yoga teacher training questions

About Yoga

Q. How is yoga different from other styles of fitness exercises?

Unlike other styles of fitness regimens, yoga focuses on wellness of complete human body encompassing mind, body and soul. It not only brings about agility and fitness in the body but also channelizes their energy.

Q. Is yoga a religion? Will it interfere with my spiritual disposition?

Yoga is neither a religion nor it aims to prove itself supercilious to other forms of spirituality. It is a vedic science put together by ancient gurus and sages of India which aims to unify the mind, body and soul for overall feeling of physical, mental and spiritual awareness and wellbeing.

Q. My body is no longer flexible – can I still learn yoga?

Yes! Flexibility is not an impediment to learning yoga. Our patient and empathetic teachers will work with you to make you flexible and fit.


About the Courses

Q. Do I need to be a trained yoga professional to join the course?

It is highly recommended that students have basic knowledge of yoga. You can take up a course at a local school to get attuned to yoga terminology and basic asanas. This will enable you to pick up the more rigorous asanas of RYT 200 and the other activities of daily schedule comfortably.

Q. What style of yoga will I be learning?

Yoga has varied styles, each having its own significance. Practicing many styles will give you a more holistic view of how and what you’d like to teach. This is precisely why we have incorporated different styles into our training: to give you the most comprehensive training we possibly can.

Here are some of the styles that will be incorporated into our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training:

1.    Hatha Yoga – Yoga of Body and Mind Purification
2.    Jnana Yoga – Yoga of Enquiry
3.    Karma Yoga – Yoga of Action
4.    Bhakti Yoga – Yoga of Devotion
5.    Mantra Yoga – Yoga of Recitation
6.    Kundalini Yoga – Yoga of Energy
7.    Raja Yoga – Yoga of Meditation
8.    Vinyasa Yoga

Q. Will I be qualified to teach when I graduate and at what level?

Students who pass the course – by attending all the classes and completing the home work- receive certificates on course completion and can start teaching. It is recommended that they apply for Yoga Alliance certification first to improve their chances of getting a better paying job.

Q. I want to join the course to deepen my practice and not teach. Is this fine?

Absolutely. Many students come to us to get more intensive yoga training. Although these courses are meant for yoga teacher training, they emphatically cover deeper, more complex asanas and meditation levels.

About Yoga Certification

Q. What is Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Alliance® is an education and support organization for yoga schools and is a non profitable organization. In order to become a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) you must adhere to a very clear set of standards in terms of curriculum, planning, training, and qualification. In the Yoga industry, Yoga Alliance has become the standard certification backing for any yoga training school, and most studios will expect it from their teachers. Yoga Alliance has more than Five thousand registered schools and more than Fifty Six thousand registered teachers worldwide.

Q. Is Siddhi Yoga Certified by Yoga Alliance?

Yes. All Siddhi Yoga courses are Yoga Alliance accredited at the 200 hour level. We are RYS200 and RYS300.

Q. How do I verify Siddhi Yoga school credentials?

To verify our school’s credentials, please visit:

Siddhi Yoga

Siddhi Yoga India

Siddhi Yoga International

Q. Why you have different School Names?

There are people who are trying to make use of our brand name and mislead others. In order to protect our brand name we have these different school names. is the only website used for “Siddhi Yoga”, “Siddhi Yoga India” and “Siddhi Yoga International” and Siddhi Yoga International Pte. Ltd., Singapore is the legal owner of it. Any other website calming to be “Siddhi Yoga” is a fraud and misleading others.

Q. Will certificate issued by Siddhi Yoga work in my home country?

Yes, Siddhi Yoga has an excellent reputation internationally and we have trained students from more than 60 countries; but more importantly, your Yoga Alliance USA registration is the international standard for teachers everywhere and they have more than Fifty Six thousand registered teachers worldwide in almost every country.

Q. Will I need to apply for Yoga Alliance USA separately?

Yes. The certification you receive from us on completion of the course will allow you to apply for Yoga Alliance USA certification. It is not mandatory to apply for Yoga Alliance certification but it significantly improves chances of getting good jobs in yoga teaching as most fitness institutes and yoga centres demand Yoga Alliance USA certification.

Before the Course

Q. I am travelling to India first time, can you please help me?

Upon registration we will pass you the contact details of our Course Manager. He/She can be contacted any time. Feel free to communicate with them to have answer to all your quarries.

Q. Can you please arrange Air-Port pick for me?

Sure we can. Please let us know your flight schedule and we can make the necessary arrangement as long as you inform us in advance. It’s free from us and you don’t have to pay anything to the driver. If you wish to pay the TIP, you can pay maximum of INR100. As it’s a complimentary, there is no refund if you are not availing this facility.

Q. What is included in the course fee?

At different locations different package is there. Please check respective location for more details

Q. How many students are there in one class?

We have maximum 25 students in one Yoga Class to give proper attention.

Q. What do I bring with me?

You should bring comfortable clothing for your practice along with essentials that you carry with you while travelling. Also please bring towels, and toiletries like soap, shampoo etc. for Indian locations. In Bali these things are provided. You can also carry notebook and pen, natural mosquito repellent, alarm clock, an open mind and most importantly, a sense of humor!

For Dharamshala carry rain coat or umbrella and some warm cloths.

Q. What vaccines do I need?

Consult with your local Doctor and try to get them before you come if you really need one based on Doctor’s advice.

During the Course

Q. What happens if I miss a class?

Students need to have 100% attendance to receive the certification. If, however, for any reason you are unable to attend a class, you can spend extra time with the teachers to complete the requisite training hours.

Note: this facility is only for students who have serious reasons –like illness – for missing the class.

Q. How much time will I need to spend on homework?

You will spend approximately 1 hour daily on homework which will also include written assignments. You will get guidance from the teachers in doing your homework, where required.

Q. Will I have free time?

Yes. Daily, you will get some free time between asanas and theory classes. Later parts of the evenings are generally free. Other than that you will also get time off on weekends.

Q. Is weekends off?

We have classes from Monday to Friday full day and Saturday Half Day and Sundays are off.

Q. Do you have students from different cultures and backgrounds?

We accept students from any ethnicity, religion and country with open arms. In fact, most of our students come from foreign countries. Some of our teachers are also not of Indian origin but are yogis of great stature.

Q. I have not taken my meal/meals on particular day; can I get refund for that?

No it’s not refundable. We have arranged special vegetarian meals and do not encourage you to eat out. But if you wish to, you can but the amount paid for your meals during your stay is not refundable.

Q. I have special meals requirement and allergies to nuts; will you be able to take care it?

As long as you inform us in advance, we should be able to take care. Please do let us know before booking your course and will let you know. So far we have taken care of special requirements of Vagan, No-Gluten, and No-Nuts etc.

Q. How to have meals during the weekend and how much it costs?

There are lots of choices with-in 5-10 min. of walking distance from all our centres. An average meal will cost around INR200-400/person (USD4-USD8) in India. In Bali average meal costs from USD10-USD20 depending upon what you order.

Q. Is there any refrigerator in the room?

No, there is no refrigerator in the room in Indian centres. However kitchen has one, in case you would like to store anything there. In Bali only retreat common kitchen and Villas have fridge

Q. I want to get local SIM, how long will it take and what documents are required?

In India SIM can’t be activated so fast. Minimum time required is 24 hours after submitting all the documents. You will need to submit copy of your passport and passport size photo. In Bali it will be relatively fast.

Q. Is credit card accepted in the market?

Most of the shops accept cash only in INR currency in India. But there are few money changers around to change the currency. In Bali most of the shops accept it.

Q. Do you have WiFi Internet?

Yes, we do have it in all our centres. Also take note that because of heavy rain or bad weather sometime internet is not available in Indian locations. In Bali some of the corners of resorts signal is weak or not available but most of the areas you can get it.

Q. Is there any ATMs nearby?

Yes, there are ATMs near all our centres but daily withdraw limit is INR10K in India.

Q. I want to provide feedback of the course; how can do that?

You can always drop an email to meera.watts[@] or contact[@] or you can submit this feedback form If you are not feeling comfortable with something during the course, please inform us immediately so that we can get them fixed.

Q. I am a blogger and have my own blog. Can I write about my experience of Siddhi Yoga?

Yes, of course you can. Feel free to share your thoughts and if you need photos, you can get them from our facebook page. Appreciate if you can share the post with us once you have posted it. Bloggers can apply for special discount of 10%-20%. Please submit the details while submitting the form and we will get back to you.

Q. What is your guest policy?

Strictly we do not allow any strangers in the campus. You can’t bring the strangers you have met during the course to any of our campus. However if any of your family members are visiting you during the course, you can get prior approvals for them. You will need to take care of additional charges and must submit one set of documents i.e. copy of passport, one photo, copy of visa etc. upon arrivals. If your family member wish to eat with you, you must pay 100% advance for all the meals to be taken during for the complete stay. Meals are provided at fixed discounted rates and there will not be any refund if your family member wish not to eat some of the meals.

Q. What is your policy for extra stay before or after the course?

You must inform us in advance if you have such requirements and we can advise you if there is any availability. You must pay in advance for this extra stay. In the event you have reserved the room but could not make it due to any reason i.e. flight delay or missed flight, there won’t be any refund for that night if you inform us last minute within 24 hours.

Refund Policy:

Q. If I’m unable to attend the training then will I get a refund?

Students need to pay the USD500/USD600/USD1000 as advance depends upon location to book a seat in the course of their choice – this fee is non-refundable. Rest of the fees will only need to be paid one month before the course date. If due to any unforeseen circumstances a student has to leave a session midway, they can join back any time (with prior notice) in the next two years but fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. If you are leaving half-way, you will need to take care of accommodation charges for the complete duration of the course.

If you have paid the advance and booked the dates but not able to make it, you MUST inform us minimum 4 weeks in advance to re-schedule your course with us within next two years. If you failed to inform or are informing within 4 weeks of course date, your advance of USD500/USD600/USD1000 will be forfeited.

Q. What if Siddhi Yoga postponed the course or canceled it?

So far we have not cancelled any of our courses. Due to unforeseen circumstances if we need to cancel our course, we will issue you 100% refund of the amount received by us. You will have option to attend future batch also where we will issue you special discounts.

Q. I got injury just before I was supposed to start my course; can I get the refund on medical grounds?

We are really sorry for your injury but the course fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Q. I just came to know that I am pregnant before I was supposed to start my course; can I get the refund?

We are happy for you but the course fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. However if you inform us 4 weeks in advance we are more than willing to extend the period by when you can join.

Q. I have confirmed my seat in advance at discounted price but later there is more discount offered under a special promotion. Will I get the refund for extra amount paid.

We may or may not run promotions every year. But sometime we do run promotion and price may go down for a week or two. In this case there is no refund issued for the extra amount paid. It will not be a drastic difference. In the event there is more than 5% difference from the amount paid by you, we will issue the refund for anything above 5%. For example if you have reserved the seat at 25% discount and paid the full fees, and later discount is 32% then we will issue a refund of 2%.

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