Best Yoga Teacher Training Schools in Europe

Yoga Training in Europe

If you are searching for thousands of selections to accomplish your 200-hour yoga teacher training in Europe and do not have any idea on how to select then this will bring you joy.

The learning is usually accomplished in the Mediterranean countries in a student-friendly way however you have various choices in western Europe too. Continue reading in order for you to know the best options you can choose to get that most awaited Yoga Alliance official recognition.

Rainbow Light Yoga – Coudures, France

yoga in europe rainbow light yoga

This Yoga training center will keep you in a regimen of 25-day course that is certified by Yoga Alliance in the peaceful place of Coudures. While you are in the area you will have a feel of what does the ambiance of living in the Renaissance period. The management offers different types of room for your own basic needs.

Each meditation session or yoga teacher training can take in up to 15 enrollees, to give you the peace of mind you’re your learning will truly be up to the standards. The training is focused on spirituality because it is based on Indian and Buddhist philosophy. The course will be focused on silent meditation and philosophy to bring out your inner self to become more peaceful.

Southwest France will be your home for almost a month if you will enroll in the course. The good thing with the location is that it is very close to nature which will give you ample time to meditate. Expect that it will cost you €2300-3500 which primarily relies on the type of room that you will choose.

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Breath of Life Yoga – Crete, Greece

yoga in europe breath of life yoga

The programs in this training center are created for aspiring teachers who possess an exceptional interest in spirituality however are out of luck on discovering it. After you finished this almost one-month of training, you will experience a complete change in your life in a positive way.

You will have the ability to train students with high self-esteem, aiding students in their quest to learn yoga, through your personal distinctive understanding. Furthermore, it is a great way to further increase your knowledge. Although the classes are done on almost a half day you will not get stressed because there are breaks that you can utilize for other things.

The trainers are only living in the area and are equipped with expertise in yoga and the other knowledge within it. There are a couple of choices for lodging. For a cheaper cost, you can lodge in a retreat center which is very near the training area, or you can avail of a room that can be found on the upper stairs of the studio. The costs are somewhere between €3000-€4000.

Gayatri Yoga – Tenerife, Spain

yoga teacher training in europe

This is a mini training center and takes in only 6 to 8 students in each one-month training session and Yoga Alliance certified. The substance of their teacher and the sole moment they share with their apprentices is way above average. In this manner, they are frequently present for their students and the needs of the students at all times.

This training center is strict in aligning their curriculum in the old-fashioned Yoga techniques and you will also learn hatha yoga, with a focus on routines about spirituality. The place of lodging is very nice with single and double-sized beds, with shared or individual comfort rooms. The place has lots of amenities which you will truly love.

The meals are well provided and you can also create foods with your co-students. Although there are limitations when it comes to what you can bring on the training center such as cigarettes and certain types of foods. When it comes to the costs foresee that you will spend €2600-€2900 which relies on what kind of room you will avail.

Quaternityoga – Tenerife, Spain

200-hour yoga teacher training in europe

This less than a month Yoga Alliance certified learning with Quaternityoga is well-rounded, implementation, gaining knowledge, and meditation the whole day. It is also composed of a few days of silent meditation to provide focus to your inner meditative wellness and for you to find out your passions.

This training is created to expand your yoga fundamentals and train you too for you to have sturdy fundamentals as you pursue in your career in training students in the field of yoga. The learning will happen in Mandala de Masca which has a splendid 60,000 square meters of a man-made landscape which can be found on the amazing Canary Island of Tenerife Valley

The area is recognized for its amazing view and genuinely spots. The whole learning experience will make you spend €2500 which almost includes everything.

Bhaktivedanta College – Durbuy, Belgium


This training center gives an exclusive way to learn with famous trainer Mahayogi Gokulacandra, which is one of the greatest experts of asanas today. While you are on the learning stage, the students will gain the knowledge of fundamentals for your whole being as a sole or a whole with the other students.

The global practitioners have excellent backgrounds of curriculum and numerous experience in yoga. The learning will happen in an amazing place, in one of the tiniest cities in the world in Belgium.

Expect to spend between €2200-2950 and exclusive of the Yoga Alliance certification fee. It also gives you the ability to get discounts if you will pay four months in advance.

Sound Method Yoga – Attica, Greece & Mallorca, Spain

best yoga teacher training in Spain

This Yoga training center will allow you to undergo a month of training which will help you learn new techniques and improve on your routines and in your life too. The courses are prepared by experts of yoga along with different fields that comprise it.

The location is known as Irides Luxury Apartments Hotel and is a private-owned hotel that will give you an ambiance of your own home. The place will give you a good view because it is surrounded by water. In your spare hours, you have the ability to relax effortlessly because of the good view.

You can also do some recreational activities such as hiking because it is near Athens. Although it is a little bit expensive because it costs between €3700-4000, but you can also avail of the discounts that they offer if you are on a tight budget.

LagoCph Italy Yoga Teacher Training Program – Tuscany, Italy

best yoga teacher training in italy

On this 21 day training that is Yoga Alliance certified, you will have the ability on how to begin movement direct from your inner body and view where certain actions can be a great way to articulate yourself.

You will have basic knowledge in Thai massage too which makes it a way to deepen yourself in the yogic way of living and have a fundamental of how our body functions. The cost of the package is €3000-4000.

Inspira Yoga Teacher Training Spain Program – Granada, Spain

best 200-hour yoga teacher training in Spain

On the one month of training that you will go through it will be a combination of Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa flow, and other types of practices. You will also hone your skills in teaching which will greatly benefit your career as a Yoga teacher.

Up to 10 enrollees are accepted and the learning will take place at Cortijo Caseria del Mercado, which is a very desirable place. There are lots of amenities that are available in the place and at the same time, you will be surrounded by different and lovely tamed animals to enhance your experience more.

The price of the package is €2600-3000 and you must pay it in advance and it is inclusive of vegan meals.

Take Away

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