Best Places To Visit in Goa: Sightseeing in South & North Goa

Get to know this fantastic tourist place…

…Maybe when you think about India, your first association isn’t white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, and gently swaying palms.

But India actually has a tourist place like this, and its name is Goa.

goa tourist places

Goa is the smallest state of India. And it’s perfect for party people who need a calm place to rest, or romantic walks under the bright shining sun. Goa offers picturesque seascapes and an all-year-round vacation season. This captivates the hearts of thousands of tourists.


Every year the visitors recognize their dream holiday here. And even their getaway from their daily routine in this fantastic tourist place.

The area of the state is 3702 km2, and the population is about 1 500 000 people. In the agricultural aspect, Goa is one of the wealthiest states of India. The main agrarian grains are rice, sugar cane, coconut palms, and many bananas. The fishing is well-developed also.

Why do I tell you this?

Because that means you will have fresh and natural food on the table when you have breakfast, lunch, or dinner with your loved ones.

The history of this amazing place:

Until the start of the 16th century, the territory of present-day Goa has entered in the composition of different Indian countries.

tourist places in goa

In 1510 Goa was conquested by the Portuguese. Years after that became the center of the Portuguese colonies in South Asia. The Portuguese have practiced hard policy. So every try of the local population for opposition against the appointed was denied. So they enforced the catholic influence.

This is how Goa became the perfect place for any tourist:

In the swinging 60s, Goa starts to attract the vast majority of young people. That’s because it offers so much for them.

Impressive nature, philosophy of the free human spirit, and crazy night parties.

In the present, Goa is a world-class resort with a huge attractive force. It can brag itself with many places to visit, Kilometers long wide beaches and azure waters of the Arabian Sea.

And that’s not all you can enjoy the bright sky almost all over the year.

Do you love Yoga? Then Goa is the perfect place for you!

Also, Goa is the perfect place to take care of your mental and soul health by practicing Yoga on sunny beaches. Goa is well known for its yoga retreats, and many travelers go there to practice their yoga skills.

best places to visit in goa

There’s no matter if you are a beginner or advanced.

In Goa, you’ll find everything you need to start learning or upgrade your existing skills.

When you practice Yoga, you take care of your brain and body by touching your mind. That will charge you up with positive energy and harmony in our lives. Yoga will make you more happy, calm, and successful.

Yoga also brings your brain in the present moment, setts free the stress and balance up the emotions. In conclusion, we can say that Yoga gives a good influence on all your health.

With its big wide beaches, Goa gives you the perfect atmosphere to practice Yoga. Explorers from all over the world are coming to Goa because of its calming nature, chilled out feeling, and good vibes. In Goa, people can start their new healthy style of living. When you feel the change here, it will bring you back to Goa every year.

And of course, practicing yoga is not the only thing you can take from visiting Goa…

…So here are some activities you can also try out when visiting Goa:

There are multiple possibilities for people who want to meet deeper with the culture of Goa. The reason is that many of the historical monuments there take part in the list of UNESCO.

If you are visiting Goa for your yoga teacher training, during your yoga training, you will have some free time on weekends. So, we have prepared a complete list of places to visit in North and South Goa.

Take a look and visit the places you may like.

But first…

How to actually get to Goa:

If you’re searching for a budget way to reach Goa from Mumbai. The best possible way is to use the Mumbai to Goa train, via Konkan Railways.

places to see in goa

The travel time is for about 12 hours, and it’s way more comfortable than traveling by bus. You can take advantage of going by train if you book the overnight train and you’ll be in Goa the next day.

Another essential thing to understand is that you’re in India, so book fast the places are limited!

North Goa vs South Goa

The most asked questions by future Goa tourists are where to stay in the North or South part of this state. The coolest thing you need to know is that it depends on your personal needs and financial status.

So let’s see which part of this beautiful state is better for you. In the next lines, you can learn the differences between North and South Goa.

What to expect from the people there:

First of all, we’ll take a look into the social component and will mark the differences. North Goa for the people who can’t say their financial status is very high. But if you like to be around young people or you love nightlife and low prices… Your choice is already made. It would be difficult to find an elite hotel there, and you can call “budget” most of the tourist sites.

If you use to measure the quality of the holiday in the stars of the hotels than South Goa is the perfect place for you. If you consult with your agency in most of the cases, the answer is positive for the South and Negative for the North. In the South part of Goa is dominated by luxurious hotels and clear, not crowded beaches.

goa sightseeing

For most people, this is the most essential part of the trip. So they just go to the South Part where they’ve chosen to stay in hotels with private beaches, gourmet food and the favor someone else to watch their kids while they’re practicing Yoga on the calm beach, for example.

So if you’re a well-organized family couple with children, South Goa is the perfect place to visit.

But if you’re looking for the youth and the excellent nightlife and crowded places, then you need to go to North Goa.

The best part is that Goa can give a pleasant experience for everyone.

Financial or family status is not important.

And now without further ado let’s see the Best Places to visit in North Goa.

The best beaches you can find:

1. Vagator Beach, North Goa

vagator beach north goa

Vagator beach is the perfect place for people who search for the party side of Goa. Here you can enjoy many bars, karaoke clubs, and fun. But the most exciting part for the people who come here are the water sports. The local people have prepared so many different types of water fun. For example, you can practice jet skiing and Parasailing.

2. Candolim Beach, North Goa (better than Calangute and Baga beaches)

Candolim Beach is not that far from Baga and Calangute beach. Candolim beach is clean, white sandy beach. Even in December here, you can spend the whole day in the water. There are some great shacks offering delicious food and drinks.

When you’re there, you can hire a bed and get a foot massage from one of the locals. There are also public toilets with showers and changing rooms.

Calming atmosphere, chilling water sports, and crazy nightlife make Candolim Beach one of the best beaches that explorers are coming to. There are not that many commercial places, but you’ll be amazed by this fantastic beach.

So if you’re looking for water activities at a fantastic beach, Candolim Beach is your place.

Here we’ll share with you some Activities you cant try there: Water surfing, Jetskiing, Dolphin sighting trips, Jet riding, Banana ride and much more!

When you’re there, you can hire a bed and get a foot massage from one of the locals. There are also public toilets with showers and changing rooms.

3. Sinquerim Beach, North Goa

Sinquerim beach is one of the most gorgeous and wide beaches in North Goa. It’s placed on the south side of the other excellent beaches like Candolim, Baga, and Calangute.

If you’re a good swimmer, this is your must-visit place in North Goa because of its clear waters. Here you can practice scuba diving, which can be very interesting and fun.

sinquerim beach north goa

Other interesting things to do here are Windsurfing, Water skiing, and Parasailing.

As you already know, the nightlife in the North part of Goa is very well developed. So when the sun is already gone is time to have some “alcohol tourism,” you just need to choose between all the bars there. But before you go drinking it’s a good idea to have a good dinner in one of the excellent restaurants that Sinquerim beach offers.

History Heritages:

4. Fort Aguada, North Goa

fort aguada north goa

Since the 17th century, a Portuguese fort stands on the Sinquerim beach, overlooking the Arabian Sea, managing to envelop the entire peninsula at the southwestern tip of Bardez. Amazing, that the only word you can use to describe fort is the Portuguese word Aguada. The fort made the supply of water for the ships that used to stop near it. Aguada means water, and this is how this fort took its name. This fort served several other purposes. The best attractions here are the prison cells and the ancient lighthouse.

5. Basilica of Bom Jesus, North Goa

For the travelers that love to explore history Heritages, maybe it’s not needed to introduce that name, but for the rest, it will be helpful.

Basilica of Bom Jesus is included in the UNESCO Heritage Sites list in North Goa. The church represents the Portuguese style of architecture.

The best attraction you can find is the tomb of St. Xavier. But if you want to see it, you’ll need to catch the right moment. The reason is that he is shown out public every 10 years, so it’s challenging to be there at the right time. But if you’ve missed the right time, don’t worry, you can see all the icons that represent the life of St. Xavier.

Located in Old Goa Road, you can visit this place every day. The working time is from 9:00 am till 06:30 pm but only on Sundays the opening time is at 10:30 am.

6. Goa State Museum, North Goa

Goa can bring you back in the years very quickly if you just go to the Goa state museum. There you can see the glorious past of Goa and discover the incredible amount of 8000 relics. In the museum, you can find many different galleries. The theme of the galleries is for contemporary art, numismatics (coins), Goa’s freedom struggle, Christian art, religious expression, cultural anthropology, natural heritage, and sculpture.

So, if you’re looking for something interesting to see, this is the place for you. Here you can spend 30 minutes or 5 hours watching it depends on your personal interest!

  • Location: Panaji
  • Work time: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm; closed on Saturdays and Sundays

The best places to find anything from small souvenirs to pretty much whatever you need:

7. Mapusa Friday Bazar, North Goa

You’ll find everything you need on Saturday Night Bazar. From clothes to jewelry. From souvenirs to herbs and spices. And there is, even more, you can also find handicrafts, bags, shawls, and scarves usual stuff, crazy stuff, local and international.

Whatever you want and even more and you need to be sure that you can go crazy looking at all this stuff.

This is not just a place for shopping. You can enjoy going to different bars, drinking cocktails and after that just to hit the dance floor.

Another possibility is to enjoy live concerts.

But that’s not all you can eat some of the international foods starting from Indian and Tibetan all the way to Italian and German cuisines.

All kinds of people are attracted to this place.

Most of the things in this market are cheaper in your own

country. So if you’re a good negotiator, you can have a great bargain there as well.

Top restaurants and shacks in North Goa:

8. Britto’s Shack, North Goa

You’re a food lover?

Then you’re the right person to go to Bristo’s Shack. There you can taste up to 400 dishes selected from different types of cuisines. You can enjoy while eating your Butter chicken or Jumbo Prawns or just drinking cocktails.

But that’s not the only thing you can enjoy there. In front of you will be the Beautiful Baga beach.

So you’ll have the perfect atmosphere to have your perfect dinner.

Located at the Baga beach, this pleasure for the senses can cost you only 25$ USD for 2 persons! The time you can visit it is from 8:00 am to 12:00 midnight, every day.

9. Curlie’s Beach Shack, North Goa

Located at Anjuna beach, this shack has probably everything you need during your stay at the beach. Fist of all you can try the water sports facilities during the day.

You’re hungry? Taste the Indian dishes!

In Curlie’s Shack, they serve excellent Indian, Continental, and typically Goan dishes. Don’t miss to try their Pork, Paneer Tikka, and cocktails.

The working time is from 8:30 am to 3:00 am every day. It will cost you (approx.) 20$ USD for two persons.

10.Thalassa, North Goa

Located at Orzan Beach, Vagator, this place will enchant you with its great overlook of the magnificent Arabian Sea. This place can be the best place for a sunny lunch or a chilling dinner with your loved ones. It can give you an outstanding food experience, we just loved the “village bruschetta” it was amazing, and we think you need to taste it also.

The timings are from 10:00 am to 11:30 pm every day, and the cost for two is (approx.) is 20$ USD.

The Best Places to visit in South Goa:

Again our personal favorite… the beaches:

1. Palolem Beach, South Goa

This place grabs the attention of the visitors with its calm, serene sea. And if you weren’t there, this place needs to be visited. For the people who love the food, there are many top restaurants and accommodation that fixes all your personal needs.

It’s not that calm on the beach because most of the time, live music keeps on playing there.

Flashlight walking on the beach during the night will give you a very excellent feeling, and you’ll be amazed to see the crabs going away from you.

Palolem beach is known as the “honeymoon beach.”

So don’t wait and come there to enjoy the beauty of Palolem beach!

2.Butterfly Beach, South Goa

This beach is truly the hidden paradise of South Goa. It’s called “butterfly beach” because it’s effortless for you to see so many butterflies fly around. This is maybe one of the most beautiful and calming places in the whole Goa.

When you’re looking in the crystal clear water of this beach, you can see many crabs and even golden fish.

You can have fun there doing activities like board riding, Canoe riding or Sunbathing.

3. Agonda beach, South Goa

Agonda beach represents the beauty of nature in its best form, and it is one of the lesser-known places to visit in South Goa. Agonda beach is one of the four beaches in Goa where you can see nesting turtles, and this is one more reason to go and see this absolute beauty of Goa.

agonda beach south goa

If you need a calm place where you can relax and have fun, you need to visit Agonda, and you’ll be the happiest person in the world.

Fun activities you can do here are Canoeing, Dolphin Spotting, Kayaking, Turtle spotting, and Water surfing as well.

And of course, coming second.. Historical Heritages:

4. St. Alex Church, South Goa

Located in Curtorim, St. Alex Church is one of the oldest chapel churches in the South part of India. It was built in the year 1597. When you walk around the church, you can easily see the ruins of the temple.

But why?

The most exciting thing about this church is that it’s created on the site of an older Hindu temple, and its name is Ravalnath Temple.

There are things to see there. So you shouldn’t miss it!

The working time is from 9:00 am to 8:30 pm every day, and the distance from Margao is (approximately) 6km

5. Shri Shantadurga Temple, South Goa

Built with Indo-Portuguese architectural style Shri Shantadurga is a temple that exists for more than 450 years. The windows are arched in Roman style, and this is not commonplace for the temples in Goa. The idol of the temple is Goddes Shree Durga, who mediated between Shree Vishnu and Shree Shuva to stop the war between Vishnu and Shree.

The location of this amazing place to visit is at Kavalem Village, Ponda, and it’s open from 5 am to 10:00 pm; every day of the week.

6. Tambdi Surla Mahadev Temple, South Goa

Located in Sanguem and built back in 12th-century, Tambdi Surla is one of the oldest temples in the region. Sounded by green nature, this temple holds the name of its idol, namely Lord Shiva.

It’s bizarre that this temple is built in the Kadamba-Yadava style of architecture. That is not usual for India’s Hindu temples.

You can go there every day from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Places to visit in Goa where you can taste the beautiful nature of South Goa

7.Mollem National Park, South Goa

Do you want to explore nature paradises? Then, Mollem National Park is the right place for you. Located in Sonaulim, 45 km away from Margao is the biggest park in Goa is housing the big part of the wildlife of India. There you can easily find different types of birds, butterflies, big cats like tigers and leopards, and much more.

You’re a bird fan, and you want to see species you’ve never seen? Here is the right place for you.

But that’s not all. For the small price of 80$ (American dollars), you can receive much more than you think. The best attraction here is to see that Indian wildlife very closely.

Here’s how:

It’s pretty easy, actually. You just need to take part in the jungle safaris which are organized by the staff in the park. That’s the perfect way to feel the natural beauty of India for sure.

And the diapason of this safari is not only Mollem Park. With one payment, you can go to the next destination -Dudhsagar Waterfalls.

You can just keep reading to know more about this fantastic place.

8. Dudhsagar Waterfalls, South Goa

This one of the most charming natural beauties of Goa. It’s forming the border between two states Goa and Karnataka. Everything there is a green forest instead of this magnificent waterfall.

The top is at 310 meters, and the sights that you can see are unbelievable.

The exact meaning of the word Dudhsagar is “the sea of milk.”

dudhsagar waterfalls south goa

But why would they name it like that?

Because when the water is falling from 310 meters, it has the same color as milk. That’s why!

Are you looking for a real wildlife adventure?

If so, Mollem National Park and Dudhsagar Waterfalls are your must-visit places!

9. Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, South Goa

It is placed at Sanguem Taluk (south-eastern part of Goa). This is another must-visit place for people who love nature and wildlife. Here you can see varied species of animals. Butterflies, mammals, and birds combined with the calming environment of Goa.

You can enter here every day from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm every day of the week.

If you’re a keen nature enthusiast, this is the right place for you.

What You Can Expect from the Food:

India is well-known for its cuisine. Especially when we talk about Goa, you need to know that the food here is a religion. You can taste things that you’ve never eaten before.

Goa is located near the sea, and that directly can tell you that the seafood here will be fresh and tasty. There are plenty of restaurants near the beaches where you can feel some of the best Goan food and flavors. And that’s not all they also serve and other types of cuisines.

The top 3 restaurants in South Goa that are a Must Visit for any tourist with an empty tummy:

1.The Space Goa

The Space Goa is located in Canacona, Palolem, and there you can have breakfast, brunch, or dinner. Lunch, dinner, or breakfast there, you’ll always find the perfect healthy food. People who were there can’t stop talking about how good is the food in this great restaurant.

The time you can visit it is from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm every day of the week. If you want to eat with your lover, for example, you’ll need to prepare for about 500 Indian rupees, which (approx) is 7$ USD.

This makes this place attractive not only for foodies but also for their wallets.

2.Martin’s corner

Located in Ranvaddo This is one of the more extravagant restaurants in South Goa. While the waiter serves your grilled pork steak, you’ll listen to the chinky live music in this magnificent place. Martin’s corner is the right place to try out different cuisines from all parts of India. We’re sure that eating here will make your visit to South Goa spectacular.

Working time is from 11:00 am to 11:30 pm every day of the week. For two persons, the average bill you’ll receive is just 22$ USD, which can be very good for your budget.

3.The fisherman’s Wharf

Located in Mabor, Cavelossim, this resto-bar is the must-visit place. This is a legendary restaurant, and everything is made with outstanding quality. Top class Food, Scene, and Service these are the perfect words to describe this place.

So if you want to increase your mood with some great food, live music, and fun, this is the right place for you.

The right time to visit this place is from 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm Sunday to Thursday and from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am Friday to Saturday. And the price again is perfect, and it’s about 17$ USD for two persons.

So if you think Goa is your perfect place to visit to take care of your health with some Yoga training, just click here to see the best offers…

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