Chakra Bracelets: Meaning, Types & How it Works?

Chakra Bracelets: Meaning

There are many different Chakra bracelets. This article will explain the Chakra bracelet meaning, its types, and how these healing stones work.


Chakra bracelets are an energetic tool to raise your vibration and balance your chakras. They have been around for many years and were thought to originate in ancient Hindu traditions. Since the rise of the new age spirituality, and now that yoga studios can be found in almost every city of the world, the popularity of chakra bracelets has spread far and wide. They help to increase the energy of your chakras which help bring balance and harmony into your life. You may use one or several bracelets to achieve the desired effects. These bracelets work on the energetic level, so you will likely feel the mental and energetic shifts first. The physical shifts will come later. These bracelets can be used as a tool for total Chakra transformation. With intention and care, you can tune your bracelet to the frequency you need for your particular healing needs.

How do Chakra Bracelets work?

There are many types of chakra bracelets, the most common ones being for individual chakras, but you can also get a seven-chakra bracelet that carries the energy of your whole chakra system.

These bracelets contain healing stones that carry particular energy. These energies can shift the vibration that is being held in your chakras. Crystals have been used for thousands of years for these purposes. Their vibration enters your unique energy field when they touch your skin or are held close to your body. The stones are so powerful that they have the ability to clear away negative energies and heal your energetic field.

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As well as the stones themselves, the colors also hold a frequency that aligns with each Chakra Bracelets, providing an in-depth healing experience.

Here Are Some 8 Chakra Bracelet Meaning

The Chakra bracelet’s meaning differs depending on the stones that are used. This list explains the differences:

  • The Seven-Chakra Bracelet is used to maintain balance in your entire chakra system. It usually contains one stone for each of the seven major chakras, so it works on all the chakras simultaneously. These are great for you if you are new to chakra work and don’t know which Chakra is out of balance.
  • The Root Chakra Bracelet usually contains red, black, or dark-colored crystals like Jasper, Tourmaline, Obsidian, Onyx, and Hematite. These stones clear out unstable energies and help you connect with your physical body.
  • The Sacral Chakra Bracelet will have Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian or Sunstone healing crystals as these stones help reconnect you with your sexuality, pleasure, and creativity. They also call in abundance and playfulness to lighten up your energy!
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra BraceletCitrine, Amber or Pyrite are the crystals used for the Solar Plexus. These golden yellow stones raise self-esteem and confidence in your life.
  • The Heart Chakra BraceletHeart Chakra crystals include Rose Quartz, Jade and Malachite, stones of beautiful pink and green colors. They have gentle and loving energies to inspire more love and connection within yourself and with others.
  • The Throat Chakra Bracelet contains Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine and Kyanite, for these stones help with clear communication and allow you to speak up and express yourself clearly.
  • The Third Eye Chakra Bracelet – increase your intuition with Amethyst, Purple Fluorite or Labradorite. These beautiful purple crystals tune you into your inner voice and connect you with the energies around you.
  • The Crown Chakra Bracelet – invites in the energy of Selenite, Clear Quartz, Lepidolite and Moonstone to connect you with the energies above. These high-vibe healing stones will invite pure source energy into your body and life to make you feel connected and aware.

Celebrities Who Wear Chakra Bracelets

You know that the crystals must work when celebrities start showing off their crystal bracelets and sharing these tools’ powerful effects on their lives. Here is a list of celebs who harness the energy of crystals for healing:

  • Kate Hudson goes for rose quartz to love energy in her surroundings.
  • Victoria and David Beckham –use rose quartz and black tourmaline in their home.
  • Oprah Winfrey even takes crystal baths to bring her back to balance.
  • Angelina Jolie – has been known to talk about the sacred and ancient energy of crystals.
  • Cheryl Crow – has been seen wearing citrine and aquamarine crystals.
  • Katy Perry – is always carrying rose quartz around to attract the right kind of love.
  • Buzz Aldrin – this astronaut uses clear quartz and turquoise for protection.
  • Adele – uses crystals to calm her stage fright before a performance.
  • Miranda Kerr – filters her skin care products through rose quartz for extra self-love to whoever wears them.

The Bottomline

The best way to experience the benefit of these bracelets is to try them for yourself. Tune into the crystals in this article and go for the one that draws you most strongly. Let your intuition guide you as you choose the bracelet that is right for you.

Wear the bracelet daily and infuse it with your healing intentions. Also, as crystals have their energy fields, remember to clean them regularly to remove the negative debris. Do this by running them underwater, taking them for a swim in the ocean or leaving them out under the moonlight to recharge. See what changes occur when these powerful tools come into your life.

If this idea interests you and you are ready to take your chakra knowledge to the next level, look at our online course, Understanding Chakra.

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