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Siddhi Yoga Teachers

Teachers at Siddhi Yoga aim to bring about a transformational change in their students. With knowledge, skill, patience and empathy they help every student achieve the divinity of yoga.

One of the strongest pillars behind the success of Siddhi Yoga is the group of proficient teachers who with their knowledge, skill, patience and empathy help every student achieve the divinity of Yoga. Undoubtedly, these teachers are well experienced in their respective fields and are well versed with their subjects and know how to deliver as per groups or individual needs. All our teachers are hand picked in their respective fields. Some of our teachers are professors in reputed college, some are physiotherapist, ayurvedic doctor and some are marathon runners and cyclists. This variety helps to understand yoga from various different angles and how you can teach various styles of yoga for sports personality and be in the current updates in their respective field.

We encourage teachers to keep upgrading them in their respective fields, and points are given according to their performance. From time to time, the teachers upgrade themselves to keep pace with innovation. They use various props such as bricks, bolsters, chairs, belts and blankets, and assist the students with body support. We plan to use even books and tables in your own house or even the door frames of your home to give stretches. In near future we plan to spread this knowledge all over the world and give more authentic yoga teaching. In fact, the teachers have complete freedom in teaching the way they want to while keeping fundamental approach intact. The work culture is more about freedom and working in unity.

If you also wish to become a good yoga teacher you can join our 200 hour yoga teacher training in india program and if you are not sure about how to get started, you can check our post on how to become a yoga instructor.

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