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throat chakra yoga

Do you feel like your voice is not being heard? Are you struggling to communicate your needs and wants? The Throat Chakra or Vishuddha Chakra is all about communication, both with yourself and with others.


The Throat Chakra, or Vishuddha, governs your communication skills, creativity, and self-expression.

The fifth of the seven main chakras in Hindu and Buddhist traditions is the center of truthfulness toward oneself and others.

This wheel of energy is the place where our true self finds its authenticity and integrity. When the Vishuddha is balanced, we feel confident to express our minds, how we feel and what we want in life.

Located in the throat area, the Throat Chakra is associated with the color blue and brings purifying energy into our body, mind, and soul.

Throat Chakra and Yoga – a Logical Link

The chakra system dates back to 1500 and 500 BC in India and has its first written mention in the ancient Hindu texts called the Vedas.

The chakras are ancient medical studies and teachings about the neuro and endocrine system and are until now widely used in holistic practices and treatments.

Yoga on a daily basis is a practice and tradition of maintaining one’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and the chakra system is an integral part of it.

Each chakra connects to specific yoga poses, and asanas, which are meant to cleanse, stimulate and energize the system on individual chakra levels as a whole as well.

Throat Chakra yoga is strongly connected to the neck, shoulder, and jaw areas, therefore asanas focusing on opening and releasing those spaces are most recommended when working on your Vishuddha.

Not only does Vishuddha Chakra yoga help with elongating and stretching, but also improves the circulation of oxygen in the body, helping release stress and tension as well as balancing your hormonal levels. This will be noticeable especially when you are working with the breath and awareness.

Quick Synopsis

The connection between the Chakra System and our neuro and endocrine system is an important link that connects ancient practices with modern medicine.

It is good to understand these connections and be able to use both as resources in your healing process.

Top Yoga Flows and Sequences for the Throat Chakra

Moving through a Throat Chakra yoga flow could be one of the practices you can incorporate in your daily routine.

The Vishuddha Chakra yoga sequence will often include neck rolls, shoulder stretches, chest opening poses, and spinal twists – all of which should be followed by deep and conscious breathing.

Many yoga practices which focus on the Chakra System also incorporate guided affirmations and meditation.

Combining a physical yoga practice while having awareness of your mind and emotions is crucial for deep healing and opening the energy wheels of chakras. Our online yoga courses can guide you in this.

In Brief

Depending on how you feel, you might need a more gentle or a more expressive yoga sequence. The Throat Chakra sequences may give you both and it’s important to listen to what your body needs at the moment.

Below you will find a list of Throat Chakra Yoga Flows and best practices which will be helpful on your Vishuddha healing journey:

Best Throat Chakra Yoga Poses

1. Neck Stretches

Neck stretches are a great Throat Chakra exercise, which help in reducing tensions in the upper back, the shoulders, and the jaw.

Do some gentle, warm-up movements before beginning to stretch the neck.

  1. Sit or stand in a comfortable position, shoulders relaxed and spine erect.
  2. Begin by calming your breath with a conscious, rhythmic breathing pattern.
  3. While inhaling, twist your head and look to the right. Exhaling, come back to the center.
  4. Inhaling again, twist your head, and look to the left. Exhaling come back to the center. Repeat this stretch at least three times on both sides with conscious breathing.
  5. Breathe in, look up and lift your chin. Exhale and return to the neutral position.
  6. Breathing in again, draw your chin to your chest. Exhale and return to the neutral position. Repeat this stretch at least 3 times on both sides, breathing deeply and consciously.
  7. Take a deep inhale, and while exhaling tilt your head to the right. Keeping your shoulders straight try to lean your right ear on the right shoulder. Stay here for a few breaths before returning to the neutral position.
  8. Take a deep inhale and while exhaling tilt your head to the left. And now lean your left ear on the left shoulder. Stay here for a few breaths before returning to the neutral position.

2. Cat-Cow Seated Stretch

Spinal stretches can help balance your posture, relieve shoulder and neck tensions as well as regulate the energy flow across the whole Chakra System.

  1. Sit in an easy cross-legged position, also known as Sukhasana, or on your ankles.
  2. Begin by calming your breath with a conscious, rhythmic breathing pattern.
  3. Breathing in, arch your back to the front and gaze up, stretching the neck behind you.
  4. Breathing out, round through the spine and lower the chin to the chest.
  5. Repeat this stretch at least three times in both directions breathing deeply and consciously.

3.  Lion’s Breath Pranayama

Simhasana Pranayama, a breathing practice known as Lion’s Breath, is an energizing and cleansing practice that deeply focuses on the throat and lung area.

  1. Sit on your heels, knees spread wide apart and your hands resting on your lap.
  2. Begin by calming your breath with a conscious, rhythmic breathing pattern.
  3. Inhale deeply while lifting your hands above your head
  4. On your exhale, open your mouth as wide as possible and let the air out with a lion-like roar, dropping your hands to the floor.
  5. Repeat this pranayama technique at least three times and calm your breath by breathing through the nose.

4. Baby Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana in Sanskrit the Baby Cobra pose focuses on opening the shoulders, the chest area, and the neck, and is a great gentle spine stretch.

  1. Lay on your stomach, feet extended, and palms below your shoulders on the sides of your chest.
  2. Breathing in, lift your chin up, and use your back muscles to lift your chest as much as it feels comfortable.
  3.  If possible, bend your neck backward and stay here for a few breaths. Your hands-on side should be supporting your stretch but not holding all the weight.
  4. Breathing out, slowly lower your chest and chin back to the ground. You may tilt your head and rest on one cheek, and then rest on the other one.
  5. Repeat this movement at least three times.

Other Throat Chakra poses include:

  • Supported Shoulder Stand (Salamba Sarvangasana)
  • Camel Pose (Ustrasana)
  • Plow Pose (Halasana)
  • Fish Pose (Matsyasana)

In Short

Yoga asanas are highly recommended when working on the entire Chakra System, as well as when focusing on a specific energy wheel in our body.

Keeping the poses for as long as you feel comfortable, and following a conscious breathing pattern can help in loosening tensions on both the physical and emotional levels.

Beginner to Advanced Poses Progression for Throat Chakra

If you are already familiar with the previously mentioned yoga poses, you might want to try a deeper and more advanced approach with some progressions.
Below are some Throat Chakra yoga poses with their variations:

  • Fish Pose (Matsyasana) – Upward Plank Pose (Purvottanasana) – Bridge Pose On Head (Sirsa Setu Bandhasana)
  • Camel Pose (Ustrasana) – One-Legged Camel Pose (Eka Pada Ustrasana)
  • Baby Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) – Cobra Pose Cactus Arms (Bhujangasana Cactus Arms)
  • Supported Shoulder Stand (Salamba Sarvangasana) – Unsupported Shoulder Stand Pose (Niralamba Sarvangasana)

Make sure you are physically and mentally prepared to tackle the variations gradually – best under the watchful eye of a professional yoga teacher.

To Sum Up

The Chakras are a complex energy field system inside of our bodies. There are many different ways to keep them in balance.

The Throat Chakra can be cared for by practicing yoga sequences and yoga asanas regularly, as well as by including pranayama and breathing relaxation into your daily routine.

Our specially tailored course on Understanding Chakras is recommended for everyone looking to deepen their knowledge on this subject. Do not miss looking at it here.

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