Shunya Mudra: Meaning, Benefits, and How to Do

shunya mudra

The Shunya Mudra is a hand gesture with many benefits. Learn about the Shunya Mudra and its benefits, how to do it, and when to use it for the best results.

Definition – What is Shunya Mudra and its Meaning, References, and Mythology?

Shunya Mudra refers to the Gesture of Emptiness. Pancha mahabhut, which is five elements, includes air, water, and earth.

The sky (ether) is often associated with the middle finger. This is the gateway into the higher dimensions, the gateway to heaven. According to ancient myths, we must first be completely clean to reach heaven. Looking within and making amends for past offenses may be a good idea. It can sometimes be difficult to forgive someone. But forgiveness opens new doors, gateways that allow us to see and live in the light. It’s as if we have let go of our old burdens and can then happily continue on our journey.

Shunya Mudra is also known as Akash Shamak Mudra. It decreases (Shamak), space (Akash), and element in our bodies. It is a curative Mudra that balances excess space element in the body.

In Sanskrit, ‘Shunya’ means ’empty,’ ‘Zero’ or ‘Void,’ and Mudra means ‘Seal’ or ‘Gesture.’ Shunya Mudra can also be called The Gesture of Emptiness.

Shunya Mudra is the reason we call it that.

Shunya is a word that means space (openness). Shunya Mudra is a Mudra that controls the space element of our bodies.

Shunya Mudra also includes the practice and use of middle fingers, a reference to heaven or sky. It is also known as Heaven Mudra.

Alternate Names of Shunya Mudra

The Gesture of Emptiness, Akash Shamak Mudra, Heaven Mudra.

How to Do Shunya Mudra?

  • This Mudra is performed by sitting down in a comfortable posture
  • Place your hands gently on your knees.
  • Bend your middle fingers so that your thumbs touch your thumbs base.
  • Next, use your thumbs to gently press your thumbs against your middle fingers. 
  • Your other fingers should be extended and relaxed. 
  • Relax completely.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Try still your mind and thoughts. Let nothing enter your mind.
  • You can hold the position for about 4-5 minutes in the beginning. You can increase the time with practice. Repeat this exercise up to three more times per day. 

Shunya Mudra Benefits

shunya mudra benefits
  • Loud music and sound pollution can reduce our hearing ability. Shunya Mudra, which is mostly performed to improve hearing power, is primarily done because the space element is the main culprit for hearing loss.
  • It can also be helpful for motion sickness.
  • Inflammation in the inner ear is the main cause of motion sickness and vertigo. Shunya Mudra stimulates the nerves in the ears by directly stimulating them. Shunya Mudra can be very useful in these situations.
  • It can also be used to treat numbness.
  • It reduces thyroid diseases.
  • Aids in the formation of hormonal balance within the body. It also helps to treat hypothyroidism, which is an abnormal behavior of the thyroid gland.
  • It prevents heart disease.
  • It stimulates the heart chakra.

Shunya Mudra Precautions and Contraindications

shunya mudra precautions
  • You will hurt yourself if you press too hard on the thumb.
  • Shunya Mudra should not be performed if you feel very weak.
  • After being cured of a specific condition, discontinue the practice of this Mudra as it can cause the body to lose its space element.

When and how long to do Shunya Mudra?

  • It is always better to be safe than sorry. Shunya Mudra can be used to prevent health or physical problems.
  • This Mudra can be practiced to cure space element imbalances in our body.
  • Our mind is at its best in the morning, regardless of stress and tension. This time of day also has the lowest level of disturbance and noise.
  • Shunya Mudra should be practiced in the morning for the best results.
  • You can do the Aakash Shamak Mudra with your full stomach.
  • You can practice it for 20-30 minutes daily or 15 minutes each time. Reduce the duration of this Mudra when you see the desired results.

Breathing in Shunya Mudra

Visualisation in Shunya Mudra

Listen to relaxing, gentle music. Allow thoughts to arise and allow inner images to emerge. You can immediately let go of any unpleasant thoughts. Continue to imagine pleasant thoughts that suit your mood.

Affirmation in Shunya Mudra

The heavenly sound is a reminder of the goodness and goodness of the universe.


The Shunya Mudra is a fantastic Mudra to add to your yoga practice because of its versatility and benefits. It can be used in meditation, asana practice, or even while sitting at work. The next time you find yourself feeling scattered or stressed, try the Shunya Mudra and see if it helps you find more focus and peace. If you’re interested in learning more about Mudras and how to use them effectively, check out our Mudras Certification Course. This course includes all 108 Mudras, each accompanied by detailed information about their traditional use, benefits, contraindications, variations, and precautions.

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