himanshu singh indian yoga teacher
himanshu singh indian yoga teacher

Himanshu Singh

Kota, India

Himanshu is a human behavior enthusiast who has done several courses revolving around human behavior and happiness from MIT, Harvard, and other ivy league universities over the years. He is an economics major. He did his masters in economics from a renowned institute in India, namely IIT Kharagpur. He did his Masters thesis on the Indicators of Happiness and an internship project on the Cognitive Biases in Decision Making. He wrote a book on the interpretation of the Tao te Ching.

Himanshu is a certified personal trainer. He has worked with Golds gym. He worked as a professional photographer for some time specializing in Portrait photography. He worked as a musician for some time and practices music as a form of expression.

Himanshu has been a regular meditation practitioner and has always been traveling in the mountains where he feels at home. He came to dharamkot as a traveler and fell in love with the place. He saw ample opportunities for photography and working as a musician. His yoga journey started early in childhood. He practiced yoga for years and his love for yoga brought him to Siddhi Yoga a few years back where he did his 200-hour yoga teacher training in Multi-style. He wanted to learn more and later did one more 200-hour teacher training from Aranya Yoga Ashram in Bhagsu, Himachal Pradesh specializing in Ashtanga Yoga. Himanshu is taking yoga classes at home town Kota in Rajasthan and also teaches at various centers of Siddhi Yoga from time to time when there is a need.

Understanding and practicing yoga philosophy, he realized that yoga is the source of all answers and gives one a lifestyle that every individual is looking for. He feels content with the life he lives and wants to help others realize their goals and create an environment of love and compassion for all.

Yoga Style: Ashtanga yoga as it has a fixed series of postures which one can practice everyday but allows for a lot of room for improvement as the postures even in the primary series start from beginner to highly advanced, making it more challenging, taking years to bring to perfection. Also, it involves most of the fitness components vis-a-vis Flexibility, Strength and Muscular Endurance more than other forms. Combined with a yin yoga routine, it provides the perfect balance of yin and yang.

Programs I Teach at Siddhi Yoga: TTC 200-Hour. Ashtanga Vinyasa flow as it can provide enough challenge for a beginner as well as a highly advanced student. Philosophy, as it is the core of yoga and without understanding the philosophy, yoga is just another sport. Alignment, as it is important to understand how our body works so we perform all the postures safely and progress in the right way. Meditation, for meditation is the way to realise the higher goals of yoga and from meditation starts a journey through which one can realise the true potential of human mind. Nutrition, as the body and mind work in unison, and it’s truly important to keep our body healthy so we don’t face any interruptions in our practice due to fluctuations in our health.

Favorite Yoga Pose: Shavasana, as it is the true time after a good yoga session to focus on the state of mind, providing a sense of relaxation and opportunity for spiritual growth.

My Favorite Place in the World: India, for the name stands for every individual who has this idea of light, and dedication to light, as opposed to immersion in darkness. Being the place from where yoga originated, it makes it easier for someone to come across yoga and become more spiritually inclined earlier in their life.

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