5 Podcasts Every Busy Yogi Should Listen To

Podcasts are a great way to learn on the go, listen to your favorite creators talk about their art and even participate in a yoga class, right from the comfort of your home!

We’ve rounded up five of the best podcasts every busy yogi should listen to. Whether you want to start a home practice, learn more about the history of yoga or you just want to be part of a thriving community, check out these podcasts below.


These short podcasts—ranging from one to four minutes—discuss common questions and answers to gain a deeper understanding of yoga asanas (postures) and ideologies.

Perfect for beginning yogis, CorePower’s ‘Ask a Yogi’ series will answer any questions you might have about starting a yoga practice.

And as they’re so short, you’ll be able to listen to these anytime without having to set aside a large portion of your day!

Learn more about CorePower Yoga’s podcast here.

Yoga Talk by Yoga International

The editorial team at Yoga International has put together a fantastic podcast discussing all aspects of contemporary yoga culture. From ‘Yoga Etiquette’ to ‘Doshas and Dating’, there’s something for everybody in this up-to-date podcast.

Episodes range from twenty minutes to one hour and six minutes. You can listen to this podcast while you clean your house, sit in traffic or ride the subway. It’s entertaining, insightful and will keep you coming back for more!

Tara Brach

This weekly podcast by esteemed meditation teacher Tara Brach features guided meditations and talks on spirituality and healing. She also incorporates Buddhist teachings and practices into each episode.

Episodes range from three minutes to just over an hour long—perfect for beginning meditators and anybody seeking to learn more about the effects and benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

You can learn more about Tara Brach and her podcast here.


Yoga journalist Andrea Ferretti hosts the YogaLand podcast as she interviews prominent teachers in the yoga and wellness community. You’ll hear from people like Rachel Brathen, Jason Crandell, Kathryn Budig, Amy Ippoliti and many more.

Enjoy uplifting stories, conversations about life and reliable health advice from well-known teachers in these episodes that range from six minutes to one hour long.

Learn more about the YogaLand podcast here.

Sivana Podcast: Eastern Spirituality, Yoga Philosophy, and Conscious Living

This podcast hosted by SivanaSpirit.com explores Eastern culture, traditions and beliefs. It covers topics like mantra, Buddhism and meditation as well as yoga and alternative healing.

Ancient wisdom combines with new ideas in this innovative podcast. Episodes range from fifteen to forty-eight minutes long.

If you love the podcast, you can follow the SivanaSpirit blog for more inspiration, daily.

Take Away

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Meera Watts
Meera Watts is the owner and founder of Siddhi Yoga International. She is known worldwide for her thought leadership in the wellness industry and was recognized as a Top 20 International Yoga Blogger. Her writing on holistic health has appeared in Elephant Journal, CureJoy, FunTimesGuide, OMtimes and other international magazines. She got the Top 100 Entrepreneur of Singapore award in 2022. Meera is a yoga teacher and therapist, though now she focuses primarily on leading Siddhi Yoga International, blogging and spending time with her family in Singapore.


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