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Wirthing with Crown Chakra Stones, Chrystals, Muscic, Food, Essential Oils and Bracelet

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Sahasrara Chakra

This article discusses in detail the various tools and techniques you can use to open and awaken the Sahasrara Chakra – or the Crown Chakra energy within your body.

You can work with healing stones and crystals, music that resonates at a certain frequency and certain scents. See what stones or scents work for you.


Chakras are energy centres. You have many of these chakras in your body, the main ones being the seven that run from the base of your spine to the crown of your head.

The topmost of these is the Crown Chakra, also known as Sahasrara Chakra in Sanskrit.

Sahasrara means thousand-petalled lotus, and it is thought that a lotus with 1000 petals sits at the crown of your head where this energy centre resides.

This chakra is located at the crown of the head and has a very high frequency and energy vibration. It is often associated with the colour white or gold and it is the energy that helps us to connect with all that is around us – both physically and energetically.

It radiates unity, connection, higher guidance and trust in the divine support that the universe is always providing. You can tap into the energy of the Crown Chakra in several ways. Try them out and see what works best for you.

This article will explore some of the healing stones, music, scents, and foods that you can use to support Sahasrara Chakra energy in your body!

Stones that support the Sahasrara Chakra

Many Crown Chakra crystals work on the body to open and awaken Crown Chakra energy. Sahasrara Chakra stones are light in frequency, highly energetic and allow you to connect with other energies around you.

Powerful crystals connected with the Sahasrara Chakra

  • Selenite: This white-coloured stone grows in pillars which allow light energy to travel up and down the stone. When placed vertically on our body or our spine, this crystal can energize and awaken the entire chakra system.
    The energizing qualities of this stone make it great for opening the Crown Chakra and allowing universal energy to flow through the portal of the crown and into your body. Selenite is also used for eradicate old energies to create a clear path for new energy to flow into your life.

  • Clear Quartz: This is another energizing stone that works on the entire body. Quartz is one of the most common stones found in the world and it can bring new life and new energy into the body.
    When you work with clear quartz to activate Sahasrara Chakra energy, it is important to programme the crystal to specifically awaken the area where that chakra is located. Then it will be able to energise the Crown Chakra and create a feeling of lightness in the mind and unity in the body.

  • Howlite: Another white stone with streaks of grey running through it, symbolic of the roads that you will travel in your life.
    This stone guides you towards your true destiny as it brings you the clarity and courage that you need to travel that unique path. The white represents purity and the infinite love that resides within us all.

  • White Agate: This beautiful stone with layers of white and depth of feeling can invite in balance and release.
    When working with white agate, you can allow a sense of peacefulness to wash over you that will give you the inner harmony to connect with your angels and spirit guides.

  • Moonstone: As its name suggests, this stone is connected with the energy of the moon. Think of a full moon in all its glory.
    Moonlight is cleansing and purifying to everything that it touches, and that is the quality of this stone. Allow its purity to calm you, to bring light into the darkest of nights and remind you of your feminine energy that is soft and gentle.

  • White Calcite: The high vibration of white calcite will resonate with Crown Chakra energy to connect your mind and body with your soul. This stone helps to foster unity and inner peace to make sure that you are in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

  • Amethyst: This crystal has been known to activate intuitive powers and invoke a calming connection to your spirit guides.
    Amethyst is associated with both the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra, giving it high energy and soothing quality. This stone is often used to help with visualization of the future and bring your future dreams to life.

  • Angelite: With the word ‘angel’ in its name, this stone indicates its connection with the angels. This is great for Sahasrara Chakra’s work as it opens the connection to higher vibration beings of love, also known as angels, that surround you!

These stones each hold a unique energy that is vibrating at a high frequency to tap into that divine connection between soul and spirit.

Crown Chakra crystals can make you feel lighter in your body and your mind and allow for a clearer connection to the energy around you. Make sure that you connect with these crystals in a safe space where you can trust the guidance and feelings that come through.

How to use Crystals Effectively for the Crown Chakra

  • Always cleanse your crystal before working with it. You can do this by running it under cool water, letting it recharge under the full moonlight or smudging it with the smoke of incense or smudge sticks.
  • Hold the stone in the palm of your hand during meditation or visualization and invite the crystal into your energy field.
  • Lay down and place the crystal just above your head, at the crown position, and take a few deep breaths to invite the crystal energy down into your body.
  • Create a Crown Chakra Altar with these stones, feathers, notes or poems, smudge sticks and other spiritual tools. An altar is a space where you can sit in front to activate the energy of the Sahasrara Chakra.
  • You can macrame your necklace to hold the crystals or buy a crystal bracelet to wear these stones wherever you go.
  • You can place the healing stones in a circle around you to create a bubble of Crown Chakra energy and cleansing white light around your body.

Crown Chakra scents and oils

Light and uplifting oils and scents are perfect for the Crown Chakra. Think of delicate flowers, sweet and calming scents, white plants and all the delicious smells that make you feel connected.

The best scents to use with the Crown Chakra

  • Jasmine: This delicately petalled flower blooms with a pleasant scent that instantly makes you feel good. Jasmine is of a high frequency and gentle nature, making it perfect for special connections with body and soul.
  • Lavender: This beautiful purple flower is relaxing, and can effortlessly bring people into a meditative state. Lavender calms the body so that it can connect freely to the energies around it while staying in a deep place of peace. Lavender also promotes sleep which is a time when our soul connects with other energy realms.
  • Frankincense: Known as a holy oil, this scent has spiritual connotations attached to it. It is a wonderful choice of oil to connect with the spirit through a Sahasrara Chakra opening.
  • Rose: A beautiful heart-opening oil that when applied topically to both the heart centre and the crown of your head can create a deep and pure heart and soul connection. The sweetness of this oil allows your body to absorb its energy easily and to enjoy the connection that it brings.

There are many ways to use these scents, for example in essential oils, incense, or even connecting with fresh flowers or plants.

If you are using Crown Chakra essential oils, you can apply a few drops of the oil directly onto the crown of your head before meditating to connect with the energy of the Crown Chakra. Or place an oil-burner near your meditation space or on your altar.

Music for Crown Chakra healing

 Music is an energy that can be used intentionally to create the Sahasrara Chakra connection. The Sahasrara Chakra has a very specific frequency. To activate this, listen to Crown Chakra music that nourishes this important energy centre.

If you are looking for a short meditation, this track by Beautiful Chorus is a great choice for sitting and listening to while intentionally imagining the Crown Chakra opening up and becoming receptive to the waves of music.

If you wish to activate Sahasrara Chakra energy in your sleep, this eight-hour will keep you connected in your slumber.

This peaceful hang drum music can also heal the Crown Chakra and allow for positive vibrations to float into your body. The visuals of the video are also mesmerizing to watch in a meditative state.

If you enjoy chanting, this music is a soothing Crown Chakra chant that uses the seed mantra ‘AH’, the sound of the Crown Chakra to open and awaken this special space in your body.

Allow the music to wash over you and create unity and connection with your Crown Chakra.

Foods to eat for Sahasrara Chakra

As the Sahasrara Chakra emits a very high frequency, food is not so important for connecting with this energy centre.

The Crown Chakra surpasses the physical body and is more so related to the connection to your soul.

This means that it is better to refrain from food or to do a short fast before meditating to connect more deeply with the energy of the Crown Chakra.

That being said, you still need food for your bodily functions, and the foods that best support Crown Chakra are pure, clean, organic, light-weight food. This includes green leafy salads, organic foods and lots of water. Eating plant-based foods and avoiding meat and animal products will also allow you to vibrate higher.

Crown Chakra bracelet shopping guide

You can intensify your Crown Chakra energy by wearing jewellery that is intentionally created to vibrate at the right frequency. There is a range of Crown Chakra bracelets available.

Top tips for choosing a Crown Chakra bracelet

  • Choose a retailer with good intentions and who has an interest in chakras and energy work. Like these on Yogi Spirit.
  • If it is a crystal bracelet, see if the seller cleans and energizes it for you. If not, you will need to do so yourself and set your intentions for the bracelet before you wear it.
  • Choose sustainable and handmade products to support small businesses that are making a positive impact on the world. Like this range of bracelets on Etsy.
  • It is important to feel the energy! You may notice that you feel a strong connection with certain pieces, while the energy of others does not resonate with you.

Bottom Line

The Crown Chakra is a place of unbounded energy. The practices and tools mentioned in this article are meant to guide you to connect more deeply with this energy centre in your body.

This is just an overview of the Sahasrara Chakra energy. If you are looking to delve deeper into chakra work, take a look at our online course here, Understanding Chakras. This is one of the highest rated course for chakras and not surprisingly one of its kind. So its something you don’t want to miss.

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