Parivrtta Sukhasana (Easy Seated Twist Pose Or Revolved Easy Pose)

parivrtta sukhasana
English Name(s)
Easy Seated Twist Pose
परिवर्तत सुखासन / Parivrtta Sukhasana
Pah-ree-vree-tah soo-kaha-ah-suh-nuh
Parivrtta: Revolved/ Twisted
Sukha: Easy, Comfortable, or Joyful
Asana: Pose

Parivrtta Sukhasana at a Glance

This pose is also known as the Easy seated twist pose or revolved easy pose yoga. This is a variation of the Sukhasana posture. This pose can be an easy twist and warmup pose. This pose helps to stimulate the solar plexus, which is linked with personal transformation and power.


  • It helps to improve the flexibility of your spinal muscles.
  • It enhances the flexibility of your neck muscles.
  • It stretches your shoulder and your chest.
  • It helps to reduce your stress and anxiety.
  • It boosts your energy level and also helps in detoxification.

Who can do it?

Children can do this asana. Elders can also do this asana if their flexibility allows them. People who do meditation regularly can opt for this pose, for warm-up. Pregnant women can do this but with props and under the guidance of the prenatal yoga teacher. Sports persons can do this pose. Any level of yoga practitioners can do this pose.

Who should not do it?

People with some injury or any issues with their hip, ankle, or knee should avoid doing it. You should avoid doing it when you have a fever, severe cold, or any stomach-related issues. Any health concerns you should avoid doing it or consult your health care professional. If you have sciatica pain or arthritis, avoid doing this pose.

How to Do Parivrtta Sukhasana?
Follow the Step-by-Step Procedure

Parivrtta Sukhasana pose can be done as a warmup and as a cooling or relaxing pose. This may be a beginner pose but do it with proper alignment procedures.

  1. To start this pose first come to the Dandasana pose, by sitting on the yoga mat and keeping your legs stretched in front and arms beside your body.
  2. Keep your spine straight and elongated, your ribcage in line with your pelvis, and keep breathing.
  3. Next, bend your right leg and fold it, and then bend your left leg and keep the ankle of the left leg on the right lower leg and come into the crossed leg comfortable position (Sukhasana).
  4. Now breathe in bring your right palm and place it near your hips on the right side and your fingers pointing outside.
  5. Exhale deeply and slowly turn your upper body(torso) to the right and even your neck goes with your torso to the right.
  6. Your left palm should move to your right knee, exhale again, and get a deep twist.
  7. Turn your neck and gaze to your shoulders and see that your spine should be straight bring the crown of your head upward and twist your body imagining your spine as a pole.
  8. Be in this position for a few breaths and within your comfort limit and keep your breath continuous.
  9. To come out of the pose, inhale and slowly bring back your upper body and neck in the centre and then your left arm and bring your right arm back as it was in the normal sitting position.
  10. Relax by taking a few breaths and then doing the same procedure, on the opposite side turning your torso to the left side, placing your right hand on the left knee and left hand on the ground, and gazing over your left shoulder.

What are the Benefits of Parivrtta Sukhasana?

  • Parivrtta Sukhasana increases the flexibility of your spine and your upper back.
  • It helps to give a good stretch to your upper back, upper chest, and neck and can relieve shoulder pain.
  • This easy posture massages your internal organs and helps to release toxins from your body.
  • It helps stimulate digestion and tones them.
  • It is a wonderful practice to reduce stress and anxiety and calm your body and mind.

Health Conditions that Might Benefit from Parivrtta Sukhasana

  • The easy twist pose massages your abdominal organs, which helps to maintain healthy digestive organs.
  • It gives you relief from your back and shoulder pain.
  • This improves the flexibility of your neck muscles and reduces the risk of sprain or injury.
  • This posture can be helpful to enhance your body posture.
  • This pose helps to energize your nervous system, by releasing your stress and anxiety.

Safety and Precautions

  • Avoid the Parivrtta Sukhasana pose if you have any spinal issues.
  • If you have any neck, hips, knee, and ankle issues, or shoulder injuries, consult your doctor before practicing yoga.
  • For Any recent surgery, avoid this pose.
  • People with back issues can practice gently.
  • Do the follow-up poses.
  • Beginners initially can do it under the guidance of the yoga teacher.

Common Mistakes

  • Keep your back straight and avoid a hunch.
  • Keep breathing continuously.
  • Avoid twisting more than your comfort limit.
  • Keep your shoulders away from the ears.
  • Follow the alignment principles.
  • If you feel any discomfort, come out of the pose.

Tips for the Parivrtta Sukhasana

  • Keep yourself grounded and in a proper posture.
  • Do a proper warmup for this simple spinal twist.
  • Twist your body from your waist.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed.
  • Your head should turn to the side of your twist.
  • Place a cushion or folded blanket under your knees for comfort.
  • People with weak knees, general body weakness, or tight hips can do it sitting in a chair.
  • Beginners can do it under the guidance of the yoga teacher.

Physical Alignment Principles for Parivrtta Sukhasana

  • Your sit bones should be in contact with the ground.
  • Keep your hips in line.
  • Twist the torso further until the shoulder blades are touching each other behind the back.
  • Place the right palm on the floor to the right of the hips with fingers pointing outwards.
  • The left hand should be placed on the right knee (opposite knee).
  • Twist your upper body from the waist.
  • Your head should turn to the side of the twist.
  • Gaze over the shoulder.
  • Keep breathing to maintain balance.

Parivrtta Sukhasana and Breath

Parivrtta Sukhasana is a restorative beginner pose on the easy seating posture. Breath is important as for any other yoga asanas. Let the energy flow in with the inhalation and while you exhale let the tensions and the negative thoughts out and with every exhale, gently twist deeper.

Start by taking a few deep breaths which calms your mind and prepares your body. Maintain this breath flow in a rhythmic motion and in a balanced manner. Your balanced breath will improve your, self-awareness and will help you to let go of the distractions and just be with your inner self when you are in the Parivrtta Sukhasana.

Parivrtta Sukhasana and Variations

  • Do this pose sitting on a chair (especially the senior citizens).
  • Seated torso circles.
  • Sukhasana.
  • Neck side stretch with easy pose.
  • Easy pose with bound hands.

The Bottom Line

Parivrtta Sukhasana is a beginner-level, restorative pose. This asana may look simple but has many physical and mental benefits if practiced regularly. Follow the physical alignment principles and keep breathing throughout the pose. Any health concerns consult your health care provider. Beginners can initially do it under the guidance of the yoga teacher.

It helps to increase self-awareness, and focus, reduces distractions removes negativity, and helps to achieve a calm mind and a healthy body.

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