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How would you like to improve your sexual experiences? This guided sexual meditation will give you mind-blowing experiences that will make you swoon for days.


Meditation has a long list of benefits proven by science. But there is one benefit many experts and practitioners often avoid mentioning – better sex lives! Studies suggest meditation improves your sexual drive, which leads to better orgasms and brings you closer to your partner.

Mindfulness, Meditation & Sex

Meditation and sex don’t sound like they get along well together. That is because you do the first deed alone, in silence and stillness, and as a personal experience. While the latter, on the other hand, you do with a partner and involves movement and even noise. But come to think of it, meditation is the practice of being mindfully aware of one single subject. Thus, if you meditate and focus on sex, you become more aware of the pleasurable sensations it can give – solo or with a partner. Several studies show this to be true.

This link between meditation and sex is not just something in your head. Science suggests a scientific explanation for why practicing meditation improves your sexual experiences. For example, a study by Lori. A. Brotto in 2018 shows that meditation practitioners have better sexual functioning and stronger libido than people who don’t practice meditation. Another study shows that practicing mindfulness during sex improves sexual confidence and satisfaction. A 2011 study also shows that women, who usually have weaker sexual libido than men, get turned on more quickly when they practice mindfulness.

How Meditation Improves Sex Life & Reasons You Should Try It

So, how does meditation improve your sex life? Here are the ways a sexual meditation can enhance your sexual experience and the reasons why you should try it:

Meditation Lowers Stress

Stress is an epidemic for a reason. It affects all areas of your life, including your sex life. It increases the production of cortisol, the hormone that suppresses your sexual hormones and decreases your libido. In addition, it can throw their menstrual cycle out of whack for women, leading to low sexual desire and giving “not in the mood” excuses.

For men, it can lead to difficulties in getting an erection. Cortisol also releases adrenaline, constricting your blood vessels and keeping men from getting a hard-on. According to Nelson E. Bennett, MD, a urologist and erectile dysfunction expert at the Lahey Clinic, “Stress, fear, anxiety, worry, and frustration cause your body to release adrenaline which constricts your blood vessels, and that is bad for getting a good erection.”

Mindfulness meditation lowers cortisol levels. That, in turn, lowers your stress levels and moves your body out from the flight, fight, and freeze mode to rest, digest, and stay and play. Moreover, meditation increases the production of Dopamine, the hormone your body releases when you get sexual stimulation. This hormone makes you feel good and increases the intensity of your orgasms.

Meditation Roots You To The Present

Many of us keep thinking about the past or the future instead of focusing on the present. The more you do this, the more quickly you get distracted. To counter this, you can practice mindfulness meditation. The more you do that, the easier it is for you to return to the moment when your mind wanders. Doing this makes it easier for you to focus on the sex instead of the stupid thing you said to your boss last week or if you will get a salary increase next month.

Staying in the present makes your sexual experiences more pleasurable because you can engage your senses. When you engage all your senses during sex, you will find that sex is more than just a tactile act. You will be aware of the sounds you or your partner make, the eye contact, the small talk, and the taste. Doing this turns you on more, which makes you more confident with your body and makes it more likely for you to give pleasure to your partner. All of these work to heighten pleasure.

Meditation Makes You More Alive for Your Partner

Meditation makes you a better person, according to studies. It makes you more aware of other people’s facial expressions and body language. When you’re more aware of other people, you notice how they feel, and you are more alive to them. In your sex life, this will help you see what makes your partner stick in bed.

Meditation Increases Your Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is one of the most significant enormous benefits of meditation. Once you become aware of yourself, you know when you get distracted and snap back to the present moment. Regarding sex, becoming more aware of yourself translates to awareness of what your body likes. When you know what you want, it’s easier to ask for it. Furthermore, meditation helps you become more aware that you don’t need a sexual partner to get pleasure. You can do it solo.

Meditation Gives You Deeper Rest

How often have you said no to sex because you were too tired from a long day’s work? Couples don’t get sex as much as they would like to, primarily because of exhaustion. They would rather sleep than have sex. According to National Sleep Foundation, 25% of couples who cohabitate are too sleep-deprived and tried to have sex.

Meditation improves sleep and sleeps quality. A study in 2015, among other studies, shows that meditation gives you deep rest by inducing relaxation and improving your sleep quality. When you meditate, you stay asleep longer. Thus, improving your quality of sleep. When you get better sleep quality and feel fully rested, you have more energy to have sex with your partner or yourself.

When To Practice Sexual Meditation

You can practice sexual meditation anytime you feel comfortable doing it. It depends on your goals. A type of sexual meditation known as Orgasmic Meditation is practiced to get orgasms. So, you should practice it during sex with your partner. Some techniques, such as erotic body scanning meditation and eye gazing from Tantra Yoga, can be done during foreplay before sex. But you can also practice this technique during sex.

The Ancient Tradition for Guided Sexual Meditation

Sexual meditation is nothing new. Hindus, Buddhists, and Taoists have been doing it for thousands of years. Tantra is a collection of ancient Buddhist and Hindu traditions and practices developed in India. The primary purpose of these tantric practices is to achieve enlightenment through experiencing everything, including pleasure, unlike other religions and traditions that practice celibacy. Among these practices is tantric sex, which they believe releases the female or male energy.

Tantric sex is slow and almost meditative. It aims to slowly give yourself or your partner a sensual and fulfilling experience without attachment to orgasm. In short, the purpose is to enjoy the journey of sex and all the sensations that come with it, short of orgasm, which you can achieve even without enjoying it. Experts on Tantric sex believe it may help heal erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and anorgasmia.

Guided Erotic Meditation

You can do sexual meditation on your own or with a guide. Like other meditation techniques, it requires you to stay still and silent for a few minutes while bringing awareness to each body part. If you want more direction, you can go to a studio or therapist that offers guided sexual meditation. If you are not ready to find a studio or therapist, you can explore this through guided orgasm meditation videos online. Some of these videos are free, while some are for purchase. Here are some guided meditations for sexual pleasure that I recommend:

Guided Tantric Meditation for Sexual Healing, Pleasure & Empowerment

This -tantra-guided meditation video aims to give the practitioner empowerment, sexual healing, and pleasure. It is short and asks you to focus on your genitals. It is an excellent meditation for female pleasure, especially for women with sexual trauma.

Embodied Self-Pleasure for Sexual & Creative Energy

If you are a man who has difficulty getting a hard-on or is insecure about your sexual performance, this video will help you. Based on the comments, many men have proven this guided meditation effective. But it is not only for men. It is also for women. While the guide mentions sex, you can undoubtedly use this video as a guide to awakening your creative energy in a non-sexual way. In addition, this guided erotic meditation will relax you and give you confidence before sexual intercourse with yourself or a partner.

Guided Meditation for Erectile Dysfunction

This guided meditation for erectile dysfunction follows the Taoist practice of Zhan Zhuang, where you stand like a post. While standing like a post, the guide will ask you to be aware of all your body parts. But you will focus more on strengthening your lower body, including your genitals. After strengthening, you will be guided toward relaxation.

Guided Masturbation Meditation for Woman

if you’re a woman who wants to connect and explore your sensuality on your own, this guided masturbation meditation is perfect for you. The video will walk you through the basics of meditation and masturbation. This guided meditation is also for newbies and those who are more conservative, as it’s not overly sexual.

Guided Tantra Meditation for Couples

This tantra meditation guide is for couples. It aims to unite couples’ divine feminine and divine masculine energy. This tantra meditation guide explores breathing together, erotic touch, and gazing into each other’s eyes – techniques sure to improve your connection with your partner. Therefore, increasing pleasure.

The Bottomline

Being mindful of everything that you do improves your whole experience. Therefore, practice mindfulness to enhance your sexual life by starting with the guided sexual meditations above.

Do you want to become more mindful in your sex life? Then, join our Free 30-Day Meditation challenge, and we’ll explore how you can give and receive more pleasure in bed through meditation.

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