Pune, India

Born at the foothills of Himalayas in Chandigarh, Ninja began his yoga journey in 2014 at Rishikesh with Deep, his teacher and the lead trainer with Siddhi Yoga. With constant practice and until it had become a love affair, Ninja started to assist with Siddhi Yoga at Goa and Dharamshala. A multi-style yoga teacher, he has been trained in various forms of yoga such as Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa. His love for yoga combined with meditation and pranayama has enabled him to utilise the organic rules of practicing yoga to today’s man and their physiological and mental concerns. This, combined with his understanding of anatomy, physiology, and psychology help students in going deeper into yoga practice by adapting a balanced mix of traditional and modern approach. Ninja is a Yoga Alliance, USA certified teacher. He deeply believes that practicing yoga is one of the best ways to stay connected to oneself. The only way to come to present is by connecting to your breath and body. This helps the mind to relax and not wander in the past or future. When you are in NOW yoga happens.

Yoga Style: My favourite style of teaching and practicing yoga is by feeling myself and the students I teach. Every day on the mat is different. Respecting mine and every individual’s uniqueness while practicing yoga is utmost. Multi-style yoga has it’s benefits of flexibility and strength combined with calmness of mind, body and breath. In my style, body alignments are as important as rhythmic breathing through which a yogi enters into meditation.

Programs I teach at Siddhi Yoga: I have assisted 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training programs at Goa and Dharamshala. My responsibility revolves around postural alignments and its psychology. I assisted Deep, the lead trainer, to help the students understand the needs of their body and mind and to design unique yoga sequences according to groups and individuals.

Favorite yoga pose: Everyday starts new with a different me. When it comes to favorite poses, I personally enjoy Downward Facing Dog, Inversions, Warrior poses and Vinyasa Chaturanga.

My favorite place in the world: I love nature and love to penetrate into organic environment. Places with water, mountains, forests. These places become happy when they see me so I can say that wherever I choose to go becomes my favourite place. To name a few Bali, Goa, Rishikesh and Dharamshala are my personal favourites.

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