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Yoga Teachers

Their Goal

Siddhi Yoga’s teachers have honed their practices for decades with Indian yoga masters and as a result, understand how to personalize their teaching for every student. They are known for their warmth and generosity, and their goal is to provide you with a comprehensive view of yoga that blends an ancient practice with modern life.

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Yoga Teachers

World-Renowned Expertise

In our team, we have an Ayurvedic doctor, physiologist, fitness specialists, yoga masters, and meditation teachers. They are all renowned in their fields, and they are committed to helping you uncover the true spirit of yoga. By learning from their perspectives, you will develop a holistic understanding of how to teach yoga to all types of students.

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Yoga Teachers

Continual Growth

Our teachers are committed to continual advancement in their respective fields. This continued learning is one of the many reasons they are able to support your growth in the yoga hall. Siddhi Yoga’s teacher will guide you to practice yoga–and eventually teach it–with depth, dedication, and insight. Their examples will also demonstrate the leadership and ethics needed to successfully share yoga with the world.

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