8 Top Online Yoga Teacher Training Schools

Online yoga teacher training certifications are becoming increasingly popular as our schedules get busier. Online training is a great option that gives the student everything they need to complete the training at a less expensive and more flexible rate. Online trainings also give you the freedom to utilize resources that work best for your personal practice and in most cases give you a much greater period of time to work through all the material.

Here we’ve given you our top picks for Online YTT.

Radiant Warrior

radiant warrior

Radiant Warrior is a Yoga Alliance RYS (Registered Yoga School), and their Online 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certification fully upholds the integrity of their in-person training.

This training is an ideal match for you, if you are a K-12 educator, parent, working professional at home, or someone who is seeking a new direction and career change.

You will learn to teach with skill and confidence, individuals or groups, in-person, as well as be trained to teach yoga to individuals or groups utilizing a variety of virtual and online technology.

This is not a ‘work by yourself’ training. Instead, this is a highly interactive, self-paced training with multiple points of live contact with your trainers and classmates each week. Their training includes live classrooms, over 40 recorded videos, daily live online yoga and meditation classes, a year of their online subscription, and training materials.

Radiant Warrior is WITH YOU, step-by-step until you complete this certification training.


online yoga teacher training programs

If you are looking for a proactive online Yoga teacher training program then Yoga4Love is definitely for you. This 200-hour YTT is equipped with the right tools and attitude that will bring you to a whole new level of the learning experience. The website is very user-friendly which makes it very desirable to use even for people that are not familiar with using computers.

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The workshops will be held live with a number of events that will help you reach your learning goals in no time. The staffs are also very polite and are ready to answer your inquiries whenever you need to.

Brett Larkin Yoga, Uplifted

yoga teacher training programs

This training center offers an intelligent online yoga teacher training curriculum with the Hatha Vinyasa group. This online course takes into consideration the huge amounts of adaptability, the chance to learn at your very own pace and materials that you can download and keep until the end of time. It is incredible and advantageous training for anybody with a very stiff schedule. You can browse the course material in an organized manner. You will also have the ability to re-scan or advance through your lessons which is really ideal. The program focuses on integrating yoga into regular day to day existence, providing you a technique to join the traditional yoga into your cutting edge world and how to bring home the bacon every time you train your future students.

The course is conveyed in recordings, audio programs, composed PDFs and live calls. The advantage of this online course is it incorporates intelligent training utilizing 3-hour video lessons every week, a worldwide network system and town halls. Three live chats are done every week over an intelligent video-sharing stage – with the choice of being replayed. Live exercises are utilized for feedbacks and getting corrections.

The training expects you to take photos of yourself in all essential yoga stances and post them in the private FB group. Some live calls are necessary for graduating. There are doled out readings and composed of homework with one online test and a practicum for you to graduate. Trainees have a year and a half to go through the material and graduate.

Yoga on High

top yoga teacher training programs

If you are an aspiring Yoga teacher but you do not have any time to devout yourself on a full-time training course then you might want to consider Yoga on High. This online Yoga training for teachers and aspiring teachers do have comprehensive tools to help you become an effective Yoga teacher in the future.

Its 200-hour YTT will make you become a competitive Yoga teacher in the future that is capable of teaching students effectively. By enrolling in an online course like Yoga on High provides you will have the skill and confidence that a teacher needs while instructing the students.


top online yoga training programs

This training center offers you advanced web-based training for a very reasonable price, giving you a combination of Classical Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Krama Yoga, and Iyengar. The experience of the training is built for empowering trainees with all the learning and instruments they needed to become efficient yoga educators while giving them the ability to enjoy in the learning process.

However, this is not recognized by the Yoga Alliance but nevertheless, you can get a lot of learning from this The course is an advantageous alternative for anybody that is currently on a time-constraint, giving you the choice to start gaining from the solace of your home in a year.

The training covers a scope of methods including asana, pranayama, mantra, contemplation and other useful yoga systems. Exercises likewise dig into encouraging procedure that utilizes standards of showing, helping, instructing styles and characteristics of an ideal yoga trainer.

A video of the student that is showing that they are training skillfully is submitted for evaluation. Every module contains practical tests that should be finished before proceeding to the next part of the course.

My Joy Yoga

best online yoga training programs

My Joy Yoga provides an entire 200-hr online accreditation broken into five modules that are self-managed. The 200-hr modules incorporate life structures, asana, contemplation and pranayama, logic and history, and instructing yoga. After beginning, one can access the video content (with a sum of 75 recordings) alongside an instructional pamphlet. You will have continued access on the videos while you are enrolled in the course.

The evaluation is a lot of tests that are en route and finish with one last video demo of you showing a 15-minute yoga practice. Courses can be finished at the trainee’s own pace, anyway, the 200-hr must be finished within one year. If the trainee needs extra time, they can email the management for an extension of the course.

Cost is a factor for some, especially for the tight budget. It provides you the accreditation for a reasonable rate at $1,495 for the 200-hour or $399-$599 for every individual module. A rundown of contacts and materials just as a group of instructors is given to help the trainees if they have any inquiries or need somebody to connect with.

Soul Ascension Healing Arts

best online yoga training schools

SAHA’s online teacher training is for anybody needing to develop their training yet live remotely or have very busy schedules. SAHA is a certified Yoga School that is approved by Yoga Alliance. After you finish the course, you will get a certification that will enable you to educate in anyplace on the planet as a certified yoga instructor.

The course is segregated into 30 exercises and assessments will be finished with work assignments amid the course and one last test of the year. The whole course can be purchased as $888 and SAHA enables you to apply the full expense of your online instructor training towards any of their live training or retreats.

Heart of Yoga

the best online yoga training schools

Heart of Yoga’s online training will guarantee to show you the materials for self-practice and to grow yourself as a great yoga trainer. Online material separated into three sections and toward the finish of each part, you will probably have some evaluations in the form of exams to see if you really learned from the modules.

The first part investigates the ancestries of fellowships between old yogi traditions and modern yogi.

Next, in the second part, you will tackle the fundamentals in building up your very own lifestyle, adjusting the standards to your very own life and body. This module shares standards in online configuration and with live social events.

Then the last part will help you experience the reasoning beyond yoga and the advanced techniques that you should know.

Each part is offering you the “pay as you go” model, offering you the total online YTT preparing for approximately 700 USD.

Do you know?

Findyogatrainings.com is a great portal to look for the right school to do your online yoga teacher training and it helps you get a special discount as well. If you are serious about becoming a yoga teacher, you may wish to attend a 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training.

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