Abhaya Mudra: Meaning, Benefits, and How to Do

The Abhaya Mudra is a gesture of protection and fearlessness. Discover its meaning, benefits, and how to do it yourself in this comprehensive guide.

abhaya mudra

Definition – What is Abhaya Mudra and Meaning, References, and Mythology of it?

We are often afraid of things like darkness, dark, public, audience, height, and negative energy. Everyone has their fears and phobias, and everyone wants them to be overcome.

Abhaya Mudra is a Sanskrit word that combines the Sanskrit words Abhaya (fearlessness) and Mudra (gesture).

Abhaya Mudra, a hand gesture that can be used to invoke feelings of peace, fearlessness, and protection, is called “Abhaya Mudra“. This gesture was used to greet strangers in early times. This gesture indicates friendship and peace, as it shows that the hand does not have a weapon or is unarmed.

According to Buddhist tradition, this hand gesture was used by Buddha when an angry elephant attacked him. The furious elephant was shocked to see this gesture and became calm and peaceful.

After achieving enlightenment, the Abhaya Mudra was popularized by Lord Buddha. This gesture is found in many Buddhist artworks. It signifies ‘stop’. This means to end fears and phobias that can cloud your mind and cause you to be unable or unwilling to live up to them. You can unlock new dimensions in your life by overcoming your fears and showing courage. To shower blessings upon a person, the Mudra can also be used in Sikhism, Jainism, and Hinduism.

Alternate Names of Abhaya Mudra

Abhayamudra, Abhayamudrā, Abhaya-Mudra, Abhaya Mudra of Buddha

How to do Abhaya Mudra?

  • You can practice this Mudra in any comfortable meditative posture to gain maximum benefits out of it.
  • You can sit in any position that is meditative or comfortable.
  • Now, keep this posture throughout the entire session.
  • Your left hand can be placed at the left hip with the palm facing up, or on your lap in front of the navel.
  • Now, place your right hand next to your right chest so that your palm is facing forward.
  • Now close your eyes. Pay attention to the flow of your breaths and your mind.
  • Keep this position for as long as possible and then let go.

Abhaya Mudra Benefits

  • The Abhaya Mudra, as the name implies, helps overcome fear. This Mudra fills us with courage because of the way our hands are held.
  • This Mudra also calms the mind
  • Regular practice of this Mudra can bring fearlessness and relaxation to your brain.
  • Abhaya Mudra calms fear-related emotions like irritability anger anxiety, and so on. This Mudra calms the nervous system and helps to relax the body.
  • This Mudra will increase your spiritual strength
  • This makes the practitioner more powerful from within.

Abhaya Mudra Precautions and Contraindications

Usually, for this Mudra, there are no Precautions and contraindications.

  • The only thing is that this Mudra for fearlessness must be practiced with your right hand.
  • Do not exert any unnecessary force on your spine.

When and How long to do Abhaya Mudra?

  • This Mudra can be practiced to make you more fearless.
  • This Mudra can also be practiced to increase your inner strength.

For best results, one should do this Mudra for at most 20-30 minutes per day. It can be done in one stretch or two stretches lasting 10-15 minutes. For better results, perform it in your morning. It is possible to do it at any hour of the day.

Breathing in Abhaya Mudra

Visualisation in Abhaya Mudra

Visualize a funnel made of silver or gold. Inhaling. Divine light (courage and goodwill, confidence, etc.) flows through the funnel to your head. It then flows into your body. Allow yourself to be filled with it. You inhale and the light returns through your right hand. Then, you aim it at the person or thing you need to confront. You may wish to reach more people with this meditation. You will be amazed at the positive effects of this meditation if you do it more often for someone or something that is causing you concern.

Affirmation in Abhaya Mudra

I believe in the goodness of this human being or in this thing and that the good will be revealed.


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