Crown Chakra Meditation

Working the Sahasrara Chakra through Meditation, Affirmation, Mudra and Mantra Chanting

crown chakra
Crown Chakra Meditation

This article will teach you a range of meditation techniques that you can use to open up the Crown Chakra.

It discusses visualizations, breathing work, the mudra, and mantra that are most beneficial for connecting with Crown Chakra energy.

Use these meditation tools in your daily life to connect more deeply with the life and energy that surrounds you. Practice them regularly and you will feel the positive difference it creates in your body, mind, and spirit. Now online courses for meditation have also been introduced.


Chakra meditations are becoming more popular as a way to open up and expand the energy that is already within you.

The chakras are spinning wheels of energy that are located along the spine. The Crown Chakra, also known in Sanskrit as Sahasrara Chakra, is located at the very top of your head – on the crown.

This potent energy center rules our connection with the universe and the feeling of unity with all beings around.

Crown Chakra work can create a sense of peacefulness and lightness in your body as you begin to trust in the support of the energy around you.

The meditation tips and affirmations in this article will help you understand and effectively connect with your own Crown Chakra. 

The Crown Chakra Meditation Primer

To prepare for a Crown Chakra meditation it’s important to have time and space where you will not be disturbed. As this Chakra is associated with lightness and connection, it is best to do it before eating, or perhaps the first thing upon waking up in the morning.

You will need to be comfortable and allow your body to be completely relaxed. You may like to be seated on the floor with cushions to support your hips and knees, or you may choose to sit on a chair, or even lay down flat on your back.

Play around to find the most comfortable position for yourself. If you like, you can have a blanket and warm socks on, to keep you cozy during your practice.

Meditation is all about staying present in the moment, so to do this best – you need to minimize distractions.

Make sure your phone and other devices are turned off or on silent. If you live with other people, let them know you need some peace and quiet time or when you begin to meditate have an ‘In Meditation’ sign on your door – so they’ll know not to disturb you.

If you like to listen to music, you may play a gentle and soothing song that will allow you to stay calm.

Set aside about 20 minutes each day, of course this time period can be adjusted to suit your schedule.

You may like to light incense or candle to signify the start of your practice and create some other rituals to help you to settle into the space more easily.

When you are all set to go, you can begin to move through your Sahasrara Chakra Meditation as outlined below.

Crown Chakra Meditation Flows and Sequences

There are many ways to practice Sahasrara Chakra meditation, try them on different days and assess which works best for you.

You can use a Crown Chakra meditation script to read to yourself. Here’s an example:

Find a comfortable seat and let your hips settle into the earth beneath you. Ground your body into the earth or chair beneath you and allow your spine to grow tall.

Bring your awareness to the top of your head, right in the center where your crown chakra is located.

Take a few breaths here, guiding your breath into this space and energizing this part of your body.

Perhaps here as your focus increases, you may start to feel a little tingling in the crown of your head. You might feel gentle energy pulsating there. This is your crown chakra.

It is also okay if you do not feel anything. Simply imagine a ball of energy at this point in your body.

As you sit here imagine that this chakra, this energy wheel begins to spin in one direction. It does not matter which direction, just imagine it spinning at a pace that feels good for you. You may wish to close your eyes here, and take 10 deep breaths as you let this energy center spin.

When you open your eyes again, feel the connection between your Crown Chakra and the space above you.

This chakra is the key connection between your body and the universe. It is a place where you can absorb the expansive and peaceful energy from above and bring these qualities into your body.

Now as you breathe, imagine the universal energy traveling in through the crown of your head and down into your body.

Allow it to fill every part of your body, giving you the sense of unity and connection between the living beings on this earth and the one flow of energy that runs through all of us.

Take one final deep breath in here, and know that you have awakened the Sahasrara Chakra energy today. As you exhale, you can release the focus and return to your natural state of being.

Enjoy a few moments of contemplation to notice what you felt or if anything altered within you. You can use this meditation daily to spin your Crown Chakra and embrace Sahasrara energy as you go about your day.

You can also use online apps or video and audio platforms to listen to pre-recorded Crown Chakra Guided Meditations. Insight Timer has lots of guided meditations, and YouTube as well.

Listen to a few different versions and see how they activate your Crown Chakra in different ways.

Another great visualization to meditate with is imagining that you have a lotus sitting at the crown of your head.

Sahasrara in Sanskrit means “Thousand-Petalled Lotus”. When you connect with this visualization, you can imagine this beautiful white or purple lotus sitting on your head and having its roots growing down your spine.

As this lotus opens to the light of day, you can imagine its petals unfolding and opening to the universe. Create the space to allow the energy around you to flow into your body and to fill you with peace.

You can connect with this visualization any time of the day when you feel the need to connect with the universe.

Your chakras are wonderful tools that can provide the energy you need; simply allow them to open to receive it!

Sahasrara Chakra affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements spoken in the present moment, that create a unique energy and confirmation that what you are saying is happening too – right now.

You can use Crown Chakra affirmations as part of your morning meditations, or simply use them throughout your day to connect with the Crown Chakra.

Here are a few examples of powerful Sahasrara Chakra affirmations:

  • I am divinely connected to a power that is greater than me.
  • I trust the flow of energy throughout my life.
  • I am a spiritual being in a human body.
  • I am aligned with the highest vibrational frequency of trust and love.
  • I feel peace in my heart and my mind.
  • I let go of all attachments.
  • I am connected to all of my life.

See if you can come up with affirmations that make you feel good!

Write them down in a list and practice repeating them throughout the day.

You can repeat these affirmations in your mind, say them out loud, or to yourself in a mirror to feel the full power of those words. 

Crown Chakra Mudra

The Sahasrara Chakra mudra is called the Padma Mudra meaning lotus mudra. This fits in with the lotus imagery of the Crown Chakra.

To create this mudra, put the base of your palms together and let the edges of your thumbs and little fingers touch. The actual palm creates a bowl-like shape as the middle three fingers of each hand expand out creating the petals of the lotus.

If you imagine this shape as an opening to the spirit above, you’ll receive the energy of the Crown Chakra in the palm of your hands. You can hold this mudra at your heart or even at the crown of your head by connecting the base of your hands with the Crown Chakra.

Hold this mudra for a few deep breaths as you energize it and allow the Sahasrara Chakra energy to open.

Crown Chakra Mantra Chant Meaning Explained

Om, also spelt as Aum is a universal sound. It is thought to be the first sound at the creation of the universe.

This sound is known as the Sahasrara Chakra Chant, as it resonates at the same frequency of oneness and is associated with a universal connection.

When you chant Om, you can imagine the lotus that sits at the crown chakra – opening its petals and receiving guidance from above.

It can also help to visualize white light streaming in from the sky above and entering your body through the Sahasrara Chakra. You can add the mantra Om, to your meditation to seal off the practice and allow the energy to settle in your body.


The Crown Chakra can be activated by using the practices mentioned in this article. If you combine meditations, affirmations, mantras, and mudras, you will experience a great opening of Sahasrara energy in your mind and body.

Use this energy to connect and trust in the divine unfolding of your life. Your chakras are always available to work with and enhance your life.

If you want to find out more, join our Online Understanding Chakras Course. This course will surely bring insights which you’ve been longing for your complete Chakras understanding.

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