Best Yoga Teacher Training Schools in Australia

Planning to stay in Australia for quite a bit and at the same time having a healthy and fit routine? Then we recommend you to visit these yoga trainings.

Rainbow Yoga

best yoga teacher trainings in australia

All by yourself? And wanted to visit a place where it is like heaven on earth where you can channel up your inner peace through meditation? Just a 25-minute drive starting from Byron Bay, you can visit Paradise one where there is a 3-week course of yoga.

In Rainbow yoga, they intend to bring independent people together, focusing more on maintaining the balance of life through play and movement allowing more space for all kinds of yoga.

They offer more than just organic and natural foods. This includes various spots in this private place like swimming holes, hot tubs, and massive gardens that you can visit to find inner peace.

This heaven on earth place is perfectly created for people who are deeply in touch with the arts. Here they can learn new things that revolve around their interests like music, dance, acrobatics, and playgrounds. All of these are taught in Rainbow yoga, enhancing social interaction with people in a healthy way.

Krishna Village

yoga teacher trainings in australia

Founded by ISKCON, Krishna Village is a small village where you can embrace your inner spiritual essence. If you’re that person who’s more experienced in yoga, Krishna Village will be your comfort place and here you can enhance more of your meditations. On the other hand, if you’re new to all sorts of yoga things, Krishna Village will give you a warm welcome in their place and teach you the aspects of yoga.

Your stay here with Krishna Village will be filled with karma yoga activities, enlightenment talks, and DIY activities and enhancing of the spiritual life.

Surrounded by natural spots and organic foods. You’ll definitely enjoy your course here. The yoga teachers will teach you yoga from Krishna Consciousness, Bhakti Yoga, and other aspects of yoga.

It doesn’t stop there! They also offer volunteering activities that can change your life! All in all, Krishna Village is not just a place for yoga training but also for a life-changing experience.

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Fire Shaper

yoga teacher training schools in australia

A quote from Gautama Buddha: “Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.” This quote is referred to as yogis. Yogis are the ones who practice yoga. As they believe that life is a test, and here in Fire Shaper, they will hone you to transform yourself into someone better and setting aside all those negativities within you.

Fire Shaper did great in helping people recover from their personal problems and turn them into the better versions of themselves. They grew larger, expanding to four studios in Australia. They are different from the other yoga training as they teach people their own signature training. It includes the principles of sequencing, the right and core postures and deep alignment

Before starting the regular classes every week from a course over 7 months, there will be a 4-day immersion first.

Yoga Social

yoga teacher training programs in australia

Yoga Social offers a lot of opportunities to start off with your own yoga career. They are the best at giving out all the things you need to become a successful and professional yoga teacher. Yoga Social will surely shape you to become the better version of yourself as a yoga teacher that can share his/her experience throughout the course.

They offer in-depth lessons and the much-needed philosophy and history of yoga. Focusing more on the knowledge of anatomy, the results of your course here will be surely useful in applying in real life. Allowing yourself to teach others what you’ve learned.

The name itself: Yoga Social, which means that they will focus more on teaching yoga with a lot of social interactions with the other students in a playful but professional way.

Byron Yoga Centre

top yoga teacher training schools in australia

Known as one of the longest-running yoga teacher training centers in Australia. Founded by John Ogilvie in the year 1988, Byron Yoga Centre sets off their courses in Byron Bay and Melbourne, Sydney.

There are three parts in their course, which of to start the first one you need to study everything in your own house and you’ll be guided with online exercises, books, videos, and using Skype. The second part is a 12-day intensive of self-practice. Then for the last part, you’ll be encouraged to start teaching all the things you’ve just learn to their public classes for 8 days.

Power Living

yoga teacher trainings in australia


Focusing more on shaping up your personal transformation. The courses they offer follow a certain pattern that is easy to follow because it is more of a natural way. Their courses are offered in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

You’ll be given three modules at the start of the course. The first one is they’ll let you observe the practice of asanas and alignment, the history of yoga and the skills from ancient texts so that you’ll be prepared to start your own yoga class. There’ll be a one-week immersion in Bali where you can focus on self-practice, after the immersion. You are now allowed to start teaching yoga and will be given feedback from your colleagues.

After completing all of the three modules, you are now certified to start your own yoga teaching career.

Body Mind Life

the best yoga teacher trainings in australia

Their venues are located in Bondi Beach, Potts Point, Redfern, and Surry Hills. Their places offer a large area to practice yoga, each place is well-designed to give you the best experience in yoga teaching training.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a starter or a professional yogi. They have ways of teaching that can perfectly suit your lifestyle. The courses offered will surely turn you from a student to a professional and certified yoga training teacher.

Body Mind Life yoga teacher training can be trusted as they have teachers that excel well in every subject that is included in the course. Which will definitely guide you from the start-up to the end of the program.

Do you know?

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    Yoga is very important for daily life. As a beginner, the most difficult thing is to choose the best yoga training program but you explained very well in this blog. No doubt it is a great way to get exercise which reduces stress. Thanks for sharing such amazing stuff.

  2. IIYC /Reply

    “The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and mind.”
    Yoga is very beneficial for body. It helps you to improve your daily life and gives you more vitality for doing work. I like the way your teaching yoga. The different types of yoga.

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