Kubera Mudra: Meaning, Benefits, and How to Do

kubera mudra

Learn about the Kubera Mudra, its meaning, and its benefits. Check out a step-by-step guide on how to do this Mudra and benefit from it.

Definition – What is Kubera Mudra and its Meaning, References, and Mythology?

The Kubera Mudra is a hand gesture used to fulfill one’s desires. It allows the practitioner to harness energy and thoughts with this simple circle movement of three fingers touching each other to help you achieve immense benefits while focusing on your goal – you’ll find yourself flowing easily throughout life.

This easy-to-do Mudra has many benefits, including improved confidence levels. It creates visual images that can help us achieve our goals in any area we choose (economic success).

This is a great Mudra to do if you’re feeling down. Remembering the ultimate goal while doing this pose helps create states of mind that can help fulfill our desires and build self-confidence.

Everything happens in life at the perfect time. The Universe will allow you to get what you want. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to achieve what you admire.

Only pure and honest intention can make it possible to have the life we desire.

Kubera Mudra increases the desired process, and Universe will assist us in extraordinary ways when we think of what we want. Kubera Mudra opens up a world of possibilities that you can identify.

It is also known as the “Three Finger Method” from Alpha Training. People use it when they are trying to achieve goals or fulfill their wishes.

Alternate Name of Kubera Mudra

Three Finger Method.

How to Do Kubera Mudra?

  • Start by sitting in any comfortable meditative posture.
  • Keep your neck and spine comfortably erect.
  • Kubera Mudra is a hand position in which you join the tips of both index and middle finger with another, placing a ring between little ones.
  • For up to 2 minutes per day, while visualizing your goal is achieved, feel thankful & guilty free.
  • You can also practice this throughout meditation sessions if desired – making it an excellent tool for achieving financial stability as well as other life goals such that those who want more from their lives have no excuse not to do so because they’re too busy working on themselves first before anything else happens naturally.
  • You may wish to add Mantra:

Om Shreem Kleem Kleem Shreem Kleem Vitteshvaraya Namah

It is a bow to the Lord of Fortune and Wealth, who diminishes all the negativities and blesses us with immense fortune.

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Kubera Mudra Benefits

kubera mudra benefits
  • The Kubera Mudra is a regular practice that gives you the thrill of a roller coaster ride. It’s connected to many joys in life, including wealth and good fortune.
  • This gesture grants one with all their hopes.
  • It clears any obstacles preventing them from reaching goals or achieving success.
  • Brings protection against harm’s way when traveling abroad (especially on roads).
  • Makes sure everything goes smoothly during work hours and at home – making this particular handshape perfect for business-oriented people.
  • Kubera Mudra brings in the universal energy to help you reach your goal at an even faster pace. The deep breathing technique will also allow for better focus on what’s happening.

Kubera Mudra Contraindications and Precautions

kubera mudra precautions
  • Hold for no more than 2 to 5 minutes if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, or hypertension.
  • Make sure to be gentle with yourself.
  • Do not exert any strain on your fingers and elbows.

When and how long to do Kubera Mudra?

  • You can practice this to attain prosperity.
  • Assuming this Mudra will help to keep you more productive.

It’s never too late or early to start a fitness routine. You can do two minutes, five minutes, or even twenty-five.

People should take advantage of any time they have to make their life better by staying healthy and fit – no matter what the weather is like outside (or inside).

Breathing in Kubera Mudra

  • You can practice Ujjayi Breathing along with Kubera Mudra.

Visualization in Kubera Mudra

Visualize your dream, the future you want to create, and all of its colors. You can also imagine achieving happiness with a successful goal or wish come true. The same goes for our hopes and dreams. They take longer than other things because we must help them grow properly before their potential is reached fully- which means each person has an important role on this journey together.

Affirmation in Kubera Mudra

In my experience, it’s important to put forth the effort and not rely on others.”


The Kubera Mudra is a Mudra, or hand gesture, that has many benefits. It is said to increase memory and mental clarity and improve concentration. This Mudra can also help to reduce stress and anxiety levels. If you are interested in learning more about the Kubera Mudra and other Mudras, consider taking our Mudras Certification Course. In this course, you will learn all 108 Mudras and their benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today.

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