The Best Guide to Creating Yoga Meditation Room with Props

yoga meditation room

Are you looking to turn a spare room into your Zen den? Here’s the complete guide to creating a comfortable, fully-equipped Yoga Meditation Room.


Having a comfortable, private space, you can go to for meditation is heaven! If you have an extra space at home and like to meditate, why not turn it into a Zen den? This article will guide you in your quest to turn any little nook into your haven for relaxation and to experience inner peace.

Getting Started with Meditation

Meditation is something that everyone can do. However, many people struggle with it because of distractions. The distractions are usually internal, but they can also be external. That is why it is necessary to practice meditation in a place with fewer distractions. By doing this, you can focus all your energy on the subject you are meditating upon and sustain the focus for extended periods.

How do you do this?

Creating a yoga meditation room with minimal distractions optimizes comfort, relaxation and peace.

Setting Up Things

Before you even think of decorating your Zen den, let’s work out the basics to set up a good meditation room.

Enough Space

To meditate, you don’t need a large room. You only need to have a space where you can sit down comfortably. If you are also planning on practicing asanas, consider the movements you will make. The area should be enough for your mat and your dynamic movements. This space could be a corner of your living room, a whole room that is not in use, or even that little space close to your window.

Uncluttered Space

Your meditation room should be uncluttered because it’s always easier to meditate without distracting elements. Find a space that has few visual, audio, and spatial clutters. Having the beach or the lake as your backdrop is not necessary. Even these beautiful sceneries can be distracting to some people. If you have distracting views or sounds, remove them from your intended yoga meditation room, if that is possible.

The space should be as clean as possible. Remember Saucha or cleanliness in Yoga Niyamas. Cleanliness is a virtue.

A meditation space is simple. The ancient yogis and meditation practitioners didn’t have the luxury we have now. An uncluttered space is all they need to meditate then. They meditated in caves and even on top of a tree. But they also didn’t have the external distractions we now have in this modern age. Have a meditation room to complement our modern lifestyles by all means, but without unnecessary distractions.

The Anatomy of the Best Yoga Meditation Rooms

The best yoga meditation rooms should match how you practice yoga and meditation. If you have no idea what to do yet, get some inspiration from the anatomy of the best yoga meditation rooms.

Quiet, Airy & Spacious

Again, having fewer external distractions in your meditation room would be best. The fewer distractions you have, the better you will be able to focus on what matters in your subject of meditation. You don’t have to soundproof the whole room. But if you have the resources to do it, then do so by all means.

Also, the room should have excellent airflow. In meditation, your practice focuses on the breath; you will have a lot of breathing exercises. Proper ventilation will eliminate the humidity and help you breathe easier and at optimal levels.

On another note, the space depends on your type of practice. For example, a nook by the fireplace or the window is enough if you only practice seated meditation. But if you practice asanas and are used to working out after meditation, consider using a room with a bigger space where you can move freely and safely.

Add Elements of Nature

The elements of nature are just like our breath. These are sources of life. If you have an airy space, that’s great. If it is a closed space, add other elements to improve air quality. Make sure the air filters and air ducts are clean and not clogged.

You might want to add indoor plants. Plants are not just decorative features; they are nature’s air filters. Better yet, add plants that give a nice smell. The soil in your indoor plant is another natural element – earth.

To represent the element of fire, you can add candles. Candles give a room a warm ambiance. It is a good idea to use candles with your meditation to make the room feel cozy and as your Drishti if you cannot keep your eyes closed.

It Supports Your Practice

Your yoga meditation room should support your practice. Your goal is to stay there to improve your life through meditation. Add meditation chairs, yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, and pillows. These things are not just to enhance the visuals but will also make your meditation practice comfortable. Sitting in meditation can be uncomfortable. These props will lessen the discomfort of sitting and moving through various yoga asanas.

It Matches Your Personality

Your yoga meditation room is yours to use. So, be free to make it reflect your personality. You will want to be comfortable and completely at home in your meditation room; You wouldn’t want it to feel like you’re in a foreign place.

Chairs, Pillows & Blocks

You don’t need to fill your yoga meditation space with many decorations. The less, the better, so you can better maintain your focus. Minimalism is the way to go. Concentrate on the essentials, which is what meditation is about. Some things, such as chairs, pillows, and blocks, can help you feel comfortable while sitting still in meditation. Here are some recommended meditation chairs, pillows and blocks.

Yoga Meditation Chairs

Here is a list of the best yoga meditation chairs:

Florensi Meditation Cushion

This yoga meditation chair cushion is excellent for sitting on the floor. But you can also use it on a chair if you don’t like sitting on the ground. It is sturdy and helps keep the hips higher than the knees. The cover is also washable, so you don’t need to worry if it gets dirty.

Mindful & Modern Folding Meditation Bench w/ Locking Magnetic Hinges

This yoga meditation chair is not a cushion but a bench. If your go-to meditation posture is the Heron Pose, or if you have issues with your hips and can’t externally rotate them, you will love this chair. You can sit on it in Heron while giving your hips some support. It also comes with a soft pillow to support your knees from the ground.

Bonvivo II Portable Floor Chair with Back Support

This yoga meditation chair is perfect if you need support for your back during meditation. Of course, you can put a meditation cushion on top if your hips need help when seated postures. But because the back is supported when using this chair, you might not need a cushion.

Yoga Meditation Pillows

Crystal Cove Meditation Cushion

Crystal Cove Meditation Cushion has a cult following, which is not surprising. It was made for yogis and meditation practitioners by a yoga teacher, Angela Kukhahn. It is dense and sturdy enough to support your back and hips while sitting in silence. But it’s also soft enough to cushion your tailbone and buttocks.

Peace Yoga Meditation Pillow

The peace yoga meditation pillow gives your buttocks support while sitting in meditation. It is made of buckwheat fillings, so it is eco-friendly. It is soft so that you can use it in restorative and Yin yoga asanas.

Ajna Yoga Bolster Pillow

The Anja Yoga Bolster Pillow is excellent because you can sit on it during meditation and restorative and Yin yoga poses. Because of its length, it’s great when you want support for your whole spine during backbends. It is very sturdy and will hold its shape for an extended period.

Yoga Blocks

Gaiam Yoga Block

The Gaiam yoga block is highly popular — and for a good reason. It is so dense that you can use it for your hands in arm balances or support your shoulders in Chaturanga Dandasana. But it is also light enough so that you can bring it anywhere.

Reehut Yoga Blocks

The Reehut yoga block is cheap. But just because it is cheap, it doesn’t mean low quality. It is durable, dense and supportive and does the job like many other, more expensive brands of yoga blocks. The best thing about it is that it offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and an 18-month replacement guarantee.

Manduka Lean Cork Block

EVA yoga block is durable and budget-friendly. Manduka Lean Cork blocks are not harmful to nature because it is made of cork. Unlike other cork blocks that easily break, Manduka’s don’t. It is sturdy and dense but lightweight at the same thing.

Meditation clothing

To optimize your comfort during meditation, consider the clothes you use. Of course, you can practice meditation wearing anything you like. But some clothes are more comfortable than others. Here are some clothes designed for maximum comfort:

Prana Vaha Pant

The Prana Vaha Pants are wide-legged. Hence, you don’t have to worry about having room for your legs when you cross your legs in seated meditation. The great thing about these pants is that they are made of mostly hemp and recycled polyester. So they are lightweight and breathable.

Everlane Classic French Terry Sweatpant

These sweatpants from Everlane have the perfect fit. It’s not too loose and not too fitting. You can wear it to meditation as you move through your favorite asanas because they give a great fit. They are also cute; you can wear them for other activities, such as grocery shopping.

Aerie Real Soft® Tee

You should get the Aerie Real Soft Tee; if you don’t want to change into another shirt while meditating. It is perfect for lounging, meditating, going to farmer’s markets, and the beach. It is very airy, comfortable, and feels good on the skin.

Further Tips

When it comes to yoga meditation rooms, the rule of thumb is: Less is more. But if you need more tips and inspiration, here are some more ideas:

Choose Soft Colors

Soft colors are pleasant to look at. They are not too overpowering and give you a sense of calm. It is also easier to decorate a yoga meditation room if the colors are soft.

Mimic Your Favorite Yoga Studio

Do you go to a yoga studio? There may be some design element in that room that you like or are familiar with. By all means, borrow that aspect of the studio and bring it to your home yoga meditation room. If you cannot afford it, find something similar or cheaper.

Don’t Use The Room for Other Purposes

A meditation room is comfortable and cozy. So it might be tempting to do everything there, like working on your laptop. But your yoga meditation room is a space where you de-stress, relax, and have peace of mind. So don’t bring stress there.

The Bottomline

Focusing on the breath or a mantra for a few minutes is essential to life. It’s not as easy as it sounds. That is why we must lessen the external distractions during meditation by staying in a yoga meditation room that is clean, quiet, and comfortable.

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