa Yoga – Mayan Riviera, Mexico

There is nothing more exciting than to be in the middle of the jungle when you are doing your meditation because you are very close to nature. When you enroll in this yoga school you can have that breathtaking experience because you will be residing in Ozen Cocom which is a tribal village that is located in the middle of a beautiful rainforest.

The school’s primary point of focus is developing your asanas and combining it with the various kinds of yoga classes. You will also get a good grasp on how to handle a class the proper way and efficiently.

The same as the other schools, the package includes your meals and accommodation however the transportation expenses are not included.

Kula Collective – Urubamba, Peru

When you hear about shamanism you feel astounded simply because it sounds really complicated and evil but when you venture through it you will realize that it is all good and has lots of benefits. Kula Collective will give you a glimpse of what shamanism looks like and aside from that it also offers its primary modules which are yoga and Ayurveda.

The mixture of the techniques will make your body more calm and stress-free which you can immediately teach your students in the future.

Aside from that, there are different kinds of knowledge that you will only learn from this school such as creating different herbal medicines that are very beneficial for your overall health and your students.

School Yoga Institute – Cuzco, Peru

There are ancient practices that are not around anymore in this modern age such as the shamanic rituals that the pre-Incan are doing and a lot of us do not have any idea on how those rituals work. These ancient rituals are combined with the usual yoga routines that you will learn altogether at this yoga teacher training school so that you will become an effective yoga teacher in the future.

This yoga training center is also known as the Sacha Munay Yoga and Retreat Center can be found in Arin Valley which has an under-looking view of the waterfalls which is really breathtaking.

The package includes your food and accommodation throughout the course.

You will also discover your genuine passions in life which will lead you to a better and more prosperous life. Once you complete your 300-hour training you will become a certified Yoga Alliance teacher and will give you a lot of advantages because you can get more clients and will also open up new opportunities to you in the near future.

YiA Yoga – Boquete, Panama

Holistic yoga is one of the most interesting topics that students really love to tackle because it imposes a lot of good benefits to human health. In YiA Yoga, its approach is by concentrating on Brahmacharya and Ayurvedic practices to increase focus in meditation and other yoga practices.

You will be living in the mountainous surroundings at San Miguel Boutique Cabañas, but do not worry because you will still have the basic modern necessities such as WiFi, steamed water, and etc.

The school administrators allow visitors that’s why you will surely never get bored while you are having your stay. The price includes all your basic needs however the fare is not included.

Take Away

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